Stella Dimoko EkweremaduGATE- Former DSP And Wife Found Guilty Of Organ Trafficking By UK Court


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Thursday, March 23, 2023

EkweremaduGATE- Former DSP And Wife Found Guilty Of Organ Trafficking By UK Court

Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu has been found guilty of organ trafficking by a United Kingdom court.

His wife Beatrice and Obinna Obeta, a doctor involved in the case, were also found guilty.
The jury found that they conspired to bring the victim to London to exploit him for his kidney.
The Old Bailey heard the organ was for the couple’s daughter, Sonia, aged 25.

She was cleared of the same charge.
The victim, a street trader from Lagos, was brought to the UK last year to provide a kidney in an £80,000 private transplant at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

He said he was promised opportunities in the UK for helping, and that he only realised what was going on when he met doctors at the hospital.

While it is lawful to donate a kidney, it becomes criminal if there is a reward of money or other material advantage.

When he was rejected as unsuitable, the court heard the Ekweremadus transferred their interest to Turkey and set about finding another donor.
The Ekweremadus, who have an address in Willesden Green, north-west London, and Dr Obeta, from Southwark, south London, denied the charge against them.

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That young man knew exactly what he was doing...he used them and messed them up.....


  1. His cup of wickedness was full hence this calamity that befell him

    1. Well
      Others have also died in the country for lesser illnesses and they dint bother.
      It is what it is, he should have invested the money in his nation

      I still pray for quick recovery for the daughter.
      But it is what it is

      Push up (original)

    2. The young man only did,what they have been doing to us (Nigerians), as a whole for a long time. If they had fixed the country, instead of stealing it dry,would they have gone to UK for the surgery or schooling? Make him bear his act of long wickedness alone. No family member willing to help. That says a lot.

  2. Wow!!! That young boy will not know peace in his life time, that’s if he lives long anyways.


    1. Why won't he know peace,they were exploiting him too, so at the end of the day 8s may the best man win

    2. Na you sabi

    3. i swear, i have been on the waiting list in nigeria for the past 6 months , i spend 430,000 average for dailysis monthly
      , non of my direct brothers and sister macth with me because the chances are 1/4 ,
      i might likely macth with someone i dont know from adam, thats how kidney transplant works,
      i pray none of the readers here on this blog ever expirence it it is a BAD SICKNESS
      the guy above just decided to fuck them up, but i understand he is nothing but a young man and did not want to return to Nigeria
      Nigeria as a nation turn people to savages, and the only thing we think of is ourselves

      May God almighty forgive ekweremadu his sins and Make this prison journey easy for him and his wife, May be God just want to teach them something and
      who know he might come out and be a better man

      May God heal everyone invloved

    4. Why would you say that Sluttychic?
      If Ekweremadu had done the needful by providing Quality hospitals in Nigeria, would he have gotten himself into this mess?
      Is the Ekweremadu without sin? Who is without sin that deserves to live long?
      I am not supporting the guy but Ekweremadu should have known and done better.

    5. Why will he not know peace? you think all these curses work? tomorrow when heaven decides to visit one polithiefcian in naija again, you come up with swears that doesn't go farther than ceilings of your house.

    6. Anony 16: 58 May God come through for you dear and your match will locate sooner than later in Jesus name, Amen!

    7. 17:00, the Ekweremadu’s are not without sin. Have you ever been close to someone who needed a transplant?
      That boy knew what he was going for and then turning around to lie this way is not nice at all.
      Sonia is definitely heartbroken from all this and I pray it doesn’t affect her terribly knowing what she’s already going through.
      He has played a fast one on them, OKAY. Thank God it rains everywhere.
      16:58, I’m so sorry about what you are going through. May God send you a donor real fast.


    8. What are you even saying?
      Someone committed a crime and you are making excuses for him cos he's your person?
      Who does that?
      What of if the guy actually exposed them without setting a trap as most people widely believe?
      Let's be objective and stop being sentimental
      He deserves every tiny lil bit of embarrassment that he's going through now trust me

    9. Why would u say he will not know peace.So you care capable of doing such ehnnn??


    10. People like this sluttychic is the reason Nigeria is still like this.We are too sentimental even when the truth is right in our nose.The Ekweremadus didn’t go about it the right way,they exploited the young man l messed up and should pay for their crime.

