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Monday, September 04, 2023


 Marvellous Monday hailings....


Good day and happy new week...
The single mother who talked about schools for her son after she was abandoned by the baby father was sent 80k by a concerned BV over the weekend.Please make una help me thank the giver... she was awesome.

BV Fatee who need a sewing machine has been sent money by a BV to ourchase a used one.God bless the BV so much.......

I dont not think that 50k can start any business with the way the country is now, some people just collect and use it to buy foodstuff and come back to apply again...I want to support already standing business for restocking.... that will be my focus........ I will support 3 people from the blog and two from the whatsapp group...... I will pick from the whatsapp group myself and i will go back to that post and see if anyone indicated an old business there that needs support, if not please do it here and make sure you have an ID that can be recognised as a frequent poster and not those that only come out when there is a wont work this time no matter the excuse.....
Please once the day is over, dont postagain indicating and dont come on my inbox. dont post as annon as well cos i wont consider it...

Have a Blessed day and God bless you.....



Inside the mind of a woman going through Motherhood column will resume next week with one post per week as the poster is still giving from putting to birth and coping with the other kids...Its not easy but she will be fine.


   NUGGETS taken from Proverbs chapter one. 

-Common sense is CONTEXTUAL.
 What is common sense to one may not be so to another. Be weary of calling someone senseless.

-Buy your wisdom! Buy your knowledge! In whatever space you are, know everything there is to know about that space. Let it become common to you.

- Beware of biases. It affects good common sense.

- Remember that wisdom comes from right knowledge. Knowledge comes from learning. Learning comes from either interaction or study.

- Right knowledge dictates that regardless of your age, determine who has the right to your estate and intellectual properties and at what time.



August 2 Was my wedding day. I had planned doing it in a small way because of money and some personal reasons but later, everything changed. I got a hall around Ayobo where we used.Thanks to God for kolo(piggybank) wey I get under my bed. I have two, one is for me and the other is for myself and wify. Since the day we started dating and defined our relationship, we both started the second kolo. I got the hall for 400plus shaa with what I have inside my personal kolo. The joint kolo was broken and I was surprised to see that we had over 600k in that pako thing(savings is good).

The money was used for clothes and some other things necessary for us and we were also given two rooms free because the hall has an hotel properly built and furnished. I lodged into one and my wife and her friends from Ibadan used the second one. Make I no bore una shaaa
.On Saturday, party was about to kick off and we began to look for MC. Person wey I don give more than half of his money. Wify was so angry and alot came up. After the engagement, someone from my in-law took over the event as the MC.(till we finish oo, I no see mc at all).

Let me take you back a little. I was a mathematics, account and Economics teacher then at one private school shaaa and all my students so much loves me because I took them as my own and always making sure they understand every bit of my class. God gave me this talent.(I am a born and trained teacher who knows how to identify classroom problems and proffer solutions to then by using the necessary teaching methods and learning aids). On my wedding day, I saw alot of my students who graced the event and I saw vividly all the gift they dropped. The SS3 students brought pressure pot and one other thing, the ss1 student also brought wine( I think 4 or so) to mention but few shaaa

My people, hmmmmm, I could remember some of their parents also came because I saw them, no be say them tell me. One of the parent dropped an envelope on the gifts right in front of me which I know it's either cash or cheque. When it was time to leave and go home before coming to Ibadan finally I asked if they have packed all the gift and someone answered yes.(Guess who answered me?).hmmmmm
On Sunday evening when I was preparing to move to ibadan, because before the wedding I have paid for apartment and also gotten some little things shaa but no chair, no  bed(just the student bed), no Generator, No fridge etc. We have planned to manage till things will get better. I was asking for Al the gift and we couldn't find anyone, not even the pressure pot, wines and the envelope I saw clearly.

 I was so angry and disturbed. Wify asked me to just let go because she is just too calm and can dash out her eye ball if possible. Even for blog here, it's hardly you see her give response, she just posts and goes off. I was like, this woman, why will you ask me to just forget all these things? If na wetin I no see then no wahala but wetin I see ..haba now. I asked my younger ones and also called my mum but seems non had the idea of those things.

Funny enough, this year, on a very good day, wify was at her work place then she called me to come over so we can go for some test which we did and thereafter, we went to her friend's house to say hello because she lives very close to where she works. On getting there, I no know wetin my eyes go where she put things, I saw one pressure pot carton, immediately my mind told me that thing was part of my gift, then I stylishly snapped it. 

When we got home, I told wify about it but she said how sure am I. I told her my instinct doesn't deceive me. I showed her what I snapped and ask her to hold on for me to call someone. I called the girl who presented the gift through her mum's phone and asked her about it..Then we chatted through her own line. I was stylishly appreciating her once again and told her that, I haven't even opened there pressure pot, that was when she told me to open it that, I will find a letter from them under the pot .

