Stella Dimoko APC Reacts To Kidnap Kingpin Wadume’s Claims That Ruling Party Gave Him N13m For 2019 Elections


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Sunday, August 25, 2019

APC Reacts To Kidnap Kingpin Wadume’s Claims That Ruling Party Gave Him N13m For 2019 Elections

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has insisted that it could never have allocated resources to a kidnapper or murderer.

The ruling party stated this in reaction to a claim made by Hamisu Bala, a suspected kidnap kingpin popularly known as Wadume.

He had alleged that the APC gave him N13million ahead of the February 23 presidential election.

He also claimed that the Governor of Taraba state, Darius Ishaku, gave him N6million for the elections.

But in a statement on Saturday, APC spokesman, Lanre Issa-Onilu said his party did not have a budget for thugs in the last general election.

“It is expected that the alleged kidnapper, having come face to face with justice, would throw whatever he could lay his hands on into the fray.

“In any case, our party did not have budget for thugs. Unlike the period when the ruling party dipped hands into the public treasury to fund political campaigns and elections, APC had to rely on its own resources. Even if we had all the money, we would never allocate money for kidnappers and murderers. That era ended with PDP.

“Perhaps, he can name whoever gave him money. Definitely, it was not APC. From his purported confession, he claimed to be a PDP member before he went on to contest under another party,” Issa-Onilu said.
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  1. I wonder why they are lying. Is everyone in APC a saint? Kai!! When the Sons of God, gathered, the Bible states that Satan, was in their midst. Dude didn’t lie. After all, most of our politicians are corporate thugs. We see their acts of thuggery every now and then.

    1. The same way the Army initially denied killing those police men and civilian intentionally.

  2. I anticipated this response and disclaimer from APC, for they are used to lies already. So I am not surprised one bit.

    No one should applaud Wadume for opening can of worms about the military and DCO. He has no choice, for the military would have eventually kill him to cover their deed if he had continuing hiding. His life wasn't safe with the military anymore due to the gravity of the case. While the police wanted him alive to unravel many things, the military wants him dead to seal their crimes. So guess who he will run to.

    Wadume turned himself to the police and wasn't arrested. If you think the police arrested him, then you can believe anything. He did that before the military will get hold of him.

    1. Teejay, you are very correct. Wadume shouldn't go down alone. He should name them all. It is well with this country, there's nothing that shocks us anymore

    2. You are so right Tjjay,he was so afraid of the army seeing the way they killed the police men already bcos those Army must have been sent from one of the top politician to rescue and kill him so he won't open can of worms on them.You see how Apc candidates won in most of the elections. It is well,may God save us

    3. Anon 11:41, if you listen or read his first interview, he did said that the military told him not to report to the police but to them first. But he was afraid of the military sincerity. Let me even look for it and quote him directly.

  3. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars25 August 2019 at 09:49

    He wasn't a thug until he was found out. He was a saint, a sarkin matasa(leader of youths) until his shady activities were exposed.

    Of course APC didn't know any of those things he was doing until he was caught.

    As far as the people were concerned he was a philanthropist until... So how can they deny?

    If they say they say they didn't know they were dealing with a criminal I will understand.

    The truth is you really don't know people.

  4. APC
    in every rumour there is element of truth.
    no smoke without fire.

  5. una wehdone o,we have been waiting for this response

  6. I tell you my people,na Army and Top politicians they supply herdsmen and bokoharam guns.God!

  7. Well it’s possible he was given money by APC which comes as no surprise since ALL PARTIES are known to use touts to manipulate elections, noone is a saint.

  8. This singing canary will "commit suicide" in his cell soon. Hmmm...


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