Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 252


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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Labour Room Drama 252

When a man explains what happened,be sure to sit on edge.....This Labour room drama is a must read!

Hi Stella. Kudos for your great blog. I have been visiting since 2015 when my search for job vacancies on Google led me to SDK blog.
I have been wanting to share my Labour room drama since but I had mixed feelings each time I tried. It's a long story.

I cried, serious cry with red, swollen eyes the day my wife delivered. My respect for mothers tripled after that day.
Let me start like the other writers do(yes I read all the LRDs).

When wifey broke the news of her pregnancy one month after our wedding, I was overjoyed. She is my first love and best friend, a baby to seal our love was the best news that year. I started buying vegetables and fruits for her on my way back from work everyday. I had my small personal business while she worked in a company close to the house. I took her to register for anti-natal in a private hospital two streets from the house after making enquiries about it from neighbours, General hospital was very far and I didn't want to stress her, infact we even had to move to an apartment close to her workplace after our wedding all because I did not want to stress her.

No vomiting, morning sickness or swollen things, just a little discomfort in lying down as from 7months. She would complain of how Google says she should lie on her left side alone and how it was tiring lying on one side all through.

My mum also told her to reduce intake of beverages, malt, etc after 6months so the baby will not be too big being her first time. She did not miss her anti-natal and drugs too.

The D-day came. That morning, she told me she had seen red something something according to Google and that she would wait till she start feeling pains before heading to the hospital. I called my mum who was in another state and asked her to start coming, no relative or friend close by who could stay with her.

I went to my business place and told her to call me when she is ready to go to hospital. Around 6pm, she told me she had walked by herself to the hospital and I joined her an hour later, "we are in this together baby" I remember telling her.
They had already asked her to start going up and down the stairs and walk around the premises, we did it together. Around 10pm, she started feeling serious pains. They checked her and said it was 2cm. They took her to labour ward. I stayed with her.

All through the night, she did not sleep, the pain will hook her and then go way for a few minutes. Morning came, still 2cm. I went out to get her food, when I came back, they had put her on drip. A nurse had warned that I should not allow them to give her drip because it can lead to CS. I was angry but the deed had been done. After the drip, still no improvement, the pains got worse instead and she was screaming loudly,

(Please nurses and doctors in the house, what did that drip do to her and the baby? What was inside?).

During this period, her water broke and she also vomited everything in her stomach. Oh I felt so sad for her and also scared of the unknown, I tried to console her, she kept screaming till around 2pm. OMG. Many thoughts ran through my mind. Who sent me to impregnate her? What had I done? See my love screaming for hours. 

Then the doctor called me into his office, I already knew what he wanted to say. I signed the consent form before calling our mothers. My mum (who was on her way already) said they should do it, her own mum said CS is a taboo in their family, they should not do it, no one in the family has done it before and so on.

 I told her OK. Form that I already signed.
 According to doctor, my wife did not pass 2cm whatever since the past night, no way for baby to pass, so I should keep torturing her and put both her and our baby at risk, for what?

Caution: Graphic details.

They started running around to prepare the theatre. They asked to check if she was well shaved, I had shaved the place to shine like a bottle two days back.
My wife said she wanted to urinate, they warned her not to try to push the baby out while at it because she was breached and it is dangerous.
She urinated and came out of the toilet stark naked begging the nurses to take her to the theatre so she won't die, that she was in great pains.

 Hot tears ran down my face, I regretted putting her in that condition.
Then she was moved to the theatre.

They warned me not to enter with them as my eyes were already red and swollen. They said I can't withstand what I will see.

I waited outside.

After some minutes, out of curiosity, I went and looked through the glass door of the theatre, there was a little space that the curtain did not cover. Oh Stella and bvs. What I saw keeps playing in my head all these years. I saw my wife on the table, her tummy ripped open, her intestines, bladder and other organs pushed to one corner of her stomach, then they dragged out my son covered in blood. Come and see blood everywhere, they used big balls of cotton wool to collect blood from the cut. Oh God, I didn't even look at baby twice, I was focused on my wife's seemingly lifeless body on the table.

 I wept bitterly, I thought she had died as she laid still, eyes wide opened, no blinking, no movement. I thought she won't survive it because they had told me she would be awake during the surgery and see everything but what I saw that day was not a good 'awake'. Then a nurse passed and dragged me away.

After a while, they called me and handed my baby boy to me. I enquired about my wife, they said she was fine. Not satisfied, I put him in a cot and headed to the theatre. I needed that woman alive, baby was not so important to me at that moment, how would I live without wifey? what is a child without my her? Many thoughts and regrets raced through my mind. I thought of her mum's warning too.

On getting to the theatre, I saw them lifting her into a stretcher. Then they pushed her to the ward and put her in a bed. She was speechless. Staring at me blankly.