I was now thinking of how to go about it, we then agreed that, wify should visit her again then pretend to like the pot then ask her how we can get that type of pot. I think when she got to her friend's place one Saturday morning, the lady left her inside and went to bath, that was when wify opened the carton to check if truly there was letter in there.

 My people, she saw it life and direct .As in, her friend no open the carton since she even carry am go her house sef.. Then, our marriage was a year and some months ooo when we discovered this. She was so upset and that was how the friendship ended. 

She brought the pot home. Since then, wify has stopped communicating with her. When this happened, I decided to put it up here but she never wanted it. She said even if I'm to put it up for people to learn from it, it should have been after some months.(You see why I needed her consent before doing this?).
It was so painful, definitely she was the one who took all the gift, all because we didn't care about them. We were busy laughing, greeting people and having fun(you know how person dey be when having a wedding ceremony now). It's so painful, since then, she couldn't even chat me up like before. She go don send new month message and prayers but now, na me even dey send am. I stopped when I noticed she only reads my chat and never respondeds to any.

Note: After like a month or two, someone gave me standing fridge(freezer inclusive as a wedding gift, as in Tokunbo). Six months after, I went to dugbe in Ibadan to get big bed(u know those big mattress wey no need anything, na to just put for ground, mattress wey get confirm height), the match we played that day ended with 4goals to 2.

 Few months after, I bought a set of couch (Jesus, only me?).. Everything was just coming as if I have planned them before ni because I was so scared to marry when I thought about how to keep up but glory be to Jesus for giving me this prayerful and understanding woman.

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW see thief!!! did your wife carry the put? did she confront her or she left before she came back from where she went?



  1. Replies
    1. I own a provision shop, 50k will go a long way to help restock my shop, I need to buy drinks as drinks are going way up, please I will appreciate if I can be added

    1. Since Sunday is named after the Sun and why can’t we name a rainy Sunday as Rainday.

    2. The human gestation period is 9months. Why shortly after a baby’s birth, he/she is said to be 1 day old rather than 10months old?

    3. Why do soft foods go hard when spoilt and why do hard foods go soft when they go bad?

  3. I have a provision shop with the 50k I will buy more goods .

  4. @Fidel Thanks for the Beyonce post on SP today. I posted yesterday's own instead of today's

    Here you go!


    1781 On this day in 1781, Spanish settlers laid claim to what became Los Angeles, now the second most populous U.S. city and the home to Hollywood, whose name is synonymous with the American motion-picture industry.

    1908 Novelist and short-story writer Richard Wright, among the first African American writers to protest white treatment of blacks, was born.

    1957 The Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel automobile, which was perhaps its most notable failure.

    1972 American swimmer Mark Spitz won his seventh gold medal during the Munich Olympic Games, the first person ever to do so in a single Olympics.

    1972 A revival of The Price Is Right began airing with Bob Barker as host; it was a huge hit, becoming one of the longest-running game shows on American television.

    1981 BeyoncΓ©, 32 Time Grammy Award Winner, Multi- Talented American songwriter-singer, Actress was born this day.

    1998 The American search engine company Google Inc. was formally established as founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page filed incorporation papers.

    2002 American singer Kelly Clarkson became the first winner of the reality television series American Idol.

    2006 Australian wildlife conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, who achieved worldwide fame as the exuberant and risk-taking host of The Crocodile Hunter (1992–2006) TV series and related documentaries, was killed by a venomous bull stingray.

    2014 American entertainer Joan Rivers—who first gained fame in the 1960s as a nightclub and television comic known for the catchphrase “Can we talk?” and who later critiqued celebrities' wardrobes—died in New York City.

    2016 Mother Teresa, founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity and winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize for Peace, was canonized by Pope Francis I.

    ~~ Culled from the Britannica


    1. Watch out for the plenty underscore sign (_) and deliberate wrong spelling of their names. This is most likely a scammer..🚫🚫

    2. Before you initiate any transaction, check the IG profile page, click on the triple colon > Click ABOUT THE ACCOUNT > Click Former Usernames. If you see name changes more than 3 times, my dear Run oh πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️** In Fela’s voice.

    3. For those who have physical store address, request for their address, copy it and use your Google MAP > Street view and see if they exist or a quick google search of the address will let you know if they are authentic or not. If you do not see anything that looks like a shop from the view, then you don jam scammer ni.. ⚠⚠

    4. When chatting with the vendor who has no physical store and you see the item you want to purchase, request for a video chat with the vendor to authenticate their status. If they refuse to have a video call after insisting, then just jakpa πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️

    5. When they share pictures of the product you want to purchase, copy the image or share on GOOGLE LENS on your android phone. It will let you know if the picture was stolen or not. Don’t worry if GOOGLE LENS could not help verify the picture. Use step 4 to verify the vendor.

