Stella Dimoko Movie Tips. - What To Watch And What Not To Watch


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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Movie Tips. - What To Watch And What Not To Watch

Which Movies would you recommend to relax this weekend? When can these movies be found? Youtube, movies, Netflix or where?

Please if you can tell us what the movie is about so we dont 'west' time ...
Which moves should we not bother watching? why?
Please this thread is not for Nigerian movies alone!


  1. I will definitely recommend Gangs of Lagos whether people think it’s overrated or not because I dunno what you people want from nollywood again, I really don’t know. Abi is it supporters of a particular political party that think it’s overrated?

    Then, ‘the trade’ as well is a beautiful movie. Really beautiful movie. Blossom is my bae for life. Always interpreting any role given perfectly. They really should feature him more.

    Night Agent will take u back to Jack Bauer days, even tho it’s nothing close to 24, it’s also a really really good movie.

    1. That secret service guy, D.B Woodside, is in my inappropriate thoughts.

    2. You said it as it is Eka
      I don't know what people want from nollywood again. The movie is all shades of great. The story line, presentation, cinematography etc. Just name it.
      The trade is also an awesome movie to watch. More than the story is Blossom's accent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Lice and chikin stu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Am not going to add anything to what you said madam Eka. Wait, is me you? Is you me?πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… now I know the reason I like you.😁

    4. Brotherhood. Wow Nollywood has come a long way. That movie is a 10/10 for me 🀩🀩🀩

    5. Is the night agent only on Netflix? I tried downloading it from netnaija but no way.

    6. I just watched gangs of Lagos and now I understand why certain people are criticizing the movie they are like the evil clouds militating against the people and withholding good from the people.

    7. I really didn’t want to watch gangs of Lagos, but sanwo Olu made me. After criticizing it, I decided to see why. And boom. I want to REALLY thank him for making me watch it. And I promise him that I will keep spreading the news here, (America) and make sure all I know, watch the movie. Incase you live in America it’s on Amazon prime and free for prime members. PLS WATCH THAT MOVIE. I finished watching it, and renamed it THIS IS LAGOS. no lies at all.

  2. I am definitely a movie plug
    I never watch a movie twice and always love to watch them before they become popular

    Number one on my list is
    1. Beef (you’d understand why anger management is actually a necessity)
    2. Night agent for those that love action
    3. Obsession for those that like sex movies
    4. What’s love got to do with it(romance )
    5.sharper (totally loved it)
    6. Love is blind season4 (not a movie but I need to discuss this with someone)
    7. Megan

    Push up (original)

    1. See my fellow “love is blind” fan.
      I haven’t started season 4 yet. I’m yet to get over SK and Raven emotional rollacoaster πŸ₯²

    2. I need to discuss Love is blind too oh. I really need to

    3. @anon please watch season 4

      Oya let’s go @eka
      I can see why some guys say some girls do not know what they want because what is wrong with Jackie

      Also Brett is a definition of a real man, a man that actually listens, he calms her storm… what woman won’t be submissive to a man like that
      Dear men, when a woman says “protector” that’s what she’s talking about, I think every guy should watch it cus bougie Brett is one of a kind. So responsible
      You will know he is a man that accepts himself, is courageous and very self aware
      Lord help me raise my son to be that way, cus wow!!!

      Push up (original)

    4. Shebi I mentioned that I was in love with Brett. He and Tiffany’s relationship from the pod was so beautiful to watch. I screamed when they both said yes. Btw, were u shocked that Kwame said yes? The guy clearly isn’t that into Chelsea.

      Jackie is those type of self destructive ladies that prefer to date bad guys only to start complaining later about how they are unlucky in love.

      Absolutely hate Micah and Irina. Wonder what the fake tantrum was about when Paul said no when we all know she would have said no.

      Glad, Zach finally found his was back to Bliss. Rooting for them a great deal.

      *Whew* that was a lot!

    5. Many people have spoken about Night Agent film but after watching it today, I noticed 2 errors in the film.

      If Omar Zadar was meant to be at Camp David and killed alongside President Travers, why was he no where on Camp David when the bombs went off despite landing in the US hours earlier?