    11. That boy did not do anything him the Madu guy has not done. Do you no what would have happened to the boy if they had succeeded? Maybe give him 2m after the whole thing. Na their wickedness make them mo get helper to help them. My late mother had kidney problem,but we has plenty people from family willing to donate for her. But she refused. Till the time of her death she was on dialysis. In fact na for the centre she sie,when she went for her dialysis.

    12. @sluttychic... Am with you on this. Nigerians are a sentimental lot that never think beyond their biases. That's a parent that was fighting for his daughter's life. That guy that did that is EVIL. It is what it is.

    13. @sluttychic, Yimu!!! Is Ekweremadu knowing peace?

      A country so messed up that this young man/boy’s option for a better life is to sell his organ.

      Ekweremadu who is part of the problem in Nigeria decided to exploit this hardship by offering to buy his organ.

      Yea God came through and put Ekweremadu where he should be.

      It appears harmless to most of you because, ‘awww his daughter is sick’.

      Few years down the line, our evil politicians will see this as another opportunity to make money. New wave of crime where people will be kidnapped or killed just to take their organs and sell in the black market.

      God has used this boy to nip new wave of evil in Nigeria in the bud.

      Good radiance to rubbish!

      Our country is so messed up!

    14. So parents fighting for their daughter, what about the young man they were trying to exploit?Does he mean his parents don't care for him too..
      Please call a spade a spade..
      Ekwerumadu deserve everything coming to him..
      Imagine trying to pay the young guy peanut to part away with his kidney instead of doing it the right way.
      Do you know the trauma that young guy went through? Because is a poor man, you don't care but you feel pity for Sonia.

    15. Anon may God heal you, miracle no dey tire jesus.i don't know you but I will say a prayer for you this night,come back and testify cos you will be healed in the mighty name of Jesus

    16. Annoy,God's speed.πŸ™πŸ€—

    17. 16:58, I felt bad reading the part of being on waiting list. Felt worse when none of your siblings are no match. I’m so sorry. Like I know what you are going through. I was my sister’s caregiver before becoming her donor. Like I lived through the process with her. Believe me when I say you guys are super human because it isn’t an easy thing. God built you guys amazingly differently. I honestly pray God sends help your way soonest. Please don’t accept from anyone that isn’t a match no matter how much anyone try to convince you. It’s a waste of time and resources unless God intervenes. Please keep keeping strong. Your story will end in praise like that of my sis. If you wanna talk further or get clarity, kindly reach out to Stella, she’ll give you my email. She de vex for me but she will not hesitate to help.

      Take care and be safe.

      TWE πŸ™

    18. Anon 16:58, may you find a perfect willing donor for a match soon. And thank God for the other poster who cared for her sister. May your sister's healing be permanent.

  3. £80k for transplant?
    Meanwhile in 9ja we r steady raising funds of 8-20m for most patients that can’t afford it. But you have excess to squander on your “loved one”

    They should sentence them already. Can’t wait.

    1. That figure scare the shiiii outta me. But they should have just done their research well and get a proper donor whom they could have just paid some reasonable money and no one will know but then, God wanted to expose them all.

      I pray the lady finds a donor soonest.

    2. How many time will some of you read before you understand? The key issue is that it is a crime to pay an organ donor in UK. Even if they provide video evidence of the boy acknowledging that he knew what he was going to UK to do, they would still be found guilty.

  4. Thank God for the fairness of UK tribunal. Were it to be in Nigeria, they would have been acquitted. Imagine no member of their family was willing to be a donor.
    They believe they can buy everything with money and rather exploited the poor lad with some thousands of pounds.
    They wouldn't have even bothered with how the boy was going to maintain his health in the future with one kidney, a risk non of the members of their family was willing to take.
    God has really fought for the boy.

