Stella Dimoko President Tinubu Reportedly Holds Talks To Finalize The Distribution Of Fuel Subsidy Palliative


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Thursday, July 20, 2023

President Tinubu Reportedly Holds Talks To Finalize The Distribution Of Fuel Subsidy Palliative

President Tinubu has reportedly met with Vice President Shettima, Senate President Akpabio, Governor Uzodimma, Governor Sanwo-Olu, Governor Abdulrazaq, Governor Abiodun and former Governor Ganduje, set to finalize arrangement on the distribution of palliatives to cushion the effect of the fuel subsidy removal


  1. Distribution way una go still carry go una house and take give una family members. Make una just pose for the camera.

    1. E go shock Nigerians.
      But e no suppose shock cos we see as dem do covid19 palliative

    2. Use the Money to get our Local refineries working not just to supply for our internal use alone but export to African countries.

      What is wrong with our Leaders please??????????????????????????????

  2. Abeg, Channel the funds into our refineries nah. If we have 2 of our refineries working, It would lessen the hardship. For how long are we going to hope for palliative that might never come??? Whereas the money would never be accounted for at the end of the day.

    What we need is a timeframe of endurance while you work hard bringing life out of all dead/ abandoned infrastructures.

  3. The palliatives will as usual be used to settle friends, relations and party faithfuls leaving the rest of us high and dry.
    The only palliative that can reach everyone is to bring down cost of fuel by refining our own crude.
    Cut down cost of governance and start work on one refinery immediately. Instead of sharing this amount of money to a few people, use it to start work on the least dead refinery and spare us all these shalaye.
    The masses are already sacrificing towards a better Nigeria. They too should do the same. I saw the amount budgeted for feeding for the president and the vice president. Do they need that amount of food? Make personal sacrifice if you claim you love Nigeria.
    Same with the governors. Cut money from here and there that you use for comfort, push it to the refinery project.
    Don't give us food and give away. We are not beggars. We have been managing and would have continued to manage till you touched fuel knowing fully well how it would affect our lives.

  4. The money used for bribery and rigging must be recouped.. this is another reason I supported the "No Shi Shi" gang..
    If you don't buy votes and inec officials.. you won't be focused on getting the monies spent back when you get to office, instead you'll be more focused on working with the monies on ground or from loans..

    Them go still dey gather the funds wey dem hope to still use take bribe judges..

    I just tire for this country..

    We can't continue doing the same thing and expectating a different result..

    If you like be shouting "Favour is My Name",. The hunger wey go reset your brains dey come, if you believe this nonsense palliative then you are very dumb, from people wey hide indomie from you after them say make you dey house.. Asin people that can hoard food palliative na him you dey expect money palliative from.. your mumu na grade one.. let's not even talk about how insulting the 8k is.. if they are serious, they'll use the money for production purposes so they can create jobs and we can begin to export.. but nah.. they will never do something positive.. they prefer to disburse 20 million to fund a counter protest against genuine protesters than to use the 20 million naira to fund a project..

    As things are presently, there's zero hope in this country.. na you just dey use 'Favour' whine yourself.. the people wey get the favour na those people wey you dey see for that picx so and their cohort.. but you can continue dreaming sha

  5. Palliative wey dem go still corner. Abeggi

  6. Palliatives that will end up in their hands? Abeggi.

  7. Renewed hope my foot… Money they will still share amongst themselves Mtcheeeews

  8. We dont need the palliative. Revamp our refineries. Not as if the palliatives will get to the common man. SMH

  9. The country is too broke to give anyone money and the poor too removed from digital banking to track the money. We have no control over the price of crude so how many times will you give palliatives which you borrowed to fund ? Sell the refineries quickly and let private hands offer services they will be paid for Ave let's start the gradual conversion to CNG started about 4 years ago.


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