Stella Dimoko Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos- Mo,Joe And Vicky...


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos- Mo,Joe And Vicky...

These are beautiful photos from your favourite celebrities Instagram pages...


  1. Replies
    1. Mo Abudu aka intellectual thief. Taking credit for other people's ideas. And front for many corrupt rogues

  2. Onyi finish filter on instagram.
    Davido use styl look cute tho'
    Joseph I don't like u, don't like m too, don't curr.
    Mo' I love u!
    Botox, I must get a shot in future..

  3. Rahama nor dey cover head again? I saw it coming oh.
    Mo hmmmm if dem give u chance eh,
    Joseph Benjamin my boo

  4. how fa with OJY okpe's hubby and his new wife/? i dont see her on IG anymore. Mo has really made it for life.

  5. Madam Ebony life looking snatched, if I can have this body at 51/52 I will thank the old and the new gods(GOT).
    I love ojy okpe, didn't allow her divorce stop her from living her life.
    Good looking mamas.

  6. All I see up there is Davido.I love love love Davido...He can never ever do wrong in my eyes.
    I was really heartbroken when he had his first baby mama but it doesn't matter according to Ese I cannot leave him because of small cheating after all She isn't his wife.

  7. MA, my darling MA...The go getter, Oprah of Nigeria... The woman for women, role model, Humble Chic.... I love you MA, i love all you represent. God bless you 😘😘😘😘😘

    They all look good 😜

    1. MA is a copycat and a front for thosr thieves

  8. Joseph Benjamin... me likeyπŸ‘Œ

  9. Someone should tell Onyialex to ease up on the bleaching, she was a pretty chocolate beauty before.

    She looks different on-screen, thanks to instagram filter her cream is aging her faster. Instagram deceiving people, thanks to the filters. On-screen shows the real thing.

    If you are toning/bleaching, try to incorporate skin building: Applying a moisturiser, shea butter and take supplement ( Vitamin C 1 000 mg, Fish oil to increase your skin elastic and collagen).

    Don't apply lightening cream in the morning and always use an SPF ...

    Mo Abudu, look sweet

    Joseph benjamin cool pic

  10. Mo Abudu should stop forcing herself to be a slay mama......she don pass that stage na
    The men look all cool

  11. Mo is great right from VLA days. Davido needs yo reduce the weed. Its affecting his affecting his voice. JoBen is amazing, I wonder why they are not using him enough. Voice, looks, dress sense, he is very eell put together. He needs to re-strategise & diversify into other business. I hear he likes money too much and too stingy, well he has yo kerp at his game....


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