Stella Dimoko INEC Suspends Collation In the Adamawa Guber Election While Alleged Winner Rejoiced


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Monday, April 17, 2023

INEC Suspends Collation In the Adamawa Guber Election While Alleged Winner Rejoiced

This Adamawa state governorship Brouhaha seems to have no end!


  1. Who did we offend in this country, people no longer tell the trust but declare fake results.

  2. We want a female governor but not through this way.

  3. APC has shattered this country, how can an Electoral Officer just announce a winner without scores. And to the
    so called winner hurridly enter NTA to give an acceptance speech?. The same way Inec quickly announced Tinubu results at 3.00am in the night. Well everyone cannot be preaching peace, the Electroral Officer should pray he survives from the beating he received

    1. I guess you didn't follow that event very well. The person beaten isn't the main culprit. The main culprit is Mallam Hugudu who announced the criminal declaration.

      I decided to keep away from political discussion here so people won't think or say I'm always attacking just like they have pleaded I take a break. But I will explain briefly what transpired.

      In an election we have RO which means Returning Officer and we have a REC who's the Resident Electoral commissioner.

      So in the case of Adamawa election, the Returning Officer is the one responsible for collating and announcing results after collation but it wasn't the case here. Rather, the Resident electoral commissioner went on air to declare a winner when the returning officer with the result sheet hasn't surface at the venue. It's just like Prof. Yakubu the INEC chairman announcing a wimner of a state when the Returning Officer assigned to that state for that job is still on their way to Abuja.

      If you watched the video, you saw how the Resident commissioner hurriedly announced a winner without mentioning the votes allotted to them.

      Isn't that a shame and monumental fraud? They are just hell bent on installing an APC candidate as the winner.

  4. Una see this one abiii. APC supporters are you seeing this? What further proof do we need to know that INEC and APC committed crimes at the last elections.

  5. God has exposed them. I'm so ashamed for these people who don't want to have shame. Ntoooooor!

  6. When we said INEC is deliberately destroying Nigeria and the trust of Nigerians, people called us bad losers and fascist, now see.... INEC knows what it is doing. They just tested the waters by that declaration, once they are sure that nothing will happened, they will go ahead with it. By the way, how long does it take to announce an election of not less that 60k people? Other states has been announced while is Adamawa different?

  7. The returning officer that announced the APC woman winner received wotowoto beating yesterday. Stupid people, God will disgrace them.
    Yes,we want more women in leadership but not through this way.

  8. Sorry to say that there's nothing like honor anymore particularly in a country like Nigeria.

    In saner climes, the INEC chairman would have just accepted responsibility for all these lapses, apologize to the nation and quit the position.

    1. You mean the same INEC chairman that immediately suspended the collation process, informed the public, summoned the rep to Abuja and had irev results posted? You're still watching Atiku's staff on Arise news without balancing with what Tinubu's boys are saying on TVC. Your vision is in half.

      Is it the saner clime where Obama did not resign after Flint Michigan, Biden didn't resign after classified files were found in his house, and Trump started put despite being Trump that you want this man to leave his job for announcing the results brought to him in February? When he announces for your party to the tube of 97-99 percent, he is credible but when it's another party or a rogue agent/REC that is already being punished doing nonsense, it is time to call him an sorts.


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