Stella Dimoko Nigerias Minister Replies EX Gov Obi On Nigerias Collecting Grain From Ukraine


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Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Nigerias Minister Replies EX Gov Obi On Nigerias Collecting Grain From Ukraine

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Alhaji Mohammed Idris, has admitted that President Bola Tinubu is having some challenges.
 Idris said Nigeria’s decision to accept grains from Ukraine does not mean the country is weak or a failed state.

 Peter Obi, had condemned the decision of Nigeria to accept grains as donation from Ukraine.
He described Ukraine’s grain donation to Nigeria as disheartening.

Reacting at the Leadership Annual Conference and Award 2023 on Tuesday in Abuja, the minister dismissed such claim, stressing that Egypt was not a failed state despite getting about 60 percent of its grains from Ukraine.
According to Idris: “Egypt gets about 60 percent of its grains from Ukraine. The fact that Egypt gets about 60 percent of its grains from Ukraine does not make it a failed state.

“The fact that we are having challenges at the moment does not make Nigeria a failed state.
“Therefore, accepting grains from Ukraine does not make Nigeria or Egypt failed countries.
It is a normal thing because countries exist to depend on one another.
It is true that Nigeria is facing some challenges and President Bola Tinubu is aware of this and he has been making efforts to address the situation.
“Nigerians voted for Tinubu with the deeper understanding and conviction that he has the capacity to turn things around for the better and that is what he is doing.”

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  1. A country rich enough to purchase presidential yatch and buy state of the art SUVs for its senators should be ashamed of accepting food donation from a war torn country if we are being honest.

    1. They rather lavish money on useless entourage and fruitless journeys but prefers borrowing and begging for alms

    2. That’s all
      The gift is not the problem
      The fact that we need the gift is the issue

    3. And also the fact that you will not see the gift when it arrives is triple problem

  2. We really must be careful. The good of a nation vs politics.

    Except Mr Obi is coming from another angle, I disagree with him on this one.

    The UK's food market took a big hit when the Ukraine war started. Reason being, Ukraine is the main exporter of cereal products, flour, wheat and grain to the UK (amongst other things).

    There's almost no uk meal that won't have an element of "bread" in it. Bread is to UK what pasta is to Italy.

    Secondly, pending when we get out of this crisis, why should we act like we don't need help when we do(like someone here who keeps talking big but needs assistance).

    China, Germany, Spain, Italy amongst some other nations get their grains from Ukraine.

    There is no gain in unmerited pride.

    1. Those nations are buying
      There’s a difference pls

    2. Which eye pride are you talking about? When the grains land Nigeria, do the people who really need it get to even see one derica? Nansense!!

  3. Ok where is the grains, APC and Propaganda na 5&6. No one will see any shishi grains

  4. It's how they are quick to name drop other ountries, na only bad things una sabi compare. Reminds me of the picture of a man on a wheelchair giving alms to an able bodied beggar, no single shame.

    And it's not as if the grain will get to those that need it oo, them go still kolobi am.

  5. Egypt imports grains from Ukraine, import- that's a business relationship.. at least them go use the money paid to help their country through the way.

    Nigeria was donated to, to help fight hunger crises,.

    This is different, one is a business relationship, the other is more like donation to an IDP camp..

    Asin collecting donations from a country being ravaged by war oh.. let's even forget this part..

    What happens to over vast fertile land, can't we produce all the grains we need? Until we begin to produce, Nigeria is not going anywhere..

    Oh, I forgot people are not going to farm because of bandits and armed herdsmen.. even read that farmers pay badicts to farm..

    And you say it's not a failed state,. Continue deceiving yourselves..

    Misplaced priorities, face the failure and try to do something- NO,. Then when someone complains or point this out, you run out to defend rubbish

  6. My own be say, make the grains go round all that need it.
    If you people decide to share it amongst yourselves, or hoard it to use for political campaign in d next election, God will judge you all

  7. we know that our dear country is facing some challenges but what he is saying is that we have the capacity to produce those grains than borrowing or getting it from Ukraine. I don't know once a person make comments cos that did not favour our current leaders, they take it personal.

    Our leaders will prefer to spend money on things that in relevant than useful and important things.

  8. You'll never see them compare the country with good things, only bad bad things.

  9. They should use this energy they use in defending up and own to act.

  10. APC as a political party is totally shameless. Tufiakwa!!!!


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