      During the standoff beside the POTUS’s chopper, who was the person on radio authorising that Peter Sutherland should be shot if the agents get a line of sight? The only person with authority at that very moment was the black security guy infront of Peter and the President and he wasn’t the one talking on the radio. So who was it?

  3. I so much like this movie post.
    Rabbit hole
    A simple lie
    Here love lies
    A night agent

  4. It's so annoying trying to watch movies on YouTube. Whenever I try to search for a movie what comes up is bits and pieces, like 4minutes clips. mtsheeeew

    1. So sorry, I watch most of my movies on YouTube, some popular movies, especially the foreign ones only have their recap/trailer(the 4mins clip) and not the full movie on YouTube, maybe due to copyright issue . While most of the movies, the shorter clips come up before the ones with the full clip while searching.

  5. So lately I find myself watching naija movies on YouTube. I recommend Ruth Kadiri's movies, so so interesting, I also do yoruba movies
    Oh, if you have not seen Brotherhood and GoL you should, very interesting movies

    1. Before Valentine.
      Nollywood with class and unpredictable outcome. Was glued to my phone and the laughter is needed.

  6. If you were thinking of watching magic Mike: the last dance, pls dnt even botherπŸ™„πŸ™„
    Yet to watch Murder mystery 2 but I believe in 2 of my fav. comic actors;Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston 🀣🀣
    It's like I'm going to take back what I said about not wanting to watch John wick 4 🌚🌚

    1. I didn't enjoy Murder Mystery 2. I don't see the need for the sequel

  7. I'm currently watching 7 Kings must die. It is a wrap up for the movie, The last kingdom. A must watch I must say.
    For Nollywood movies, I'd recommend Gang of Lagos. The trade. Far from home and flawsome.. All dope movies

    Obi for president
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly TIV

  8. Have you seen 'The 7 lives of Lea'?
    It's a French series and a time travel genre.
    I saw it a few nights ago on Netflix, I wasn't interested at first but after the first episode, I stayed glued. Maybe cos I enjoy time travel films and books. Wish I could go back in time but...
    Anyway, the series is about a girl who stumbles upon the body of Ismael, a teenager who disappeared thirty years earlier, with the event taking her back to 1991 and seeing her wake up every morning in the body of a different person.
    It's quite interesting. Enjoy!

  9. Please lets be adding foreign or Nollywood to each movie stated here. Thank you very much

  10. I saw "strangers" of recent and it was a really good movie. The emotions were raw and not forced at all. Bimbo Oshin is a great actress.
    The series "grind" is also interesting. Although i think only season 1 is available for now

    "East meets west" if you want a touch of rural drama

    1. Strangers is a really good movie

  11. MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN is good, its a hollywood series, THE TRADE is good too, nollywood movie.

  12. Someone recommend a nice series like 24, blacklist please πŸ™

    My son want to finish me with carton eeh😭😭😭

    1. Have you seen Homeland. It’s not new but very good.

      Night Agent as well is cool.

      Blind spot is cool, but a bit dated and doesn’t require deep thinking like 24


  13. How do I download subtitle for gangs of lagos o. I don't understand yoruba o

  14. Eka and co,you guys should go and watch night agent on Netflix and thank me later.

    1. I’ve seen Night Angel na. Since fa

    2. I said night agent not angel,it’s new movie.

  15. Thanks to the BV that mentioned Drishyam 2, a worthy sequel to the amazing Drishyam. If you have never seen Drishyam, please make a date with it. They are both on Amazon and you will not be disappointed. Below are some of my favourite limited series and one documentary.

    Behind Her Eyes - Netflix
    Godless- Netflix
    Maid - Netflix
    Downfall, the case against Boeing - Netflix
    Midnight Mass - Netflix ( this is not a pretty story and not for the faint of heart)

  16. Crash landing on you
    World of married
    Remarried and desires.
    They are all korean drama, omg what a series, a roller coaster of emotions. Please try and watch all, they are very very interesting.
    Thank you.


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