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Sunday, May 28, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Slaughter Slab Down

There are somethings that you are familiar with and when you see a pattern, you just know the particular scenario that is about to play out.

Some young men just rented an apartment inside the next building and I see them often from my window upstairs. Their way of life is loud and colorful. Young girls trip in and out of the compound and the men don’t sleep at night. Nice music but too loud.

Married women go there to sell goods, some deliver cooked foods and others I don’t know. LOL

I noticed the silence from the compound which was unusual so I went to investigate. Trust hairdresser she never disappoints.

Turns out the Young men were helping both the girls and married women to shine their congo and the lady selling provisions was among the receivers. Her husband was a street guy so he noticed the kurukere movement and decided to act fast.

Husband confronted wife and she denied so he went to one of the young men he knew was after his wife. Young man said he was helping the wife financially in her business, Husband got angry and punched the Young man. They were separated by onlookers. Wife came to the scene and told husband to apologize to the young man. HAAAAA

Husband left the scene and didn’t go home. Knowing that he couldn’t confront them to avoid another disgrace, he went to report the young men to the Police and so they were busted. WOW

When the police came they arrested everybody including the women that were there claiming they came to sell market, the ones that came to charge phones and the ones that went to watch smart TV that they found fascinating. Mtchewww

The women were later released and shame will not let some step out of their houses and shops. The Young men are still there because they found something on them.

When they move into a neighborhood you will know they have arrived and the greedy women too will forget their senses.
So what happened to the provision lady? She didn’t open for some days. I passed there today and saw her husband helping her to pack her goods inside to protect it from the rain.

Awwwww so sweet


  1. Some people are just too loose these days. No respect for anything or anyone as far as they are making themselves happy.

  2. Where are those that said men don't forgive cheating wives? Many forgive oh and manage them like that, there might be repercussions but they'll still be in the marriage.


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