    I hope these tips help you when initiating any transactions with IG vendors πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’š

    If you have more tips, please share and let’s all learn.

    #Copied from Missytech on Instagram

    1. Thank you, this will go a long way.

    2. My dear how about me whose IG account has been disabled 3 times this year. The last one happened last week. Too drained to open another for now..
      Will I be considered fake too

  6. Goodafternoon bvs and stella
    i have an already existing business where i sell fragrances/perfumes. the 50k will go a long way to restock for more products please.
    Thank you!

  7. God bless the concerned bv that sent money to the single mother and also the person that sent money for the sewing machine, may God replenish your pockets. God bless you Stella.

  8. Pinky Baba😊. I can imagine your feelings after the match ended with 4 goals to 2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thank God for how his abundant blessings upon you aftwards.

    To the blog Angels who came through for the chronicle poster and bv Fatee, may Heaven reward your show of kindness πŸ™.

    1. God bless and replenish the pocket of the angel that come to the rescue of that single woman.
      Good afternoon people

  9. Good afternoon fam πŸ€— I really really appreciate your condolences and I say thank you. God bless you all in abundance.

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss,may God comforts your family

    2. God bless you too. It is well kkk. Just be strong.

      God bless the givers and receivers and God bless you SDK for being an instrument in God's hand.

      i have an existing business oooo. I deal on wigs and hair bundles. Still growing cos its almost a year old. 50k will be so overwhelmingly appreciated to boost, grow and stand my business on solid foundation abeg. It will be wholeheartedly appreciated like heaven on earth.
      Thank you Stella

    3. May God rest her soul.

      My sincere condolences to your family..

    4. God rest her soul πŸ€—

  10. It's a very cold afternoon over here
    Good afternoon lovelies 😘

    1. Greetings Nne πŸ’œ

      God bless all the givers more abundantly πŸ™Œ thanks for all you do @SDK ❤️

  11. Reno Omokri speaks on the media and sensationalism

    The screaming headline alleging that Pastor Adeboye said the 'Naira will bounce back, stronger than dollar soon' is an example of sensational journalism. Pastor Adeboye never said that. If you listen to the tape, he said the Naira will bounce back stronger soon. And that is a reasonable statement and in line with what most economists are saying.

    The media should be careful how they structure their headlines. Sexed up headlines have the potential to undermine people's faith. Hopefully, those behind that headline can realise that clicks are not so important that you make people lose confidence in religious leaders who God used to guide them.


  12. Greetings to everyone.
    God bless the angel that paid for school fees. Non around you will be stranded.
    God bless the angle that paid for the sewing machine. Your life will never know shame.
    God bless the mother of all angles here SDK. Your life will continually experience divine grace and ease on everyside.
    To everyone going through one problem or the other. God is consistent and dependable. He will send you help and you will come out victorious.
    It's a cold day here.

  13. God bless all the receivers and givers. Well done Stella Nwanyioma Chukwu gozie gi na ezinulo gi. Thanks for always coming through for those in need..

  14. Mostly close friends/relatives are thieves. Be careful.
    Congrats to the recipients, may God open doors for you all.

    Nice weather

    Apollo don full Kano o.

    Mao Akuh

  15. She confronted her ni ooo but have warned wify not to shout or disgrace her publicly if she still value their friendship which she obliged to. What she did was to tell her friend that she loves the pot and willing to get same. Then she said she moved close to the location, picked it up and opened it,then she brought out the letter and opened it. That was how mama was looking like SUBARU.

    I don't know why people love to steal, it's disheartening when I see people do such.If you call me thief lasan, we go die there ni oooo cuz the word sef dey vex me let alone the act.

    1. That lady must have first class in stealing. Nawaa!

    2. Pinky you told your wife to value which friendship? Is that one a friend? Instead of you to tell your wife to stay away from her, you were telling her about valuing one evil friend.
      Madam Pinky, stay very far from her. That one is not a friend, only God knows other evil things she had done behind you against you.

  16. Hello everyone πŸ’–, God bless the BV that sent money to the single mom.
    First class ole, ha! People get mind o, stealing gifts meant for the newly married, nawah oh.

  17. This is why I planned on having a small, family affair wedding, of not more than 20 people. Some people are just greedy. They will not contribute or give the couple any gift but they will want to take and take from the couple who are just starting life.

  18. God bless that bv oooo wey help that good Lord will continue to embarrass you with uncommon blessings in Jesus name.

  19. Good afternoon everyone.
    Happy new weekπŸ₯°

  20. Good afternoon everyone 🀩🀩🀩

    God bless the givers. May everything they lay hands upon prosper beyond measures. It feel so good to get help when you needed it. The feeling of fulfilment that comes with it can't be contained. Congratulations to the anon chronicle poster and BV Fatee.

    Stella, I also applied for the 50k giveaway for my existing business. I sell briefs(men,women and kids) and I will like to get more stocks in preparation for the school resumption. Thanks for all you do. God blessings always.

