Stella Dimoko Actress Omoni Oboli Wishes Hubby Nnamdi Happy Birthday With A Hilaroius Message...


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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Actress Omoni Oboli Wishes Hubby Nnamdi Happy Birthday With A Hilaroius Message...

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli who is currently home in Canada,wished her hubby very happy birthday and say she wont stop kissing his lips as long as they stay pink...LOL

Nnamdi Oboli is a year older today July 21st....

''Happy birthday love of my life @nnamdioboli 😍😍😍😍😍
Love you so much zaddy 💋💋💋
I pray that every good thing comes this new year of your life and may your joy be full. May we grow old together in peace, good health and love to see our great grand kids.
PS: I’ll stay kissing your lips as long as they stay pink 😉😂💋 #BirthdayBoy#HappyBirthdayNnamdiOboli''


  1. Blessed ♥️👏

  2. Happy birthday Nnamdi Oboli. You have a beautiful wife

  3. Happy birthday to ur hubby

  4. Enjoy his lips jare...

    Kissing my hubby is like onece in a year with that his mouth always smelling like ginger and garlic.
    He will be carrying smelly mouth upandan till he is ready to bath n go out. I don talk taya, no na to de dodge his kisses o. As he he stretching his neck kiss me like this na sharp dodging and he is not bothered. Wat a life

    1. *once
      *As he is stretching his

    2. I had to 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Is it that bad?

    3. @slutty you won’t understand, some of us married real life Baba suwe, if not that I give him hot hot, I would have been the one to be flushing is poo. 🤮

    4. Some men are so dirty. They think that women are desperate. Kilode!

      - Brush your f##king teeth and ugly tongue twice a day.
      - Have a shower at least once a day.
      - Black doesn't mean that it can be worn forty times before you wash it.

      Like that man at my work boasting about how their family nanny was dying to sleep with him and how his old school friends want to sleep with him. Always bigging himself up due to low self esteem. Come and see dirty eyes with nyama at the corners, one pair of shoes, only two tops constantly rotating for a whole year and neglected dry skin. Shuor! Good hygiene would have been better than the constant lies.

      JUST HAVE SOME DAMN SELF RESPECT. Okay, rant over!

    5. Anon 11:02, i am sure it’s not easy for you.
      Keep giving him hot hot if that’s what it will take to make him clean up nice ❤️❤️

    6. I heard someone I was nice to accused me of trying to snatch her hubby. Me dumbfounded, I say Mk I even look d Hussy. Oh laws I fainted and woke up 3x. Brown Teeth. My God 😂. Some anonymous phone call/gossips helps. I went inside d house and laughed so hard, cos it made me pay more attention to her and family and observed a lot of crass! Salon razz relationship friends et all. No waaaayyyyyy I gave her too much credit! She and them ain’t worth it.

    7. Let me perch here too o. My own hubby and Cigarette and alcohol. You cant want to kiss without smelling cigarette. The worst part of it is this- he likes early morning kisses. As baba is waking up, he opens mouth , stretches neck , fiam, mouth odour like urine...toilet is even another story. He spills urine around the toilet seat, smelling up and down...dont even ask if I didn't know this before marrying...long distance relationship...came across as a social single sisters, I am sometimes tempted to advise you not to marry o...but please, know what you can endure

    8. So many people don't know how to brush their mouth. They either dwell on the teeth and give the tongue two, three very weak brush and that's all, or they rush brushing of the teeth all together. The result is smelly mouths all over Nigeria. If you brush your teeth and tongue very well, if you miss a day of brushing no one will notice. Not saying you should miss sha.

  5. Her baby for real

  6. Kai my fellow anon u funny o..see as I burst laugh here.i can relate sha.i used to love kissing until I got married to my hubby..mouth will be smelling like pit toilet.

    1. How do you guys cope with such smell?
      That alone is enough to ruin one’s marriage.

  7. How about giving him this message in the bedroom instead of on social media?
    I remember that; those who express how the love their spouses online are insecure.

    1. I watched one program about divorce lawyers. Some of them worked for celebrities who had been declaring love on social media and were 'couple goals. Well, during the divorce some had not even had sex with each other for up to five years! Many had been living separately for a while yet updating social media handles and even promising hot things that would happen in the night LOL.

    2. Celebrity lives are all about from subtle deceits to utter subterfuges.
      And the foolish sheeple followers will be vacillating between admiration and worship.
      It is all a cocktail of robust lies and satanic trickery!


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