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Monday, January 09, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Golden Mama..

Who get golden Mama?

Una doh o! We Yard pipo dem dem! I hail o!

Nsteh Baby! How de weather?! I greet o!

As i dey see all this omugwo stories, na im make me remember this Aunty Idaya wey dey live close to Matron Clinic!

Na muslim she be but her Orbii na Christian.

They try try for pikin, she get miscarriage pass anything Na why we jam for Matron side those years!

God do am she carry belle, her Mama come stay with her 'until' she born that girl o! She nor gree leave her side for one minute!

The husband Mama vex, say he nor tell her say him wife get belle, talk of to born!
Anyways, omugwo time reach, MIL say she nor get chance to travel come Lagos but she sef nor mind, as her own mother still dey.

But na like the following week her Mother fall sick, wey she herself come begin take care of her Mother and the baby!
Matron dey go their house, go pass drip and treat her Mama, check her and the baby join.

You say Orbii nko?! She say he get one task for Abuja from office that period, say after naming like this, she nor even see Orbii for another 3months! She see shege no be small!

I remember how that time i dey carry fresh pap go give her. I dey help her buy foodstuff and other things go house from market. Anyone wey i fit help her cook, we cook!

Na so Mama Nedu release her sales girl wey dey very hard-working to dey follow Aunty Idaya work for house, though she nor dey sleep there!

She dey sort the girl weekly for the chores and assistance.

In fact, na the entire community join hand to help her and her bundle of Joy.

Her Brother in law wife born boy around the same period and na oyel company she dey work before, so she get money pass anything!

Even though she nor like her MIL. Because MIL say she too old for her son, she don talk that one before she hear say the Lady get serious money!

Na so MIL carry hersef go sidon there o! She nor gree comot even say they nor need her help for there,Plenty Nanny plus the wife people dey there!

As God will have it, na so she sef begin make arrangements, make her and Orbii relocate go the abroad! God answer them! They go!

Another belle enter, na boys, twins wey God use embarrass her o!
Orbii dey over happy ehn! Begin announce give everybody for phone o!

Orbii come say make dem bring his mother, so she go come do omugwo! She say no problem, she also want make her own mother come too!

Na in between she come find out say, Orbii nor wan do paper for her own Mama! Na him mother convince him to do for only her.
She say that thing vex her ehn,so she contact her agent for Lagos, wey he begin do her mama own on the side, she nor tell Orbii anything!

As God will have it, they deny MIL but her own Mama collect!
She say the Joy say her Mama come ehn, na so she go jor hug her Mama begin cry, cry of gratitude say, she nor know how she wan even thank her!

She say her Mama get plenty qualities, say strength na number one! Say as she sick that time! Wey na CS she sef do to born her girl.
Her mother go dey hold chair, wall, table, fold the drip wire, use one hand hold the drip Just to waka and go and help her boil water inside kitchen to drink!

Nna ehn, the thing make me sef emotional, mah no lie, water full my eyes!

If person get better mother, abeg hollam tight o! They nor dey make their type again abeg!


  1. Nothing like good Mother oo,my Mama try over, for my life oo, yesterday made it 4 years she Waka comot go heaven, I just Siddon for church the post dear Mum up n down for status,water full my eyes, I just the control, the form say this pastor message is really touching,the pain never goes away .

  2. God bless all mothers for their genuine love and Sacrifice ๐Ÿ™

    Mummy Anthony-Clever

  3. Yeye MIL with longthroat

  4. I don dy cry secretly hw I will cope if my
    Um should leave by month end, d stress nd boredom is compared to none. I wish I have someone living with me

  5. May God bless all good mothers

  6. Sisi go emotional for this one,na only money wey I no get.....mama I gat you in my prayers

  7. I have golden mama too. That woman has done so much for us her kids and will do even more should the need arise. Supportive,prayerful,appreciative and encouraging without fail! May God bless all good mother's.

  8. Awwww Mama is golden. God help me and make a way for my surprise for my mother to become a reality in Jesus name Amen. Mothers are a Blessing


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