I was sad. It was a touching sight. My son was screaming his lungs out, probably for food, his mum was staring at us helplessly. My bubbly and lively woman. They said she was drained because she laboured for long.

To cut the story short, she had a long recovery riddled with spiritual attacks, low blood count, abscess on the wound and injection sites, UTIs, etc. Another long story on its own, almost as long as this one.

Stella, It's six years today. Another baby refused to come and I'm not bothered. I don't know what is wrong, infact I don't even want to know. Wifey is worried, my mum, her mum, everyone. They want us to have another child. 

If only they knew.

Do you know that after delivery, I didn't touch her for close to a year? and when I finally gathered the courage to start doing it, it was with protection for two years plus.

Asides the trauma of what I saw, my financial condition cannot take another child now as we barely manage to feed. Where will I get money for another CS if it is required? Over the years, things took a downward turn for us, infact my son was sent home today for non payment of school fees and they want me to have another child?

Let God keep this one child for me, I need my wife alive please.
Mothers, may God bless you all.

*I found this really really interesting and funny..A new Angle..Congrats on this.


  1. Chai! God bless this man. God will give you another chil, keep your home anr bless you financially.

    1. That nurse that told you that thing with drip and cs needs to be flogged 52lashes.
      Firstly, most drips contain sugar and are given to boost the womans energy.
      Secondly, If something(the painful stuff) is added to the drip, it is to boost or increase contractions(comes as severe pains) which will usually help to open her up to 10cm so that baby can come out.
      (If you use epidural, you wont feel a thing.
      Reason why most women in countries have no aversion to the so called drip.
      Now, your wife being at 2cm is already an indication for c/s abi you want make your pikinand wife get problem?.
      Then, ONTOP of all that, your child was in BREECH PRESENTATION AND A FIRST TIME P R EGNANCY.
      I know many hospitals that wont even let her try labour sef cos of stories that touch.
      Not that its not possible oo,
      It is highly risky.
      Ita just that poverty and an obssession with Hebrew people have messed up most people.
      If not, why will you take such a risk.Thank God it ended in praise.
      Please ask your doctor questions next time.
      Ask for reasons and explanations why he took some decisions.
      I for one will explain whatever.
      Cos Ignorance is bad.
      And you dont know who is spreading it.

    2. Thank you anonymous 13.38.
      Primip with breech presentation attempting vaginal delivery. Them get luck the baby did not've cerebral palsy

  2. Replies
    1. The man dey try wella.
      Btw, oga, your wife was breech and labour was not progressing.
      How did u expect your baby to come out?.
      You should be the one r requesting a cs ASAP instead of blaming a drip that waa as just there to help

  3. Eh Ya, I just kept imagining what you passed through. It's well.

  4. I can tell you are a very caring man, May God bless and provide for you and yours.

  5. Poster God bless you too. I love the way you love your wife. Do not worry, another child will come and your financial situation will improve also. Yes. Surely things will improve for you guys.

    1. God bless your wife sir!.
      I also had a long recovery.
      With plenty issues.
      Sometimes not everything be spiritual attack.
      We are in a third world country with outdated hospital equipment etc plus dirty environments including d hospitals too.
      Goolgle Nigerian percentage of women that die from pregnancy/childbirth, then you will know that birthing in this country no be childs play.
      Please, explain to your mother that it is your decision to hold off on childbirth for now, you never can tell if she is hammering on your wife behind your back.
      All the best.
      Na man you be *in ceecees voice*

  6. Awww poster may God bless and provide for you and your family. Don't worry, nothing lasts forever.

  7. God is great.

    Not easy going through pregnancy, labour and even raising little children.

  8. Hmmmm what women go through during child birth.
    And yet some useless hprseband will still go out there and cheat saying her tummy is no longer flat and veejay is not tight like before.

  9. Gush!!!
    That's the reason why men are not allowed inside the labour room. It is traumatizing.

  10. Awww poster may God bless and provide for you and your family. Don't worry, nothing lasts forever.

  11. This is so touching.I lift my eyes to the Lord,asking him to wipe your tears and give you unthinkable joy.Give you great blessings,provide for you and your family and bless you all.May you nerve lack.Amen.

  12. Eiyah. God bless you for being a good husband. God will open doors for you and your family. He will provide for your needs. Amen.

  13. May God keep on blessing you. You're a good man.
    Poster hold unto Isaiah 48:17.
    Ask God to show you how to prosper.
    You're bl;essed already. You need to learn how to walk into your inheritance.

