Stella Dimoko President Tinubu Files Motion To Stop CSU From Releasing His Academic Records


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Friday, September 22, 2023

President Tinubu Files Motion To Stop CSU From Releasing His Academic Records

President Bola Tinubu has filed a motion seeking to prevent a United States Federal Court from releasing his university academic records to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

That Atiku, on August 2, approached the States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to issue a subpoena for Chicago State University to release Tinubu’s school records, citing longstanding controversies around the Nigerian president’s background.

In his subpoena, Atiku told the court he was seeking the documents as part of discovery to strengthen his legal challenge against the declaration of Tinubu as Nigeria’s president.

Atiku had previously filed a suit before a county court in Chicago, Illinois, but withdrew it in order to file a more comprehensive case at the federal court, which prompted a county judge to dismiss the earlier case from the docket and cleared the path for Abubakar’s federal complaint.

However, according to the press Tinubu has asked that he should be added as an interested party in the suit, alleging that Chicago State University might be unable to fully protect his interest as the owner of the records being sought.

The Nigerian leader argued in his motion to join the suit filed on August 3 and submitted by his Chicago attorney, Christopher Carmichael.

Consequently, Tinubu argued that the records should not be released because they fell under a 1974 privacy law for American students.
However, a federal judge had been assigned to the case, and both parties anticipated its expedited hearing and disposal, especially after Atiku argued that the Nigerian election petitions tribunal would deliver a verdict around September 21, 2023.

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  1. All these kicking back shows only but one thing. What is he hiding or trying to protect from the public? If truly the original result belongs to you, why fighting against it with this level of strength.

    1. I hope you know, even though he holds public office, he still has some fundamental human rights, and that includes right to privacy. Secondly even the Freedom of Information Act has certain exceptions.
      The thing with you guys is that you would never be satisfied with whatever he does, first you kept chanting forgery, he never attended the uni, then the US broadcasted to the world that he indeed attended the Uni, suddenly the tune changed, u started saying Tinubu bribed them to say that, now you suddenly want to see his results. When they eventually release the results, pls what next?

      In this case na Buhari fit una, he gave u guys the grey rock effect. Whatever allegation you make against him or the insults you throw at him, it doesnt have an impact on him, he ignores. Sha there is a day when we wud all stand for judgment, and every word we utter, we shall account for, the same way every action of Nigerian politicians, they shall account for. Those that confidently said it was not Buhari in the villa then, it was Jubril from Sudan would stand before God and make Good their statement too.

    2. No it is not well written, public servants are mandated to disclose such information as it's is supposed to be public knowledge. No one is asking him about his private dealings. And bringing God's judgment into this scenario is very lame.

    3. I didn’t know when his transcripts became ‘supposed to be public knowledge’ go and read the FOI Act 2015 and come back then we would argue. The FOI Act in nig is very similar to the one in the US.

    4. Anon 15:59, the God part i brought in was the part where citizens too feel they have a right to say anything they wish. If we don’t account for it here, we would someday. If you don’t believe in God, i do. To you ur faith and to me, mine. It is as easy as that.

    5. I am having a good laugh! SDK makes posts about PBAT everyday, Oga Teejay didn't crawl out of the woodworks.

      Now, he's number 1!!!. And here I was thinking his phone was lost 😂😂😂😂😂.

  2. He has the right to protect his data from public domain. Data privacy is taken seriously in the west.

    1. Oh please! Not verification of degree. If it is, then anyone can claim to have a Master's/PhD to get any job they want and the company can't verify it.

  3. Why's he so scared of his transcript being released? Leemaooo

    1. Why were you so afraid of Stella releasing your pictures and your details for the world to see? You quickly tendered an apology which resulted in her withholding the details and the pictures. There you have ur answer. Whatever your reasons were, are his reasons too.

    2. Anon 12:04 press her neck!!!🤣🤣🤣

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Thanks 12:04!

      So, some of you still don't know delay tactics. This is what they will do till the end of the first term when in reality, the guy actually went to the school!

    4. Anon 12.04 and your awon elegbe, make God no let una choke for TJ matter.

    5. Don't mind them Sh**ter. They will poke you and when you lash out, they will start shouting toxic.

      Every credible company in Nigeria verify degrees of employees. Some may get away with working with fake result/NYSC certificate for a year or two but the company will still do the verification. The HR @ one of the top Telecoms told me how people that are caught after their verification would start begging, some will offer bribe. The sad part is that most of them are top performers at work. One had his wife call and was pleading with the HR not to get her husband fired as she was pregnant, but it's the policy. The HR's job will be on the line if he/she tries to sweep it under the carpet and is found out. Other people dey HR na. How many can you hide and why should you?
      Even in some western countries, you cannot get most jobs without a credit check and security clearance being performed.

      Why a whole president of a country would not want the certificate forgery allegations trailing him cleared is somehow abeg.

  4. But he should be happy that all doubters will be put to shame. or is he hiding something?. Cus na only person were do bad thing the run were nobody de pursue am

    1. Why did Obi not tender his own university degree when contesting for president? Why did he only tender his secondary school qualifications? What is he hiding?

