Stella Dimoko Nigerian Writer Chimamanda Adichie Is On The Cover Of Marie Claire Magazine...


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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Nigerian Writer Chimamanda Adichie Is On The Cover Of Marie Claire Magazine...

Popular writer Chimamanda Adichie is on the cover star of the recent Marie Claire Brazil, an international magazine in Brazil.

The 41 year-old Enugu-born short story and nonfiction writer with 367,000 followers on Instagram took to her platform @chimamanda_adichie on Saturday to share the cover and express her feelings.

“Delighted to be on the cover of Marie Claire Brazil. And to highlight the work of talented designers: Brazilian @renatabuzzo.veglab and Nigerians @kikikamanu and @the_ladymaker
“Thanks you @lauraancona @driferreira @Kakakaren_ka @ruafilmes.
“And everyone at the Marie Claire Brazil team for taking a stand for feminism.’’


  1. She was lovely and intelligent when she first came out ....

    now she so obnoxious

    1. Came out of where?
      And how is she obnoxious?

    2. lol..go suck a lemon

    3. I agree. She very full of herself and unlikable

    4. Came out of where? Prison?
      Unlikable? Who says she is taking a stand to be liked?
      This generation is empty. I’m sorry.

    5. Iphie, your last paragraph is accurate. Very shallow generation. They dont understand anything beyound social media.
      An enigma like Chimamanda needs not be "liked". She is to be studied as a course.

    6. Anon 8.32 is entitled to THEIR opinion.

      The other thing wrong with this generation is forcing people to agree with you all the time via social media by using derogatory words. Debate please but don’t bully people. Make your OWN point without disrespecting others. Unless you are Chimamanda or the comment is about you personally then stop it.

      Debating is not meant to be disrespectful.

    7. It not by force . Chimamanda is overrated . I don't like her or her works so i waka pass.she also so arrogant

    8. Anon 12:49 why won't she be arrogant to you when you clearly don't know the difference between Confidence and arrogance, you better sign up to be schooled

    9. Anon 14:18 Oh shut your trap.

      You think everybody is a fool like you. Sheeps and dummies following blindly a woman. Tueh !!

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion And if we dont wanna be feminists IT IS OUR BLOOD RIGHT.

      if y'all dont like then you go kill yourselves. What nonsense is this ??? Is it by force ???

      Stella pls post my comment. A lot of these E-feminists women bully people. What nonsense !!

    10. She is on the cover of Marie Claire.....I doubt anybody's opinion here really matters.

  2. Yes Ma’am!!!!
    I looveeeee you and everything you stand for😍😍😍😍
    An undisputed Black Queen!

  3. epitome of brilliance..

  4. I love this woman so much. Her intelligence amazes me. Keeping soaring higher.

  5. Wonderful lady
    I just read Purple Hibiscus again and I must say she is a force to be reckoned with.

  6. One of the most intelligent black women in the world. When I think of chimamanda I'm proud to be a black woman. As for the anon up there who thinks she's obnoxious, you're truly daft.

  7. My lady!
    I find her quite facinating. I would like to understand how she thinks and what goes on in her head. Her views on life and how she makes it work for her.
    Congratulations darling, soar higher and keep conquering...


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