Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - Wishing You Married Your Ex..


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Iya Ibeji Series - Wishing You Married Your Ex..

In marriage sometimes don't you just get to a point where you wish you married your ex?

For me these thoughts comes when I have money issues with my husband.
See I had plenty suitors, the good, the bad and the rich.

After these money fights with oga, i would remember my ex rich boyfriend and start thinking of why we broke up? Wow iyabeji really? so just because of xyz reasons ordinary xyz that's why you left him? You Should have stayed na.
You for know where you for dey by now?

And when me and oga settles, i'd rebuke myself for such thoughts and feel bad afterwards.
One day in church during one of our women meetings, my pastor (a woman) was preaching and she said. 

Pastor: like when my husband got me angry and I had those moments when I wished I married Chinedu (her ex)

My jaw dropped, the sister seating beside me noticed my countenance and she asked why I was surprised and if I don't usually have such moments.
I told her I do but thought it was peculiar to me. That was a liberation day for me.

YES I still have my I wish I married my ex moments every now and then.
NO I don't feel so bad afterwards because now I know say we plenty.

But I wonder if our Hubby's do feel like that sometimes.
*whispers* he shouldn't I have seen his ex, I'm an upgrade.

*Hahahahahahahahahhahaha these thoughts come to me also and i guess to some others as well....I also wonder if the men think this way when they are


  1. Hence the saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side'. Even in my single status, I still compare current bae and ex sometimes. It is what makes us human I guess.

  2. Lol me too especially in the knacking session

  3. I usually do when he annoys me but funny enough when he treats me well and pampers me, i thank God for marrying him.

  4. Hahahahhaha Iya ibeji. So true.
    In my own case, after the wishing, I would look at some of his qualities that my ex lacks, like the times I'd do some horrible things and get away with them.... my ex has the tendency to land you a dirty slap on such occassions.

    1. 😀😀😀...I can relate. Temperamental dudes everywhere.

    2. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I miss my ex. He is way better than my hubby. Hubby is too stingy, dirty and unloving. And my ex is so successful now. How can I undo this? Sigh!

  5. With Chikito My Ugegbe oyibo, I don't remember my ex....


  6. Thats human nature. We always wish this or that but the truth is that most times, who we ended up with is usually the best one for us.

  7. i do think of my ex when there is no money at home because he is richer than hubby.... his both parents and siblings are in the abroad, so he had too much cash to spend around. But i don't ever regret not marrying him. guess i never loved him to that extent...

  8. Wen I remember my ex, its usually with a grateful sigh, I usually tnk God that I didnt marry him. D verbal abuse for too plenty. D guy always had something to say abt everything tueh!

  9. I still remembered my swt Igbo ex..anambra guys dey still miss thou
    Na language issues cause trouble

  10. Lols
    I do remember him sometimes.. My Igbo ex..language wahala

  11. Iya ibeji I follow you waka for this matter.

  12. I have never imagined marrying my ex,Chukwu Aju,kai,I'm grateful for this man I married ooo,I saw my ex wife was disgracing him on Facebook that baby diaper has finished,which kind joke be that,one day he sent me a DM that I should do more of social media,because I don't post my whole life on social media for him to be monitoring,to see if I'm doing better,the next thing he started sending me stuffs about sex,I politely asked him to stop,and I added sir.

  13. I do remember and regret something but that's in the past.

  14. Wished wished I married my ex, best boyfriend 100%, he still reaches out to me, and give me huge amounts, n all, but I guess he is a better husband as he has never seen me, since we broke up. I miss him. Dream of him n I wish the hands of time can turn back.

  15. Lol! But all the wishes will never change the situation na.. . If there was a reason for the relationship not to end in marriage with ex, then no need missing him or her...

  16. Lol, yea I sometimes wish that too.

    Like what if I married that my rich proposer then. I'll most likely be richer now, but I won't have freedom. The guy is one of those who feel he's Alpha and Omega, and a woman should be a silent observer. Biko no time.

    Or what if I married that my other bf. Romance for don ki me. Chai that guy can love. You'll wake up to handwritten poems, or sweet SMS sent at odd times, etc. But then....

  17. I don't know the feeling cos I don't have an ex. I only have a current and future hubby.

  18. Am i the only one that absolutely detest my ex! Eeew.I wake up everyday grateful i dodged that bullet.

  19. I’m married but I wish I could turn back the hands of time and go back to my ex. I’ll do things very differently. My husband smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and goes through cocaine like sugar, he’s very different sexually and makes me do things I’m very uncomfortable with, but he has the money and is VERY GENEROUS. Also loves me to a fault. I just thank God he’s not violent and he does his duties.

  20. Left my ex because I thought we were both AS. I regret that decision especially when I found out that in actually AS and I married the most wicked man in the century

  21. Left my ex because I thought we were both AS. I regret that decision especially when I found out that in actually AS and I married the most wicked man in the century

  22. Only greedy people miss their ex. My man may not be perfect, rich, romantic or wonderful but he is one of the best decision I made. I prayed before marrying him and I don't regret one bit.
    Yes, he has the most annoying attitude, stingy, dirty but he is a project God has given me. Am his torch bearer to help him be better. My ex was 100times better than my husband but y would I want to go back or think back.
    Greed and uncontentment makes us try to compare our past with the present. Ex is ex and should stay that way.


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