      This is the nonsense you people were distracted with when others were planning to win elections. Now that you have received the clear defeat you planned for and worked towards, you are seeking items of absolutely no relevance that will only assure a loss of this your religious war at the end of the day.

    2. Atiku is the person following up this case, Obi is being dragged as though na how una dey get oxygen. A University degree is not required so nothing stopped Tinubu from providing the minimum requirement if he had it. Do you know which primary or secondary school he attended?

  5. As someone who occupies a PUBLIC office, he is duty bound to release anything asked of him as it relates to that office and his activities therein. Trump was asked to release his tax documents while IN OFFICE and after much beating about the Bush, he did. In this case and under the constitution, there are certain requirements and qualifications one must meet/have to occupy office, one of which is a university degree. If there is any doubt about it, then the citizens have a right to demand clarity to allay all confusion. A public official's privacy is almost non existent, unfortunately. Let's all be objective here, please.

    1. No sister, even going by the FOI Act that guarantees access to public records by citizens, there are certain exceptions. I do not see how releasing his transcripts form part of records that the citizens have a right to have access to. His certificate, yes but i don’t think his transcripts form part of those docs.
      Read the FoI Act 2015 first and read all of the exceptions therein and you would understand.

  6. The records must be released, if not We Nigerians we declare the US persona non grata, as France is now in Niger. They must prove that America is not a corrupt country, like Nigeria.

  7. Oh I was speaking about the actual certificate. If it's in doubt then it should be furnished. I understand that some things are private. But as an officer of the public yes, a VALID certificate conferred upon him from an accredited college/university should be made public. His transcripts don't really concern me, after all, one's degree certificate is a culmination of transcripts amassed in college. I believe once the certificate is produced, then that will kill a lot of chatter.
    My 2 cents

  8. "Court Orders CSU To Release President Tinubu's School Documents To PDP's Atiku"
    The above post was made on this blog on 20th September 2023.

    Today's Post (on the same matter), when read together with the comment, reply and response on the previous post on 20th September 2023 @15:23, 17:45, and 20:59 makes clear the need to avoid comment-sparring with Bvs who we do not know, we have not met, we may never meet or whose motives, desires and challenges, limitations, and or gains in commenting on posts we do not know or understand.

    Except BVs who already know themselves outside this blog or got to know themselves through this blog or other platforms created by the Blog owner, all Bvs are faceless within the rules of the net - anonymous as permitted by law.

    So what is the fuss and insults about?

  9. Today's Post shows clearly that a student always have more than examination results and certificate with a school he/she attended.

    Every student that attended a school ordinarily has admission records - application letter or common/school specific entrance examination result, provisional admission letter, photographs related to the admission seeking and grant process); school attendance details, class work records, and tests records; extra-curricular records; examination records; results records; and certificate records. All these records show who is who and or what is what.

    And what is the difference between applying for a visa, a job, and the right to control or impact the lives of over 150 million people? We accept background checks for the grant of visa or employment especially good employment.

    If a US based company offers employment today in Nigeria payable in US Dollars as paid to same grade employee in USA, how many Bvs would object to full background check of their academic records?

    If a US company offers ready job today, on the condition of grant of visa by the US embassy, without the company's support, how many Bvs would tell the Embassy staff not to check their academic and school records if the Embassy says it wants to.

    See, every child born in marriage is presumed by Nigerian law to be fathered by the husband of the child's mother. And nobody can force that man to do a DNA to prove his paternity. Nobody apart from the presumed father or mother can force the child to agree to a paternity test once he is above 21years. So why do people willing submit to DNA test to get visas when asked by the Embassy staff

    Why do people allow their phones and social media foot prints to be microscopically examined by embassies when they apply for visas?

    Yet we comment with insults or in condescending words that a candidate for an election cannot be examined. Is candidacy for election no longer optional? Is it not said that "if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"

    In any case, the lawyers have told us that there are constitutional eligibility requirements - qualifications and disqualifications - for every elective post in Nigeria. The Nigeria constitution is its supreme law. Every other law (FOI, etc.) bows to the Constitution. And any person who claims to meet the qualifications has the duty to show how and why. Similarly, anybody who can show another person has a disqualification has the right to show how and why. If not for the gone election, then for the next one.

    After the records are open, due process and the electorate can then decide.

    The issue in this matter is not about certificated qualification. It is about veracity of what was said and claimed in accordance with the constitutional requirement.

    The constitution says a candidate have paper

    The candidate says he/she is as has the paper.

    Is the paper original?
    Was it issued by the claimed issuer?
    Was it issued to the candidate who claims it?
    The candidate holding the paper, is he/she the person the paper was given to originally?
    Is the candidate holding the paper the rightful person to hold the paper?
    If a candidate bears the same name with another person, can the both of them use each other's paper as of right to contest election?
    If a candidate claims ownership of a paper, which does not belong to the candidate, what does the Nigerian Constitution say about such candidate?
    Only the records of the candidate can definitely tie him to the examination results and cerytificate.

    Why is biometrics, and more are used now for identification if a name on a paper is enough.
    Again, why do some examination bodies emboss photograph on certificates if the name on it is enough identification of its owners.

    What does Nigerian Constitution says in its section 1 about its supremacy over all LAWS in Nigeria. Can a candidate rely on the limitations of any law to limit the Constitution?


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