Stella Dimoko Motorcycle Thief Who Was Nabbed Regrets Not Taking Advice Of Wife To Stop Stealing


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Friday, March 15, 2019

Motorcycle Thief Who Was Nabbed Regrets Not Taking Advice Of Wife To Stop Stealing

His wife knew he was a thief?WOMEN!!!!

One of the suspects arrested by Niger State Police command for dispossessing motorcycle owners of their property in Bida Local Government Area of Niger State, Aliyu Aliyu, said his wife had for long been advising him to quit robbery but could not because he had no other business.

The father of four, who blamed devil for the act, said:

“My wife is aware that I am a motorcycle thief, but she has been counselling me to desist from this act but since I didn’t have any other business, I could not change and there was nothing she could do as long as this is the main source of my income out of which I spend on her and the children.

“My regret is that I have dragged the name of my family especially my mother’s reputation into the mud and she will surely disown me.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar, who confirmed the arrest said the suspects have made confessional statements that would lead to the arrest of other accomplices, some of them now at large.

He said they will be charged to court soon.

Others arrested alongside Aliyu are Dauda Ibrahim and Umaru Garba. It was gathered that from about seven motorcycles stolen by Aliyu in recent time, five were sold to Ibrahim.

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  1. You did not know when you were commiting thiefry? Face the law anumpama. @Blessed Princess

  2. recently a woman was arrested for trying to smuggle "IGBO" into prison for her jailed husband. Fear women, as far as there is money to spend on her and her children

    1. I don't get y'all. Is it because he steals bikes? Politicans steal millions everyday and their wives are solidly behind them. Churches even celebrate them. Don't even get me started on the so-called men of God with their big billboards and their wives smiling beside them. How about yahoo boys have wives who flaunt their husbands wealth everywhere. How about fraudsters? Who are they married to? And now because a man steals bikes and is still married, y'all are shouting 'women'?
      Arghhhhh gimme a break please!

    2. I don't get how Women comes in here. She probably got married to him not knowing he was a thief then found out. This woman is a good woman if you ask me.

  3. Replies
    1. What do you want her to do? To report the man to police, or the community elders her 👐 are tied she can't do anything here

  4. Stella why are you shouting "women"? Why are you blaming her for her husband's crimes? Did he say she knew he was a thief yet married him? He said she has been pleading with him to change and stop stealing yet you are also crucifying her as if she's the mastermind.
    We really need to stop blaming people for the actions of others especially when it involves a fellow adult.

  5. all those that married yahoo guys and drug pushers, have they left? Abi because d money small na im make una want make the wife leave am?

  6. Sdk, make you write am like this;
    (21st century) Naija women!!!
    If the horseband dey thief, whosai?
    Some of them Naija women dey push husband into the thing.
    When them be quarrel, she go tell am "no be ya mates dey do yahoo dey blow?" 😊
    "If you like sef, carry our pikin do juju, all I know be say I wan iphone 10 and
    original Brazilian hair, if you no fit, I go carry toto collect am" 😂😂

    (21st century) Naija women!!

    1. Before you see the woman say you like am come marry am, give am belle she begin born for you,you no no say you go cater for the needs of your family???.
      she put am for your head say make you no do wetin other responsible men your age dey do?
      na men like you some women dey breed for house..Oloshi

    2. woe to men who say good is bad and bad is good.
      na the woman no dey bold and borrow mind to expose this idiot wey say he choose to steal{rendering other men jobless} just to satisfy his selfish needs.
      If the woman is put on the stand now, she will counter his confession..
      mumu wey dey smell

    3. @Ayaoba (nee Oloshi)
      Nothing surprise say you brand me "man".
      Make I yarn you true yarns; Brazilian hair/ iphone 10 no be "need", na "want" inugo.
      It won't be long now you go refer to eye feathers or fake nyansh and boobies as need. The question for you be this
      Na who she dey tailor all those fake things for? She carry brazilian hair when her husband marry am?
      No be horseband hunting she dey carry all those things do so?

      I like that ya maiden name wey you write there even as I no sabi wetin im mean 😂😂😂😂

  7. Nigerian politicians are what? Are they so different from this guy? Are they not worse? Don’t their wives know what they are doing?

    1. You'll need to ask their wives that question.............

  8. Now you remember your wife's advice cos of fear of going to prison 😂😂


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