    The pink man, na so people be ooo. When you tell them to monitor something for you, the wickedness in them will not make them act right. How could anyone steal a gift meant for newly wedded couples?.
    Marriage is right when you're in it with the right person. Enjoy the bliss of marriage, Pinky. May the bond you both shared never break.

    Sign out so apt. Positivity always.

    Y'all enjoy the rest of the day 😘

  21. Congratulations BV Fatee,I am very happy for you.
    May God bless the givers, you will never lack in Jesus name πŸ™

    Pinky that your wife's friend get mind Sha, stealing another person's wedding gift,chai she is a big thief.

    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  22. God bless Stella,the givers and congratulations to the recipient....

  23. If celebrants can be made to watch CCTV of what transpired in their occasions! Pinky, knowing it's a relative or close friend that made away with your wedding gifts can be heartbreaking.

  24. Goodafternoon everyone,
    I have an existing business.I am a baker but deal mostly with chinchin and pastries...The 50k will help buy some things in quarter bag or bucket(flour,sugar,butter etc) because baking materials is now on the high side.
    Thank you!

  25. My mother of almost 70yrs has been complaining of dizziness. She eats well and rest very well. She does nothing just eat, watch television and sleep yet she is always feeling weak according to her. She cannot walk a small distance for fear that she might fall down while walking. We have visited several hospitals. All the doctors keep saying she has
    infection, malariaa and typhoid. Every other thing is ok including her BP, sugar and blood level. The keep prescribing different drugs for infection, malaria and typhoid.. She will get well for some days and start complaining again. We went to hospital yesterday and the results are saying same thing.. infection and malaria 😭😭
    Please fellow BVs with aged parents. What do you suggest we do.

    1. Check her blood sugar, also check her thyroid

    2. If you are Igbo, check if it's "UMUADA" or "OGBONUKE" that is disturbing her, it's their pattern, ie if you believe Sha.
      Talking from experience

    3. Inculcate walking into her daily activities. Atleast 30 mins each day. It might be difficult at first with maybe joint pains, but as she continues, she will feel stronger, agile and healthier. She should drink alot of water and fruits too.

      Also, my mum added nri supplements which has been very useful

  26. Good luck to giveaway applicants.

  27. Good afternoon SDK and BVs. God bless you SDK and the givers.πŸ™ 50k will help me to buy more packs of pets minerals,in my shop.

  28. The weather here is cold.

  29. Blog visitors, you people should help me thank Stella and the good person that sent me the money. I am the lady that sent her chronicle last Wednesday. I received the N80,000 yesterday and I am very very grateful. Words are not enough to say how grateful I am. God will continue to bless you my helper. The alert took away tears of sadness and gave me tears of joy. I am very grateful. And also thank you to everyone that gave their advise and encouragement on the chronicle. I was uplifted after reading the comments.

    1. Aww Ehugs. Congratulations to you. I am specially rooting for you, you will testify Amen. God bless you giver..

    2. Congratulations dear.
      May God bless the giver,he/she will never know sorrow in Jesus name πŸ™

    3. Congratulations 🎊 . Let me have you know that so many doors will open when you realise it is okay to start again. Don't give up. May the Lord be with you.

      To the angel, God's blessings always.

    4. Congratulations dear. May God bless this blog angel in Jesus name πŸ™

    5. Congratulations dear,More doors of blessings shall open unto you.
      God bless the Bv that helped her in Jesus name

    6. Congratulations dear.

      To your Angel,God bless her/him real good..

      God bless you more Stella Jewelchi

    7. Congratulations, God bless the Bv that blessed you.

    8. Congratulations dear. God bless the giver.

  30. I have a clothing/Adire fabrics business,50k will help me buy more fabrics. Thank you πŸ™

    May God almighty bless the giver and enriched and expand their coast in Jesus name πŸ™
    Stella 50k will help me to get a second hand , local oil extractor.
    It will help improve my small business.
    In a day I can produce 2 to 3 bottles of groundnut oil due to the stress of using mortar and pestle to pound. If I can get small second hand local made extractor, I can be able to produce up 5 to 7 bottles a day.

  32. Good afternoon y'all

    God bless all the givers and Stellz. Congratulations to the recipients.

    It's a good day. I'm thankful for life.
    Enjoy the rest of your day people.

  33. St. Phoenix or anybody that knows pls help. Is it Acceptable practice to capture a program u are yet to finish in a cv? E.g i am running my Masters, is it ok to capture it in my cv as an ongoing program or i have to finish first before updating the cv?

    Secondly, if the answer is yes, pls how is the english couched to capture it on the cv?
    Thank you and God bless as you answer me, may ur days be long and fruitful.

    1. Hello Anonymous. Yes, it is acceptable to indicate in your CV like this
      e.g Psychology (In View)

      Amen to your prayers honey. Always happy to help...

