Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 206


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Labour Room Drama 206


Hi folks,
Here's the LINK to my first LRD for reference purposes. .lol

At approximately 36 weeks and some days I started experiencing excruciating pains in my stomach. The pains worsened after about two hours or so I started throwing up. My hubby suggested we go to the hospital. I managed to take a bath (sitting on a chair in the bathroom) because I didn't want to appear at the hospital smelling of vomit. I didn't rub cream or make up or even wear pant and bra sef.

 My hair hadn't been combed in a week..thats how I managed to drag myself to the car looking like a mad woman. My toddler kept turning his head to look at me because I was groaning and he hadnt ever seen me like that. I threw up twice on the way to the hospital. Thank God I had the presence of mind to bring a bowl just for that purpose. 

I entered the doctors office ( lets call her Dr Olivia) and explained what was happening. She looked at my file and said she will quickly check to see if its labor because according to her I'm not to go through labor. After checking (1) she said it wasn't labor so she will give me some pain killers. All this while my toddler was busy shouting and crying because he didn't see me again.

 My parents came and left with him when the doc said I wont spend the night there. The pain didnt subside even after the injection. At 8:30pm they said we could leave. Because of how pronounced my tummy was and I was walking slowly, one lady was like " sorry oh. It will soon be over. Dooh" I wanted to scream at her that I wasnt in labor and if it were labor I would look better than this but no strength to shout abeg so I left.

The pains didn't stop so hubby and I had to rush back to the hospital around 1am. Immediately I saw the doctor she said she will check again. So she "chuk" hand (2) and said I'm 2cm dilated that she has to call the doctor that does CS ( lets call him Dr. Juan Pablo also referred to as Dr. JP) so that he can be notified since I wasn't supposed to go through labor. Let me quickly state here that it is common knowledge that if the time frame between a CS and next pregnancy isnt up to to 18 months then the delivery is almost always CS again.

 The hospital I did my ante natal for first pregnancy and this present hospital told me the same thing so you can imagine my shock when Dr. Olivia (from here on referred to as Dr. Olibit*h) told me I was to be admitted for observation for the next four hours. Instructions from Dr. JP. I asked if he was coming she said nope. For the next four hours I squatted, stood, knelt on all fours, leaned on the bed all to find relief but no where. A nurse came at 4am to *chuk* hand (3). She said I was still 2cm. At 6am Dr. Olibit*h came to check (4) said no progress.  

That Dr. JP will be coming @ 2pm. I was like what in the world have I done to this people?Why am I being made to go through labor and for Petes sake this ain't labor all I have seen and read I have never heard of labor that is constant pain all through. No break. Abi has any bv experienced such labor before? Abeg school me if any of you went through constant pain no let up during labor. What I had was food poisoning. Two hours before the pains started I ate some cooked groundnuts that was bought the previous day . It also had some rotten ones in it. I told Dr Olibit*h when I arrived but they werent having none of it.

Anyways she checked at 10am (5), noon (6), 2pm (7), and Dr. JP checked (8) when he finally strolled in around 2pm. That's a total of 8 times they *chuk * hand inside person that isnt supposed to labor oh. Dr JP said I had a long way to go that my hubby should even go home sef that I could remain at 2cm all day then he proceeded to berate Dr Olibit*h that while would she call him for a 2cm dilation and he started walking out of the room. My mouth dropped open in shock. Is this man really leaving me here to wallow in pain? For no just reason.
I now calleld him back. I said Oga if by some miracle I get to 10cm I dont have any energy to push. I have been vomiting for the past 24hours and haven't been able to eat anything. I dont have strength again. Oga JP Said I shouldnt worry. That when the time comes to push strength will come from no where.
I say this man mean me today o.

