Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 250


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Friday, February 08, 2019

Labour Room Drama 250

Sometimes,it looks so difficult..........

Good day Stella,
Whaooo so I'm writing my labour room drama! My life and story is a testimony of God's faithfulness!

I'm a living testimony! After so many heart breaks and disappointment in relationships I just decided to move on... met my husband through a friend..he saw my pics on her phone and he requested for my nos!.. long story short we exchanged contact and started dating in March 2017... 

This guy was all over me and the whole thing happened so fast... August 2017 he engaged me and October 2017 we had our introduction. Got married March 2018.. towards the end of April I was always tired after work and my husband told me to go do a pregnancy test.. I was feeling awkward cause I saw my period early April.. shortly after our wedding.. I did the test in May .. the doctor I saw just assumed it was malaria but I insisted on running a test ... Behold I was pregnant!.

My pregnancy was so stressed free! I didn't experience all those pregnancy cravings, sickness, etc . Infact the kind of strength I had ehn.. started a business and was still going to work... Lost my job but didn't allow it affect me.. another one would come in Jesus name . Amen.

My Edd was Jan 13th.. went for anti natal on 8th of January and the doc said if I don't give birth the next week he would induce me.. I didn't take it serious. Called my husband and he started panicking! Me I went to see my sisters place after I left the hospital.dragged her to go see a movie.. I even went to supply goods to a customer! Went back to my sisters place and we ate vegetable soup
Hubby came back and said he did research that gbenshing helps during labour.. I didn't answer him cause I just couldn't stand se#x during my pregnancy.. but the fore play we had that night no be small thing! Lol.. 

Next morning hubby went to work and I was just feeling slight pains.. used the toilet 3 times under 30mins. My sister called to ask if I was okay cause she was stooling I told her I was also stooling... 

Next thing I'll feel pains it would come and go.. I called my brother who happens to be a doctor and he told me to go to the hospital.. I told him to calm down that I haven't seen any show yet...

My mother in love has been around since December ready for omugwo.. I called her attention and she said it wasn't time that my stomach was still 'up' the pain became intense I called my hubby he gave he sent an SMS that he was in meeting. I called my sister to come pick me up.. she was panicking and her neighbour who was with her when I called joined her to come pick me up to the hospital 

On our way to the hospital the traffic was on a stand still! We had to take another route and there was traffic.. my sisters neighbour told her to follow one way we were panicking cause lastma and police were always at the junction! When police saw me! Na them clear road for us to pass.

Got to the hospital and when they checked me I was 3.5cm.. I was kept in a room for observation... I was still feeling like a hard babe singing 10 millimetres make one this was around past 1pm...

I was dancing and doing videos! My hubby came as soon as he saw my sms.When the pain started come and see drama.. I couldn't lie on the bed! I was always running to the toilet to sit on it! I was naked! Sweating inside ac! At 6 pm I was 8cm! Told my hubby not to look at me.. I was just confused! Told my sister to off the light I almost ran out of the room naked.. they had to hold me! At past 7 my water broke and I was moved to the labour room! 


While I was crying and wailing I just resolved that I won't do this again!

 I would break my husband's head for giving me Belle! Concluded that those that had more than 1 child were not normal human beings... Lol... I was fully dilated but was told I was contrasting... Ahhh the prayer warrior in me came out! I almost recited all the Bible passages! I told them I wanted to pupu they told me to go head that they would pack it.. 

I told them it would smell they said they don't mind.. I told them to cut my Tommy and bring out the baby...or they should give me knife I'll do it my self... My body was vibrating! Then I told my self... my mama born me!! I go born my own... At past 8 they told me to do breathing exercise... Warned me not to poo or push! Ahhh I confessed all my sins and gave my life to Christ again! 

At 8.45...was told to push.. and I kept pushing.. at 9pm my beautiful baby girl came out weighing 3.7. at 39 weeks.i remember the time cause there was a big wall clock in the delivery room. (At a time I told them the clock wast working) it was like it was taking forever to move! Immediately everything went back to normal... As in i forgot the pain! Was told to push out the placenta and it came out... When the doctor said she wanted to stitch me I asked her why and she said she gave me a small tear.. 

