Stella Dimoko Nigerian Gov Allegedly Has N22 Billion Old Noted Stashed At Home...


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Monday, February 13, 2023

Nigerian Gov Allegedly Has N22 Billion Old Noted Stashed At Home...

A Northern leader, Buba Galadima has revealed that a serving governor stashed N22 billion old naira notes.

The former National Secretary of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, made the disclosure in an interview on Trust TV’s Daily Politics.

Galadima answered a question on the controversial naira redesign policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN
Galadima said the CBN Act states that in an event of naira redesign, it should be done within a period of not less than six months.

“I agree. I know, from intelligence, that there is a governor in the Northwestern part that has about N22 billion of the old currency.
Yes, N22 billion stacked in his house as I speak to you. He knows himself. And the security agencies know,” he stressed.
Galadima said the agencies might be looking the other way because “maybe they belong to the same club or they are protecting him”.

The politician added that the trap is for the governor to go change the cash “accumulated through corruption”.

A fortnight ago, CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele said the old N200, N500 and N1000 denominations were recalled because N2.7 trillion was kept in people’s homes before the Buhari administration came on board.

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  1. When will this country be redeemed? When?

  2. I'm sad because they set out with good policies but fail in implementing them. The so called targets of these policies will always find a way due to the corruption within the same system so las las it's the masses that suffer everything.
    The naira issue for e.g. see how the masses are crying, while the "targets" are having access to the new notes,some of them even own the banks.
    The whole liking of NIN to lines nko, see what we had to go through then just to do the NIN reg, yet uptil date, kidnappers can't be traced with phones used in communicating?how? We just they suffer for no reason.

    1. You nailed it my dear Amicable. Kidnappers found a way to beat the security agencies by registering Almanjiris for NIN and still use them to buy simcards. Criminals are always ahead of the security agencies in this country

    2. Dear amicable and Suave. If the powers that be want to arrest all the kidnappers in Nigeria in one day, it's a small thing. In 24 hours everything will be a thing of the past but they have their reasons. Imagine how long it took for first lady to arrest the guy that insulted her on social media.

  3. Someone should remind me of the name of that kaduna state Governor again? I want to confirm something.

  4. These are the people that want it to be extended, I don't even have #200 old note sef

    Left for the poor masses this deadline should come to stay

    Heard the old notes are still very much in use in the north

    1. You are right, still in circulation.

  5. Efcc should do something about this.

  6. This is why they are crying and asking for Emefele's head. You think they have our interest at heart. If it does not affect them, they will look the other way as usual

  7. It could be a lot of governors. Maybe all of them with a lot of disposable cash.

  8. The book of Revelations talks about the seven churches, the church in Laodicea, Smyrna, Philadelphia, etc. it referenced one as “where satan has his throne”. Every time I read that chapter, Nigeria comes to mind as where satan has his throne because it has so many religious but godless people. It’s like those in authority at all levels have made a pact with Lucifer to punish fellow human beings forgetting nobody is buried with properties or money. May God come through for all his people in Jesus Name.


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