Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Alex Talks About The Friends She Made In Big Brother All Stars House


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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Reality TV Star Alex Talks About The Friends She Made In Big Brother All Stars House

Two time big brother naija star Alex talks about her time in big brothers house....

She said, “Friend’, that’s a very strong word to use. Friendship is only determined after the Big Brother show. So, you can’t really tell that friend that you made in there.
“My favourite All-Star housemate, I think everyone. Because I that House, you have times when you fallout with this person, and you’re in good terms with this person. And then tomorrow, you are not in good terms. So, I really don’t have a favourite housemate.
“The dynamics between Pere and I having a good relationship from the beginning and having not so good a relationship in the end, I can’t really say for sure what it was. But just like I said, our wavelength was on different frequencies. Plus, I don’t even know anything that is going on yet. So, I can’t even tell who was my friend or who wasn’t my friend. One thing I know is that, I was a one-man army in that House from the day Prince left.”

Interview with Africa Magic


  1. You use sense answer your answers

    1. She has grown and matured more now, now she has realized some idiots will come to u with ulterior motives unknown to u
      Am so excited to have watched that last hug from Cece ' Amuche come here πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—'. Am glad for Cece, growth is very necessary.
      She has been able to put all that crap aside, real FRIENDSHIP is scares, you meet a good person,protect them like egg.
      Big ups Cece
      Keep growing. Alex ❤️

    2. Anon 13:11 you have said it. If all a person does, is to call people who have never done anything bad to them personally, then they are simply the vilest of all humans, not the housemate they are trying to denigrate.

  2. Welcome back beautiful and intelligent,Alex.

  3. Soar girly πŸŽ‰ you must not be friends with everyone! You clearly knows and said Pere has dark vibes,so don't play a smart one

  4. The black mamba !!!πŸ™„

  5. The mamba herself. Dangerous being

  6. Pogba.πŸ€£πŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️

  7. If you ever call any of these housemates names that are not theirs, from Mamba to Agama to Dwarf or any of the sort, you are a bully and that is a disgusting horrible character. They may be flawed as we all are, but they have committed no crime and done nothing in particular to you. Besides, the faves you are 'defending' didn't hire you and I hope you know they are all friends with each other. Don't think it doesn't matter cos they are famous.. when repercussions come in future, remember your unkindness and bullying

  8. I think after watching herself she has realised perhaps she overdid things with Pere. She has been careful answering questions about their issues


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