Stella Dimoko LP Presidential Candidate Obi Loses Bid For Live Telecast Of PEP Court proceedings


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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

LP Presidential Candidate Obi Loses Bid For Live Telecast Of PEP Court proceedings

Peter Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party LP in the February 25,2023 Presidential election, has lost his bid to have the proceedings of the Presidential Election Petition Court broadcast live to Nigerians.

The Court dismissed Obi’s request on the grounds that he failed to cite any authority to back up the request.

Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani who delivered the ruling on Obi’s motion on the request for a live telecast said live streaming of court proceedings ought to be planned and budgeted for before the the commencement of trial of any petition.

The Court said Obi did not disclose what he stands to lose if the proceedings were not televised live.

Having agreed that the request lacked merit in content and substance, the five Justices proceeded to dismiss it entirely.

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  1. Hmmm...Nigeria my country. Corruption everywhere.

  2. This news is misleading and I am not surprised. This wasn't among Peter Obi prayers rather Atiku Abubakar for the proceedings to be televised. Peter Obi and Nigerians at large only supported Atiku request on live transmission.

    I don't know why since yesterday the media left Atiku who had this prayer in his petition and crediting it to Peter Obi loss.

    What are they trying to gain by such narration? What are their fears and worries?

    A simple search online would have made anyone know this is Atiku's and PDP request and demand.

    We all know Peter Obi five prayer points and demand. It's not hidden.

    Journalism is gradually losing it relevance in Nigeria.

    1. God bless you.. See the miscommunication. PDP and Atiku are involved but Iit's The chief cornerstone be headline in the news.
      Shame to sham journalists.

    2. Peter Obi's*
      Its* relevance

    3. Thank you TJ. you saved me the stress of typing. This is fake news. The suit was made by Atiku and supported by Obi, so I don't know how it now turns out to be Obi who lost the bid. These days, misinformation just fly around form media sources one should ordinarily trust.

    4. Peter Obi is their nightmare!!!

    5. @Teejay, But if it was granted you will claim it as his victory. Abi. Na failure be orphan true true. 😂😂. Make una dey play dey go😂😂. Do a little research and find out why the law is called an ass😂😂. To the next pls

  3. No worries. We move. Our hopes is alive. We must get it right in this our generation.

  4. They want it televised so that they can continue there online cruising, blackmail APC attorneys and mark them for elimination by the military arm IPOB, we don wise, nothing like endsars.

    1. For someone with the need to use his professional suffix on a faceless blog, not surprised at all

  5. Will corruption ever end in this country 🤔🤔🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  6. Good that they rejected it. They will go and terrorise the witnesses from the other party

  7. This information is not true. It wasn't Obi who instituted the bid but Atiku. Obi only supported the bid. The bid was thrown out on Monday morning during the hearing of Atiku's case and since it was supported by Obi, same applies to the support. Twisting this information is just appalling.

  8. Una say na Atiku carry the matter to court but na Obidients carry am for head pass, Kenneth Okonkwo and other LP spokespersons granted interviews on this matter, so don't blame the public for thinking it is an LP matter.
    The matter don lule now, una dey disclaim am

  9. Your candidate and you his supporters jumped on the matter and made it yours. If this plea was granted you guys would have celebrated it like yours and claimed the glory


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