I was laughing cause I didn't even know when she did! Forget all the pain.. I can't wait to do this again... My mother in love has been a sweetheart infact I can't wait to do it again cause of the love and pampering she's been giving me... She reminds me of my late mother! I would marry my j husband again cause of my mother in love. I'm still enjoying omugwo so I'll send my omugwo chronicle later.

I pray for safe delivery for all pregnant women reading this. Also for all those trusting God for the fruit of the womb God would answer you... I just keep staring at my beautiful angel.. she's so adorable.. Stella see her pics your eyes only.. and my biggy

Congrats..OMG your stomach was like it had ten babies inside...WOW!!!


  1. From how you met your husband to your pregnancy, good mother inlaw, Labour room drama I just tell you Congratulations. God bless your family.

  2. Amen to your prayers, congratulations to you, I'm in love with your story, regards to your MIL, you must be a very good woman

    *Larry was here*

  3. awww..congrats ma'am. You're one lucky woman.

  4. Wow, congrats drama queen lol, yimu say you won't do again, who knows whether you don dey rape your hubby self. Kisses to your adorable princess

  5. Wow!!! this is sooo worth it. congrats dear. more grace and favor

  6. made me smile. I had CS so didnt have some of these labour room drama. God bless you and the baby.

  7. Congratulations poster, may your joy last forever.

    As body dey tortori you abegggi relax make another one no enter o. 😘😘😘😘 To your cutie.

  8. God blessed you with a wonderful mother in love. Congrats on round 2 lol..

  9. You narrated so well.
    I held my breath
    I smiled
    I was relieved at the end. Hehe

    Kisses to your baby 💛💛

  10. Congratulations

  11. Poster I really enjoyed your story. May the best of blessings always be yours. Congrats on having your princess.

  12. I love you already...Congrats and God bless you and your family

  13. I envy people who have dotting mother in law. How I ended up with a jezebel is beyond me. Congrats dear

    1. When praying and asking God for rightful partner kindly pray also for good in-laws as you are not gonna marry only the man but also his families.

  14. Congratulations. The Lord be praised. He turned your broken heart to things of joy. That joy will not depart from your home in Jesus Name. welcome to the world,little cutie.

  15. Congrats to u dear... God is really great.
    The way the pain of labour will just dwarf the pain of getting a 'cut' still amazes me. It's only time for stitching that u will know u were cut.

  16. Amen to your prayers and congratulations on the birth of your baby May God bless and watch over her Amen

  17. I love this. Congrats dearie.

  18. Congrats dear. God bless you and your baby.

    We lost a relation yesterday while giving birth. Mother and child died. A young woman of 37.
    Childbirth no be beans. God help us.

    1. Lord have mercy. My sincere condolences to you and your family. It's a sad thing. It's well, may their souls rest in peace

  19. Amen to ur prayers and congratulations, more blessings upon ur family

  20. "I'm a living testimony! After so many heart breaks and disappointment in relationships I just decided to move on... met my husband through a friend.."

    Congratulations Poster. Your story is so beautiful but the one that caught my attention most was the above.
    Lord remember me. I am tired of being hurt in relationships. I really want to experience true love and marriage. Help me Lord this year in Jesus name, Amen.

    1. It will come. The right man God has chosen for you is on his way to you. The pain and the wait will be worth it

  21. Congratulations on your bundle of joy and hugs to your mother in love

  22. congrats dear. God in heaven , please answer my prayers for a hubby. i will be 38 this month. show me mercy in Jesus name , Amen

  23. Congratulations! You write well..It was like watching a movie

  24. Congrats dear. I enjoyed your narrative, God really blessed you with a good mil.
    Kisses to your baby

  25. Enter your comment...congrats ma'am
    God bless you and the baby..
    good luck with the other kids


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