    2. Phoenix, please is it advisable to use a company email on CV. Like Please advise

  34. Replies
    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Okay, I have come to the realisation that I'm too stubborn and ladies don't love stubborn men right?🀦🏽‍♂️. You ladies love me and it's not your fault that you don't know how to give green light like Oyibo, you are Naija girls and Naija girls don't toast men.. they insult the man until he gets the message Lol..
      I'm so sorry, I've been too blind to see/ notice the obvious. Forgive my ignorance..

      Moving on, for as many of you that are interested in marrying me, can you please drop a comment under this post so I can begin to make arrangements to marrying all of you. We can all have peace and become one big family😁😁

      Let's go my beautiful angels...

      PS: Phoenix with the small 'lips',I see you baby girl.. we still have a pending research to prove right? Lol

    3. DANTE 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    4. I see you.

      Thank you for accepting the hug.

      The love was the love of Jesus Christ o as you no gree collect am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  35. Good afternoon sdk and bvs
    I have recieved alert of 50k from the angel for a fairly used manual sewing machine. God bless you my angel, may your coast increase, you shall receive favour every where you go.

    Thanks SDK for your wonderful blog and for all you have done for me since I started this tailoring training.

    Thanks to the bvs who also came to my defence when Anon came to argue that there is no sewing machine for 50k.
    By God's grace, I shall excel in this noble path that I took and bless others from it. Amen.

  36. Good afternoon house. I've missed that motherhood column,and can't wait to read from her again. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

    SDK ma, 50k can start up a business very well ma, it depends on the kind of business. I for one have a business at hand presently but pushing in more money with the ways things are presently it isn't advisable to me, that's why I decided to open another branch of business, which is okrika ,I live in a semi rural area, and also uniosun have hostels here, even with less than 50k I can start ok business, I've been studying the business for a while but lack of capital is holding me back, and the good thing is ok business is 100 πŸ’― percent gain, I won't carry bale for now until I've mastered the business, all I need to be doing is to sign bale with someone opening,this will give me the privilege to choose before any other person picking, and at wholesale price with tops as low as 300 naira which I can even sell 1k depending on the grade. Plenty students go for ok wears now as new ones are now no go area. So ok business is a very good and profitable business,with 50k sef,I go sign bale with more than one person.I pray I'm considered . God will continue to bless you , you are really trying for us here honestly, without knowing most of us personally, God bless you ma

    May God bless the giver and enriched and expand their coast in Jesus name πŸ™
    Stella with 50k it will help me expand my small groundnut oil business.
    With mortar and pestle, I do produce 2 to 3 bottles of groundnut oil. But if I can be able to get a small second hand local made extractor, it will really help me in produce 5 to 7 bottles a day without body pain after pounding it manually.

  38. Good afternoon to you all.

    This 50k will really help me go along way with this my new business.
    Just need to get a shop, as my place isn't really helping.

    Stella, please consider me, as this would really be helpful to me, right now. Thanks and God bless you.πŸ™

  39. So sorry for your loss Supernova πŸ’”. May God comfort you and yours πŸ™

    May God bless the angels and enlarge their coast Amen. Thank you for all you do Stella πŸ™. God bless you big

  40. Good afternoon everyone
    I have an existing business with 50k i will add reacharge cards sales to it
    Congratulations to bv Fatee and the chronicle poster
    God bless you Stella and all the Angels on this blog πŸ™

  41. God afternoon beautiful people. Thank you to the blog angels, may you all never lack, Amen.

    Stella, I applied for business giveaway, I have an existing business, I sell perfumes and 50k will go a long way in helping me restock and boosting my business, thank you.

  42. God bless the givers, and good luck to the applicants.

  43. Hello bvs!!! Stellz 50k would help me stock up on some milk and containers for my existing yoghurt bizz .I started it to add to d small chops and cake bizz. And just like dat d price of milk is well

  44. Good afternoon everyone,

    God bless the Giver and congratulations to the recipients. This weather is Sweeting me.

  45. SDK blog, God sent blog. Thank you for putting smiles on peoples faces. God's continuous blessings πŸ™πŸ»

    PinkyπŸ˜‚I no know whether to laugh or ... People you trusted most . Na so Wedding things dey always go .
    During My sister's Trad, A whole cooler of food meant for "Umu Agboo " ( young ladies) disappeared Fiam !!
    We had to settle them with Money oo.

    Day 1 done !!!!