  14. Wow!
    You earned my respect sir.
    Your narrative was quite interesting and captivating. So good to read this from another angle. The man telling us the story

  15. This is so touching from dale point of view, dude is still traumatized, lol. It is well brom

  16. This brought tears. God will provide for you dear and

  17. Best LRd ever. God bless you too Oga for appreciating your wife. At the right time another child will com

  18. may GOD bless ur family and provide all that u need in Jesus name amen

  19. It was kinda sad at the end, i don't like stories with a twist at the end.

    You are a good husband, keep ya head up.

    PS - Oxytocin is a labour inducing drug added to glucose in drips normally in small doses.

    1. Thank you.
      Oxytocin is given to those with poor labour progress already.
      Many of them will still not progress and then end up with cs.
      That doeant mean that d drip caused the cs.
      And that nurse is still in that hosp spreading false info.

  20. This almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for appreciating us mothers. I know what I also went through during delivery. BP issues, infections and all. I can only but thank God. May God bless you and grant your beautiful heart desires.

  21. Thank God she made it out alive. May God provide for you and your family and may He bless you with another child.

    1. Blessing Follow you Oga..May Our Heavenly Father bless your wife with Twins...Thank you for Loving your Wife So passionately..


  23. WOW! this story was captivating to say the least. My God bless your family

  24. May your tables turn IJN and may your boundary lines for in pleasant places! You are a good husband n father

  25. This post got me really emotional. You and your wife went through so much, in the process of trying to have a child. I can only pray God to put a smile on your faces

  26. Congrats poster..I seriously shouldnt have read this... Just when I thought i was passed this whole CS ish and fear comes in, 11weeks more to go... I really do wish I can unread this..

    1. Marriedchick, CS is not evil in itself, in fact it has been a means by which numerous lives have been saved. Do not dwell on the negative side, rather, keep confessing that yours will be successful. It is well

  27. Am so weak reading this... May God bless you with baby number 2 soon and improve your financial status

    1. Baby no 2 may kill d wife. He said he isnt doing. Finances first. Nigerians and children.

  28. All the stress was spiritual attack all along, even your finances too. Thank God for his mercies. you will have another child and blessings will flow. Soak yoursef on the promises of God and he will never fail you.

  29. I ♥ the way you love your wife.

    My earnest prayer is that God will open the floodgates of abundance for you - Amen.

  30. I don't understand this kind of CS. If she was given spinal anaesthesia, she should be awake, not staring blankly. Is the hospital so bad that you were able to see her intestines pushed to one side? They didn't drape the patient at all?

    1. I was also wondering and imagining the kind of hospital they used

    2. Its what they can afford.
      Dont blame em.
      Blame our healthcare system

  31. Eyahhh,you're such a good man.That line "I don't even want to know" got me really cracking.

    Its evident you really love your wife,may God turn your situation around for good and enlarge your coast so that you can take good care of your wife as you would love to and bless your home with another baby.

  32. I hate the way Nigerians pressure couples to have more kids! na wa! oga, I pray God blesses you and give you something to do

  33. Awww!! This is really touching! The love you have for your wife is everything! That's the kind of love we are talking about!! Keep it up. The good lord will restore back to you everything you have lost.

  34. Whao!!! God bless you good heart man, very thoughtful of you. I pray may God visit you with His prosperity and give you another baby with ease in Jesus name.

  35. This brought tears to my eyes. What are loving man you are.

    God bless you and turn your story around.


  36. Open doors I pray for you poster. I feel men should be allowed into delivery room with their wives to see what they really go through, it's not an easy journey

  37. God bless you sir, you're amazing. Wow to remember the details 6years later you must have been scarred.
    I need to be more grateful to God for a very smooth pregnancy and delivery it's a miracle indeed!

  38. This got me emotional.
    Never mind, God will come through for you, soonest. He will bless your hustles, don't give up.

  39. U are a nice person..
    Wow,u try
    May God give u ur heart desires

  40. God bless you, you're a good man and your wife is blessed to have you.

  41. Wow,God bless you and your family and turn things around for good, amen.

  42. With your narrative oga, you're a good man.. this is just a trying time for your family, God will still turn things round for you and yours.

  43. Stella please his account number.

  44. Another angel ...hmmmmmmmm congrats should have skipped this financial stuff...well i am very sure your helper is here..just don't want anyone else to think what i was thinking.. I need to contact u

  45. eyah!!! see tears in my eyes reading this.. God will definitely turn things around for good for you and your family. You have a good heart, just hold on to God.

  46. That was how my in- law came to the hospital that my sister registered for delivery and saw how she going up and down in pain, he remove his shirt and the doctor came and told him that it's not yet time for him to remove his cloth. hmmm drama happen when my sis insist that he should come inside the theater, na so my - law fainted inside oh and he was carried out.

    1. Your inlaw did what 😂🤣🤣

  47. This made me cry, God bless you guys and grant all your heart desires.


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