Stella Dimoko Man Reportedly Beats His Pregnant Wife Fatally Three Weeks After Wedding


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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Man Reportedly Beats His Pregnant Wife Fatally Three Weeks After Wedding

According to the reports a man has fatally beaten his pregnant wife Amarachi Emmanuela to death barely three weeks after they tied the knot....

This is so sad....I pray he has been apprehended ...


  1. Will they hear? May her soul rest in peace. Amen

    Want t eat waffles but not light, make I dey wait for them to bring Nigerian factor.

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  2. But the man has come to debunk the story with proof of her on sick bed in the hospital without bruises.
    Said she died of high blood pressure and anaemia in pregnancy.
    That she died while receiving treatment. Stella pls check.
    But nawa for the quack hospitals we have here. So many women have high BP and aneamia during pregnancy it's quite common but with proper care it is managed till you deliver or they even put you on bedrest and do a CS earlier before you due date. It happened to my elder sister in UK. After delivering they still kept her on blood pressure medication till she became better.

    1. Whom are we going to believe now? Two different ladies posted the story, fingering the husband as the killer 😞. RIP to the wife.
      If the husband is truly responsible, then he is nothing but a BEAST!

    2. Why won't he deny it? Do they take responsibility? Did Mr Shonde not deny killing his wife with beatings?
      Abeg leave story. Blame the stupid girls that refuse to leave woman beaters.
      The anon up there may even be the horseband himself or one of his relatives/friends.

    3. Debunk o, no debunk o, pls when suitors come for your hand in marriage, do parents not sound a note of warning to the man? Na wa.

    4. Debunk o, no debunk o, pls when suitors come for your hand in marriage, do parents not sound a note of warning to the man? Na wa.

    5. Hahahaha BB abi.
      I remember my friend who is on the big side her dad told her husband on the day of the intro. You see my daughter she is on the big side and has always been,she is a beauty to us. Not 2mrw you will start complaining she is too fat. You will love her just as we love her.

    6. Nice one at anon 13:19. It's the truth.

  3. Hmmmm
    What would make a husband beat his wife at all to the extent of beating him to death?
    I don't even know what to say...just 19 days after marriage

    1. Marriage wey start teh teh.
      Dem de get belle for 19 days marriage.
      Ndi convent.

  4. What a sad story may her soul rest in peace.

  5. Oh my God!
    Rest in peace beautiful soul.

  6. Some of those typing RIP here are being beaten savagely by their boyfriends and they are still dating, even planning marriage on top the beatings. Me I won't type RIP to anybody who saw death and remained on the same spot.
    Even some married ones here are willing to die for their marriages.
    I remember the one here few days ago that said she was pregnant and that she and horseband do fight with blood everywhere like a crime scene. She was saying she doesn't want to leave because of what the church, family and friends will say.
    You people should die there o.
    Amarachi, Nothing like RIP from me. In your next life, use your brain cos I'm sure the beatings or signs of violence was always there.

    1. Dem greee hear word?
      Dem die there.

    2. My aunt that left her husband that beats her black blue. On a morning I saw her in their compound on the stairs still wearing the suite she wore to work day before. He husbsnd had beat her and locked her out so she slept outside. Her white shirt was blood stained. Meanwhile the woman was a banker and bread winner.
      She left after that incident years ago when I was still in school.
      What did I see recently. Both of them together at a family function. And this her husband is still a drunk as he was years ago.

    3. If you need a Nanny in Lagos or anywhere, I'm here, call me 0706536858229 September 2018 at 17:20

      They are back together? He may have stopped beating her

  7. Stella, Victor killed his wife! Take it to the bank.
    I know Victor and I know history in Owerri. He has destroyed a lot of girls lives in Owerri. He got a lady pregnant before he married Amarachi.

    I know the posters personally and I believe Victor threatened them to delete the posts, hence the deleting.

    Victor is a bulky and believes no one can touch him. He has no idea what is waiting for him. This is just the beginning!

    He thinks he can mess with my sister and get away with it? I'm bidding time and I and my brother will deal with him. I'm just bidding time since he is untouchable for now.

    I just pity the next girl that will fall victim. Dimwit!

  8. Which next girl?? So you dont intend arresting wicked soul and locking him up in jail 4eva for killing your sister! There is no next gorl he should be in prison by now if he killed his wife.

    1. Anonymous 16:08

      My sister is not the dead one. She was one of his victims. I just spoke with the ladies that made the posats and she confirmed that they were threatened. So she told others to pull theirs down

      They are even telking his family something else as cause of death.

      I wish someone can take this case up. Victor is a monster.

      I don't have the capacity to tackle him and Imo is not the safest place now hence I'm anonymous.

      But, Victor Padre(his name on Facebook) watch your back because the way I strike, you won't know what hit you.

      RIP Amarachi Amanze

    2. Nawa things are happening.
      And to show how messed up our society is, he will still marry another young girl. The deceased looks so young.
      I don't know whether families don't investigate who their daughter is marrying. If the guy is this notorious even impregnating someone before marriage and this girls family never heard about his atrocities.

    3. If you need a Nanny in Lagos or anywhere, I'm here, call me 0706536858229 September 2018 at 17:22

      Oh dear! Why don't you contact all these human rights lawyers?

  9. Am sure the He-goat has been beating her before they got she's, no more.. Amarachi pele ooo wherever you are rest On ooo...

  10. God forbid bad thing.
    Who brought up these kind of men?
    God have mercy

  11. Very simple; task the dead spirit to taunt and haunt him till he confesses!


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