    Cheers as the day progresses 😍

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

      Cooler of rice fiam.. people can be so mean shaaaa

    2. You say?🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  46. A beautiful cold day
    Good afternoon πŸ’•

  47. Stella pls if you need link to the post where we drop our 50k business proposer, I have brought it below...the person that help me and edited the comment dat day is not at home.. pls and pls ma go back there and read our comment.. I no go school abeg us πŸ™

  48. So Stellz when you go give us money for flexing? We no fit lie collect money from you,we are just up-front 😁.

  49. I'm in the hospital line Stella. . The consumables laboratories use which I get from either onitsha or Lagos. Prices go up everyday and the headache that comes from not having enough for purchase to stock up can make you really sad. Any support I get for my business this period goes a long way when I go to market to buy goods. Thank you.

  50. Why steal your friend’s gifts on her big day, I’m glad the friendship ended. It has been raining here since last night, Stella 50k will help me a lot in my business o! I will buy food stuff and resell, thank you

  51. God bless the covers.

    I resumed my teaching job today. Teaching isn't easy at all.

    My little snacks side business needs a little
    financial push

  52. Stella, I am into foodstuffs business, majority crayfish. 50k will help me buy two baskets of crayfish. Thank you.

  53. Same way a lady stole my sister's wedding cake. The middle layer. We all thought she wanted to assist in sharing it for the guests. She run with am oo. My sister kukuma told them to keep the biggest layer for her to take home. We were left with the smallest layer which we had to cut into very small pieces for it to go round. Na me suppose share the cake but I was doing slay mama so person waka am. Very painful oo.

    1. Can you imagine, stealing a whole layer of 🍰 na wa.

    2. Hmmmm, wedding gifts and stealing palaver. During our wedding some of our money were stolen but that cake own off me. I can tell you that till today we don't know how our traditional cake walked out of the venue by itself. If not for the reception cake nobody for see cake chop.

    3. Dem dey steal cake for wedding again?🀷🏾‍♀️ Wonderment! What won't person hear or see in this naija! Na wa.

    4. Nawah o, stealing wedding cake?

  54. Thanks to the angels, your pockets will be filled always.
    I am a baker, I also make pastries. With 50k I will increase my pastries supply as I supply only three schools now due to low capital.
    It will allow me make more eggrolls, puff puff, etc for supply to extra three schools which will increase the profit I make. Thanks SDK and angels once more.

  55. Going to a party with a person who has a car is very painful😟
    Once he stands up just to stretch himself you also stand up and carry your bag 😫

    1. πŸ˜‚ make them no leave you behind

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that thing can be painful,es especially when you are still enjoying the party.

    3. Sometimes you will be ready to go and they will start a new gist leaving you standing for longπŸ˜₯.

    4. Choi! Poverty is a bastard 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    5. For me, I had to monitor the guy as he was drinking. I was begging him not to take too much alcohol unto say I wan follow am for motor. Make person nor go throway me for lagoon.

    6. Praise 🀣🀣🀣🀣
      You will be monitoring the person let him or her not leave you behind and go. If e stand up to use restroom sef you will follow am.

      Abionah 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  56. 250k for strangers just like that . SDK it's too late for god not to bless you o, your generation sef no go fit finish in the blessings, Yoruba will say ,you have acquired generational blessings.

    1. You can shout it my dear. Her generation will never suffer .

  57. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon blogfam 😘.

    God bless the angels that reached out to the chronicle poster and bv Fatee, may God replenish your pockets in million folds πŸ™

    Jewelu,I've an existing business. I have a poultry. With the 50k I can get 5 bags of chicken feeds and keep because the price will definitely go up by October which is season for rearing December chickens. Thank you and God bless you for everything you are doing here.

    Bvs enjoy the rest of your day,make I enter Monday market.
    E go surely be ✌️

  58. I'm happy for you bv Fatee and chronicle poster. God bless your angels and SDK.
    SDK 50k will buy fresh cowskin that I can use to make one bag of dried ponmo for sale. School fees be giving me headache.

  59. Stella my fabric business as been existing going to 4years now. I even sent fliers here for advert. I sell majorly ankara fabrics 50k will buy both small and big ankara fabrics

    God bless all the angels here oooo, may you never know a better yesterday.

    1. I pray you're picked ,so God can silence your trolls.

      I swear to God I'm not pearl o, before someone people will say she went anon to hype herself

  60. Stella please that 50k will start something for me, I will buy half bag of flour to start making snacks and buy some drinks from it. I already have where I will stay till I save money to rent a shop. Plz help me I need to start something .

  61. Hello Stella, I would use the 50k to invest in my soap production. It would increase my output and also upgrade the quality.

    Sophie's Skincare

  62. Pinky, that lady is a big disappointment, she didn't open the carton, meaning that she doesn't even need the pot for her kitchen, she probably wanted to sell it. Greedy thief. I hope your wife clapped on her and shouted "ole!".

    Stella I sell rubber slippers and sandals, with 50k, I will get school shoes for sale this season. Thanks.

  63. A very big congratulations to you Fatee and chronicle lady. More blessings to the bvs who helped them.

    Stella I'm into tailoring. 50k will buy materials that can make at least ten nice boubous which I will sell for at least 10k each.

