Stella Dimoko Billionaire Femi Otedola Eulogizes Late M.K.O Abiola With Strong Words...


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Billionaire Femi Otedola Eulogizes Late M.K.O Abiola With Strong Words...

Billionaire business mogul, Femi Otedola shared this on his Instagram handle


  1. I pray Nigeria will be great again.

  2. With MKO Abiola I am optimistic we would have gotten it right and by now we would be benefitting economically as a nation

    But till date with all thier personal interest at heart and personal beefs and blame game all the time we are still getting it wrong

    So which way Nigeria?😢

  3. Nice one

    May God bless Nigeria and I pray Nigeria will be great again

    1. Nigeria can't be great since we've rejected the opportunity of embracing greatness.

  4. It's as if wealth has a lineage or something or some people had better opportunities that some of us didn't. Is it because their fore fathers had the opportunities of working with the whites or they are educated earlier or wat sef? Wat's that special thing that you people are doing right? I don't get, Most of this people seems to know each other from childhood and they all keep gettin money.. God please I'm begging you to bless me and my incoming generations till infinity with immense WEALTH, I thank you for the wisdom, gift of Life, sound health and complete body part please help me add Strikenly Richness, please LORD hear my cries. Please LORD (Amin) #KUTI'sOPINION

    1. Amen! Me too Lord God, in blessings me please include wisdom to the blessings dear Lord.

    2. One helping factor is to work hard and get your kids into very good schools. Trust me the people you meet in these schools and become friends and socialize with,pay a huge role in your life. I am talking from experience. I know the calibre of people I met in school and our families even became friends till date.
      With their father's being governors, big business men etc. I even got a job thrugh one. So who your kids mix with helps, because they form life long friendships.
      So if you can afford it, asides getting good education,schools your child attends matter. Just go back in time, so many big men friendships sometimes started from school.
      I didn't say go put in school you will then be drinking garri. But if you can sacrifice something's, do for your child's education.

    3. Beds, you are right, it helps BUT it's no guarantee of success.

      It's fathers by the way, not father's. Some things not something's.

  5. Femi just come out and run for president in 223 It is that time to chop the took from us.

  6. Lord, please help Nigeria to be better than what anyone can ever envisage.


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