Stella Dimoko Human Trafficking Survivor Narrates The Horrible Experience She Went Through


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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Human Trafficking Survivor Narrates The Horrible Experience She Went Through

A human trafficking victim, Oyinlola Solanke, has narrated how she escaped from Omar through sheer guts and the help of a good Samaritan after 10 months of slavery.

The mother of two and a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, stated that she was lured to the Arab nation by her in-law who convinced her that she could earn N150,000 as a maid in Oman.

She said: “While working as a maid, they don’t allow you to lock your door when in the room. I was told I couldn’t lock the door while in the room. Few weeks before I came to Nigeria, I was sleeping in the bathroom because that was the only place I felt safe. It was the only place I could lock the door behind me. It was hell.The experience I had in Oman wasn’t a good one. I was told that I would earn about N150,000, which compared to what I was earning here was better. There were a lot of things they didn’t tell me would happen.

When I got there, my passport was taken from me and I was not allowed to go out on my own. I spent 10 months there and it was just modern day slavery. I had to put on an act before they permitted me to return to Nigeria.”

She explained that she had to lie that her father was dead for her to leave the country, adding that she got her friends to condole with her on WhatsApp about the alleged demise of her parent.

“I asked some of my friends to chat with me on WhatsApp that my dad was dead. So, I had to lie that I would return to Oman in two weeks. I didn’t come back with most of my things. I still remember when I got there, I told them to get a resident card for me, but they didn’t,” she explained.

Solanke cautioned young Nigerians against falling for the promises of a better life in foreign countries by traffickers, noting that it was untrue, adding that foreigners were treated shabbily and only allowed to do menial jobs.

She said: “As a Nigerian and a black person, you can’t get a good job there. When I was leaving Oman, I saw a lady who spent just six days and wanted to leave because she couldn’t bear the treatment. She wasn’t s#xually abused, but she was over-worked, having to wake up at 4:00 am or 5:00 am and work till 1:00 am the next day.”

Solanke, who was rescued by the Erelu Eyinade Foundation, added: “They won’t allow you to sit down for a second. When I started having problems with my boss, before I contacted Erelu Toyin Mark, that was when I knew I was alone on the journey. If not for her, I don’t think I would be in Nigeria now.”

Solanke, who had been employed as the secretary of the foundation, said she once threatened violence against her boss when he attempted to s#xually assault her.

She said: “Sometimes, my boss actually came to my room, he was always trying to forcefully have s#x with me, but I am physically fit.

“I trained in taekwondo when I was in school and that was one thing that helped me. My boss was a short and fat man, so I used to tell him, ‘If you really want to have s#x with me by force, you need to go back to the gym.’”
from vanguard.

*Thank God for her..Human trafficking is horrible and should be stopped cos so many have lost their lives or living in bondage due to this!!!


  1. He who have ears, let them hear

    1. They are all greedy. My hubby works at the airport and Oman is part of the countries that have been blacklisted but some of them bribe some corrupt security officials or lie in order to pass through.

      May God help our economy so that people won't have to travel and be punished for their govt inadequacies again.

  2. Na wa o.
    One girl just left to God knows where last week.
    Very hard working girl. She passes my work place everyday and stops to say hello to us.
    Didn’t see her for like a week and asked about her. I was told she traveled with one of those women that sponsor girls abroad.
    I thought OBA of Benin placed a curse concerning this?

    1. @Slut
      When did OBA of Benin's curse become the salvation solution from evil?
      E remain make you sef waka follow as ya name suggest
      No be any persin wey drop pay slut dey follow?
      Ajuju ajuoo.


  3. Still Stella just park one bus for boarder now and start shouting Germany this way! Germany this way!! and watch how four people go lap inside that bus with no questions asked. Them nor dey hear word.

  4. I have been saying kids must surely go for Taekwando..I trained for six good years and still going through retraining which makes me fit and stronger than most of my age mate..this really helped me last year when some guys busted me..they knew they were in for it

    Arab country is a mess....rubbish

    1. Arab men with sex is like 5 and 6 shameful

  5. dont mind them. liars. because she was greedy she couldn't open her eyes. house maid in another man country. she is daft

  6. Taekwando won't prevent you from gang rape o
    She lied that she wasn't raped, she was.

    1. Exactly what came to my mind when I started reading. Nor be only taekwando. takwando ke tekwabdo ni. She is not telling the whole truth jorh

    2. A Nigerian girl will always hide the fact that she was raped
      And that is why the atrocity persists here.

    3. Were you among the people who raped her? See them, jumping up and down to make her admit rape like it gives them orgasms. Awon rapists.

  7. This lady is not saying the whole truth. She must been sexually abused.

    1. You know she was married with kids before leaving.....
      It's better to hide her 'truth' biko.

  8. Mumu girl , her passport was seized because she did not contribute a dime to her visa processing,that y before u travel out if u hear don’t worry I wil pay ur visa and ticket money ,run for ur life. If she acquired her visa her self no one will seize it all she needs to do is leave if she don’t like the job .

  9. Some Of them that their Ears Are Block Are Still on there to Oman or Libya..


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