  64. Stella, I would use the 50k to invest in my soap production business. It would enhance my output and enhance the quality of the soaps.

    Sophie's Skincare

  65. Wow! Congratulations to the recipients. Thanks to the God-sent bvs.

    Stella I'm into sale of shoes, bags, clothes, etc. I dropship for now as there is no capital for now. Dropshipping means I get pictures and prices from wholesalers and advertise. When a customer requests for any item, he or she pays(after I must have added my profit) I then buy from the wholesaler and send to the buyer.
    With 50k, I will buy over 30 pairs of back to school shoes for kids, comes at 1500 (carton price) and I will sell each for 3000-4000.

  66. Good afternoon
    God bless d giver and d recipients
    Pls Stella, 50k will help me start okrika's a business I have always had in mind to do
    I currently work in a pure water factory...and honestly dat work is very stressful and d pay is my place, we are paid #5per bag, which means for every 100 bags..d pay is d time i finish bagging 4 which is d highest I can do in a day, d pay is just #2000 for dat waist and back go hear am..we have spoken to our oga to increase it to at least #8 per bag...but he is saying dat he can't...
    I hardly save cos my tfare is #800 ( to and fro)..and I also help my husband with d little I can...cos honestly d man is trying...we have two kids and it has not been really easy for us..

  67. This rain just be during somehow.

    Stella, the 50k will help me in my groundnut business. I will have more buying power as we all know the cost of foodstuffs go up everyday.

    My people, how una dey?

  68. Pinky that your story is very annoying. Imagine a friend! You were still sending greetings to her, for what? Pinky pls don't wait till they kill you before you put evil people far away.

  69. Stella's blog is a life saver. God will reward you SDK and all blog angels. Congratulations to the beneficiaries.
    I make wigs and also sell already made ones too.
    With 50k I will make 5 nice wigs that will sell from 20k each depending on the quality

  70. Sone people are very shameless o. In my very presence during our wedding reception while we were dancing, some people were just shamelessly picking money o.

    When the cake was presented and people were asked to open the floor abi bless the cake with cash, the MC got greedy and told my sis not to pick any money cos its belong to him and the baker (baker that i got through SDK) thank God my sis came to asked me if its true that the money spread on the cake belongs to the MC and baker😳😳...i just told her to pick everything.

    1. Game mistress. Baker? Wasn't the baker paid for the cake? Was it for free?
      Wasn't also the MC paid?
      Make una enlighten me ooo. Cos I no understand.

  71. Good afternoon all
    Pinky I hope you and your wife stay away from her completely, she is a very heartless person, she didn't even reserve anything for you, the celebrants. Very entitled thief. That type can kill.

  72. Good after beautiful people 😍
    I have an existing business, I sell quality and affordable perfumes, oil, deodorant, body mist, humidifier, diffuser etc
    This is an online store that I run from the comfort of my home and to God be the glory, It's doing well
    My major challenge right now is shelf to display my wares
    Now, why do I need a shelf
    I need a shelf to display my wares, by so doing, I ll be able to take awesome pictures of all my products, this ll attract more new customers and also preserve my product from damage from packing them all in a single carton
    This display shelf is from 40k depending on the size
    This has been a major challenge in my business and I will really appreciate of I am chosen
    Thank you

  73. Thanks to the angel who blessed bv Fatee and the single mum. Thanks to SDK too.
    Pls 50k will boost my foodstuff business. I will get a new and bigger umbrella to use . The present one is old and torn, rain disturbs as a result. I will use the rest to stock up on more wares for sale.

  74. Good afternoon bvs ,I have a registered patent store where I sell medicines,50k will help me stock up well especially now that prices of medicines are not smiling. Some people are not even able to genuinely afford the medicine when they fall sick. It is well with Nigeria. I will honestly appreciate if I am considered.

  75. Good afternoon everyone.

    God bless all the givers. Amen.

    I am into Uber business.
    The 50k will help me to change oil, service the car and get one tyre.

  76. I already have a garri business am doing and this is the season here in the North. This giveway will help my market a great as there's high demand for it now and I don't have enough capital

  77. I already have a garri business and this is the season for it. The demand is high here in the North And I don't have a enough capital to supply all as the price of garri as gone up. This giveway will help my business a great deal to

  78. God bless you SDK and the angels blessing bvs here.
    I sell jewelries, boxers and makeup products. My mum fell very ill and my business went very low as a result of her drugs and treatments. Now she is no longer staying with me and I need to bounce back. With 50k I will restock nice children's underwears as school is resuming and sell to get back on my feet. Thanks

  79. i sell thrift clothings.I need the 50k to buy 5 large transparent storage plastic containers,as rain is penetrating the clothes in the shop where i sell,due to leaking roof.I also want to buy packaging nylon and customized nylon for sales.I also will buy a second hand male mannequine from jiji for display.I have one female already.God bless you.