I then told him that during ante natal I was told that since the time frame was short it would be CS na Oga Jp said do I know who he is? In my mind I was like who tf are you? Are you Jesus Christ?!!?
After some back and forth argument he angrily asked me if I was requesting for CS I said yes. So he told Dr. Olibit*h (in a very curt tone) that on request of the patient she should prepare me for CS. Dr olibit*h came twenty minutes later that she couldnt reach my HMO on phone for them to give authorization that what is the way forward? I was exasperated. Is this woman indirectly asking us to pay 400k for the operation since my HMO was "unreachable"?

I told her to wait till she reaches them. I was beyond pissed off. Long story short, another Doctor helped us reach them, they gave authorization to proceed. I Was given a hospital gown and cap to wear, the anesthesiologist gave me 3 tiny injections in my spinal cord and 5 minutes after they cut me I saw them bring out my Lil R. They showed him to me to confirm the sex of what I gave birth to then they took him to clean him up. The doctors started sewing me back. I was bored so I fell asleep. I woke just before we went to the ward.

 The whole thing took like 45 mins. I noted the clock in the theatre.

I felt no post operation pain this time thanks to the pain killers. That night I even came down from my bed sef. I could walk around. Two days after discharge my new born was admitted and thats how we found ourselves in the hospital again but that's story for another day.

I believe Dr JP acted like that probably because he may have had a bad experience from my HMO in the past. I'm just saying. I don't know for sure because it's a known rumor that the man likes performing CS even when it's not needed.

*What a horrible experience.....Giving birth in Nigeria is by God's grace!!!!
Congrats on our baby.


  1. Congrats to all women. Not easy. God bless us all

  2. Congrats poster
    I totally birth to Nigeria is by Gods grace o

  3. congrats poster, i thank God for everything.

  4. Congrats Poster
    However I disagree that giving birth in Nigeria is by God's grace only
    No ma, its by
    1. The pregnant woman thoroughly educating herself all through pregnancy, learning what is expected and not normal.
    2. Listening to medical advise, by this I mean hearing your doctor out, airing your doubts, addressing your uncertainties.
    3. Avoiding quacks ( midwives, tummy massagers, prophets/esses, soothsayers, etc)
    You will be shocked at how ignorant a lot of pregnant women are. Some do not know the meaning of Braxton Hicks, Gestational Diabetes, Mucus Plug, etc. Some don't even the risks of HBP in pregnancy.
    This poster is well read, and as such could counter the doctors opinion
    I gave birth in a Nigerian hospital and was well taken care of.
    Millions of women give birth here without complications
    We should reduce the way we berate Nigerian facilities to avoid causing unnecessary apprehension for mothers to be.

    1. I had preterm labour and was kept unattended to in a government hospital for hours. You can't imagine the pains I went through and the pleas I made to get medical treatment. I always wished I left there for another hospital maybe my story would have been different. Eventually I gave birth but lost my child due to medical carelessness. I still hurt and sometimes get to a depressed state. Nigerian hospitals are a death trap. Forget it! Pray your health is always sound dear commenter.

  5. Congratulations, thank God it ended well

  6. Thank God it ended in praise! congratulations

  7. Madam Retired Slay Queen it is by the Grace of God to give birth in Nigeria. It is only in Nigeria/Africa, that a pregnant woman has to be as knowledgeable as a doctor. You obviously blame women who do not have access to the internet to read up, who do not have the luck/money to be in a city, who are not educated enough to know about medical boards/registration of medical professionals (so they can check up who is quack and who is not)......the list goes on.
    You should be ashamed of yourself!!! Just because you are lucky enough to have all this you decided to ignore that fact that 70% of women in Nigeria do not!! I dislike people like you. It is your kind that will tomorrow turn around and blame people complaining about not having electricity, you will say they are lazy, that they should have worked hard to buy a generator. People like you will conveniently forget that it is the Governments job to provide basic amenities like electricity/water/roads/medical care/education etc to the people.
    Please watch your mouth before God decides to deal with you.

    1. I love the reply you gave to her. How can you say midwives should be avoided. I had my baby 5 months ago in the UK and I had no reason to go to the doctor. The midwives also took delivery of my baby. Some things you pray for in Africa you don't have to pray about them here because they're the basic necessities of life.


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