    1. God rescued him! That boy was going to be taken advantage of but heaven said NO! A family member did not take the risk but a young poor boy can...God no dey sleep sha

    2. Do you know them well enough to claim that no family member was willing to donate a kidney? Abeg make we dey talk wetin we know. I can never blame them for trying to save their daughter, but how could they take someone all the way to the UK without checking that he was a match. You can't just pick anyone off the streets na!!! I might not exactly like Ekwemadu, but the guy pulled a dirty one on them. The guy needs to watch his back

  5. You must be prejudice for saying the young man knew what he was doing. The guy was influenced by the huge promises of money and other materials benefit . Which is how downtrodden people are dealt with in our society. Having said that did the Ekweremandus not have other children who could donate for their own sibling? A valid question raised in the court. But they want to save their own family members the risks involved in such critical procedures. You will be totally heartless and out of touch with realities to absolved Ekweremandu who is learned person, has a charity, make law in Nigeria against child trafficking and exploitation, has a charity that cater for poor people and still went ahead with such arrangements. And when the arrangements failed, refused to treat the guy in civil manner but allowing him to be exposed to the suffering in a strange land until the guy has no option than to resorts to public help. They are so rich and exposed to have treat a fellow human being like that. He deserves what he got UK justice system is very robust and fair to all. Next time they will tread within the context of law and civility.

  6. What kind of ppl are these? I believe the young man did not know because no pre testing was done prior to his arrival. How can you take some random street trader off the streets and assume they would be a match🀦‍♂️ How do ppl at their level even know a street trader.

    Justice has been served. Ridiculous ppl. Kidneys on the open market go for 100, 000 dollars and up from what I have read. They didn't even offer the lad 10k£. If they promised him life changing opportunities then they should have fulfilled it, even if he was not a match, that is what decent ppl do. He deserved to have been helped with a community college or even trade school opportunity, at minimum. Tossing that young man about like a used rag.

    1. Offering him even £5,000 in this recent economy is huge. That’s just sad sha.

  7. It is well. The evil that you do and think no one is watching, will one day come back and bite you.

  8. Such is life this will remind our politicians that life is uncertain and nothing is guaranteed.

  9. He is looking at 10 years as they charged him under the modern day slavery law. But he will be out in 4 years as custody time is also counted. I may be wrong but please correct me

  10. Lol it’s people feeling sympathy for a Nigerian politician who run the nation dry, looted it resources and thought they could enjoy their money forever.
    I would never feel sorry for a Nigerian politician, never !
    And Stella looks like your sympathies lies with the Ekweremadu’s. Ok oo. So it was ok for them to take advantage of the boy eh ? A matter of cunny man situation and rightly so

  11. Life, the best teacher. Life just taught the senator and his family a huge lesson. A hungry man is an angry man. They thought they were going to use the young man but they have been used and disgraced. Anyways, the young man is as dangerous as the Ekweremadus. Anyone who stabs the other in the back to get through in life is wicked. All the people involved are all evil. What a wicked world....

  12. Such a sad end!
    I feel so bad for the girl
    And the boy, no news about him?

  13. If only this will teach our politicians to do better. If Ekweremmadu and his likes had built food health care facilities their won't be need for us all to seek medical aid outside our shores.

    I pray God have mercy on Sonia and grant her divine healing.

  14. Some of you need to kill your Nigerian way of thinking. The young man did not use them, they used him or wanted to use him. This people discarded him when he didn't match. If he was foolish enough they will return him to the streets of Nigeria where they picked him from. For those who followed the story, the Dr that got convicted used a poor Nigerian boy for his transplant and returned him to the streets of Lagos. If someone is generous enough to give you an organ you should be generous enough to change their life forever.
    There is good that brings miracles to you. On TLC a young woman had cancer and it damaged her obaries. She was told she can't have children she adopted 2 with her husband and next thing they were pregnant naturally.
    Anyone that condemn that young man don't know what love is. People like you guys will kill for a kidney as any means is justified.

    1. You really followed the story. It was a racket started by that their doctor who lies that the person who gave him his own kidney was a relative when he was in fact not a relative and was paid for his kidney. Ekweremadu knew exactly what he was doing and thought he could get away with the way they get away with all sorts in Nigeria due to their wealth and influence. I am happy he and that wicked doctor was convicted. It's the wife I really feel sorry for. Just a mother desperate to save her child life. As for Sonia,it is God that will help her at this point.

  15. Good for them, I don't pity any Nigerian politicians at all. Bunch of wicked people, only one person with more than 10houses in Nigeria and not one standard hospital in his village, if only he built a World class hospital in his place, sebi they could be easily run everything without this much noise.

  16. Sentiments aside.

    As far as you are paying anyone in kind or cash to harvest their kidney, and you paid for their transportation to harvest their kidney(organ) this is called “ORGAN TRAFFICKING’.

    As far as a payment was made!