  80. Congrats to the two bvs . Thanks angels for your kindness.
    I sell soup ingredients. 50k will enable me to stock up on more Igbo soup ingredients that they do ask of, they are pricey, I don't have enough capital to stock them. They include ogbono, ukazi, oha, stock fish, Banga, etc. God bless you SDK..

    1. Stella my own giveaway is not for business. Just for my health and small feeding while I treat. I have sores all over my body and I was prescribed ampiclox. Breakdown is
      Ampiclox 600 naira for full card, vitamin c,mectisan and funbact a.
      One rubber of garri and ingredients for soup. Five thousand naira will carry it all. Thank you

    2. 17:49
      Would have loved to help with this but you are anonymous.
      After now, a million people will claim to be you to get it.
      If you can verify with Stella, I will send it.
      It's well with you. May God's healing hands touch you.

  81. I have a groceries store.
    50k will buy some packs of pet drinks which have been missing in my store for a while now due to cash crunch.
    Thanks to kind blog visitors who helped those two bvs

  82. Good day everyone.😊
    Please Stella consider me for the giveaway πŸ™. I have a provision store, 50k will help me boost sales as things are not easy this period. We also feed from there, 50k will help me stock up the store in order to boost sales πŸ™

  83. Oga Pinky this your story really made me angry, how can someone be wicked like thay to steal those gifts, na wa for some people o.

  84. Good afternoon my people. Stella please 50k will go a very long way for my business as I indicated in the former post I sell pap and I supply to shops and is really moving if I benefits from this giveaway, I will just buy two bags of maize which will yield a lot of profits for me. God bless you.

    1. Your blog Id says you sew clothes, your comment says you go round to supply pap, nawah o.

  85. Good day everyone, please Stella consider me,I have small maternity/babies &kids store. I will use the money to buy back to school shoes as school are resuming end of this month here and sell then put back the capital and profit into my business. How to sell them is not a problem as I already have customers I will sell to

  86. Good afternoon house
    Congratulations to the recipients
    I am a caterer, I also make snacks and sell at a busy junction. 50k will buy me a showglass as I desperately need one, the remaining balance will be used to buy a local industrial cooking stand for my outdoor catering job.
    God bless the givers.

  87. Good afternoon SDK and bvs.
    Congratulations to the two ladies, God bless your givers.
    50k will help my moimoi business in the following ways:
    I will use 10k to make a bigger table for displaying bread and agidi(eko)
    The one I use is small and demand has increased. I will convert that one into one more bench for customers to sit on.
    I will use the remaining cash to buy more iron pots and foodstuff to introduce yam and beans with fish, sauce, they ask for these two foods everyday. Remain blessed SDK.

  88. Hello everyone. How's the day going. God bless the beautiful angels blessing bvs.
    50k will help my tailoring materials and sewing business.
    I sell tailoring materials and I also sew. 10k will fix my wiping machine that have packed up, I use it to make money as people bring their clothes for me to wip for them at a fee. Also, my shop is empty due to cash crunch, I will use the remaining 40k to buy some tailoring materials for resell. Thank you Stella and blog angels.

  89. They have have come out of hiding because of giveaway. Stella let me go and point them out for you 🚢🚢

  90. I pray grace finds me in this.may luck shine on me ohhh,Stella I just started a perfume and jewelry (ear rings and necklace) business,I carry it about,from place to place.with this 50k I wil buy more goods.if am picked,this will be my best birthday gift ever.13th Sept babyπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  91. Wow! God is on this blog. Thanks Stella for this platform, more blessings to the kind angels who blessed them.
    Stella I have a hair salon where I make and sell wigs and hair products. My hair dryer has been faulty since last week, no funds to fix it. They said I should bring 13k. With 50k, I will fix it and buy hair products for sale with the remaining balance (I wanted to write "remaining change" but remembered bv Vicky's lessons 🀣)
    Thanks Vicky.

  92. As in they have truly come out. Some even went to create emergency ID! Chai wetting hunger day cause ehn, still no pity. Please only pick regular BV's not emergency BV's.

  93. Good day Stella
    I want to apply for the giveaway.
    The prices of things are rising daily and I will love to stock up on my beddings, honey, pillows and Fabrics. Cos thr ember month is here and I don't know how high it will be by December.
    Stocking up now will enable me maintain same price sale by December and give me an edge over other sellers. So the 50k will facilitate this process .

    Also I have been meaning to buy an electric sewing machine for awhile now and the price keep increasing. I actually need it for the production of my duvets and to venture into simple and classic ready to wear (since I sell fabrics and i can see)With this 50k, I can make a deposit for one and gradually pay off . But right now, I can't afford that as my business is on turnover basis. and I keep rotating the funds.
    Looking forward to your kind consideration. Thank you


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