    Even if the boy didn’t report and a whistleblower informed the UK govt, both the boy and Ekweremadus are in for their day in court.

    Whether the boy was aware or not. A payment was made to him. He did not donate without any form of compensation.

    You and I know this boy/man did not do it free. He can’t do it free.

    The conversation of ‘it was based on free will’ may have worked if he is family.

    He isn’t family or distant relative.

    He is a boy that probably wanted to ‘hustle’.

    But the boy’s intent isn’t in issue.

    The issues are: organ was promised, payment was made based on this promise, organ was transported to be harvested.

    The above is just simply a crime. Just that simple!

  17. Does karma really exist???. Cos this man is wicked to the coreeeeeee. I have zero pity for him. And I hope they mail him for a loonnng time and EFCC grabs all his stolen properties, just like they did before his son used court order to stop it.
    Imagine 40 properties in London, America, Dubai and Nigeria. Only you???. Chai Diaris God ooo

  18. Just like what I heard yesterday. Nigerians who have businesses charging their fellow Nigerians around 13£k to give them COS then bring them over and make them sign lonnngggg contracts and pay them peanuts on top. I wish the uk will catch them. Evil things

    1. Hmmm, the heart of man is wicked..........

  19. My heart goes to Sonia .
    May God perfect her healing.

  20. Exactly Stella,he knows what he went there to do,for the fact that ekweremadu and other politicians are devils and stealing what belongs to the masses does not mean you should be like them,this change we seek in this country should start from me and you. I see no difference between this guy and the politicians we are condemning.

  21. Some of you guys amaze me. They arranged everything from the get go. But, never tested the boy to see if he was a match for their daughter. You guys forgot that Ekweremadus used their office to get a visa for the guy. The courts has possession of the paperwork they presented at the consulate. That proves their intention from the beginning.
    That intent only is enough evidence.
    The Boy did not do anything. They lied in the paperwork they filed for him to get that visa.
    Most of our people refuse to establish good quality healthcare facilities in their hometowns.
    I don’t care what happens to them because they never care about the rest of us.

    1. They always use sentiments to reason and that is why the politicians are dealing with them and using them to chop suya till today............

  22. I read the story in a UK Guardian article today. It featured the British doctor who says he interviewed the young donor and they spoke through a medical secretary in the hosptial (acting as the Igbo translator). So as a precursor to the transplant operation, the Dr attempted to know if the young man understood the implications, wanted to know his motivation for donating etc. The doctor was not convinced even though( according to him )the boy did not expressly state that he was paid. Also the boy was not able to convey any form of deep relationship that would ordinarily warrant donating a kidney to someone "he had not seen since he was 8". We think sometimes that these oyinbos are stupid but they are not, they could just overlook some things. In my own training as a nurse in Canada sef, you are taught to look for signs of domestic abuse in female patients. So what are we even saying? A lot of the comments here are even biased against the young man ,who I see as a product of the health system that Ekweremadu and the rest of the Nigerian political elite have deliberately underfunded, incapacitated and destroyed. Imagine the arrogance too! The boy was presented as a cousin, procured a visa and all of that. The summary of this case is that we need to do better as a country, both leaders and followers. Imagine the needless deaths every blessed day for those that do not have the funds in a healthcare system such as ours.

    1. Thank you.

      The other day, an actress who went to register the name of the film of another person was called smart.

      Ekweremadu and co are smart.

      The young man is smart..

      The doctor who interviewed the young man is smarter.

      The UK administration of criminal justice system has proven itself the smartest.

      But let us wait for the certain appeals as per say lawyer must wack as much as the appeal system permits.

  23. I pray their daughter gets a new donor,I just feel for her

  24. O.God, please heal the sick.

    That's why our Naija don't have lawyers and judges. They would have been enjoying their lives now.

  25. May God help the young lady to get a donor soon. Kidney failure and dialysis is not a child’s play.

  26. Enlighten yourselves before you judge or condemn. Furthermore don’t use one sentiment to view different issues. 1st and foremost transplants in any country is not a sharp sharp matter. Yes Nigeria is a mess, yes they could’ve done better but do not say if they had fixed healthcare they would not be in the same situation. That is false. You can wait years for an organ especially if you’re on free healthcare. 2. They definitely took advantage of his situation but he was not as clueless as he’s making out so he also needs his karma. Send them to jail, send him back to Nigeria. Finish


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