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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Amebo Column - Face Front Abeg!

Why some men be like this abeg? I dont want to compare them to goat or ram because insult is not a good on a fine day like this abeg,when it is too much,I need to make a post out of it...

You went out with your wife( not babe o!) You begin use eye flirt another lady. 

Women sef una too get for body! The shameless shameless tortoise too then turned her entire behind for the man to check and balance well!

Why everybody head no wan dey read metre at the same time?we cannot all be mad at the same time o!

Oyinbo wey bring statistics say women plenty pass men, they themselves dey chop one first drop before carrying another!

Na our people own dey different! You never chop one finish, you carry more and gather more problems for yourself!

With the way some girls go sleeping with dogs and boys who have slept with dead bodies in morgues to get rich quickly?You think it is written on the face? Or you think say simcard dey down there Wey you fit check entry log!

You will now carry all that HOME and do it RAW AGAIN since you are the man of the house who paid FULL bride price?

Aunty wey turn 360, later you will sleep at night say person hook you for neck for dream and begin run from church to shrine!

Some wives nor be 'play play' o,they know say na ram dem carry put for house and dem get him melesin for backyard!

Men please respect your eyes and face front when you are with your wife......Is that too much to ask?
And you posing for Mr Married man to notice you eh,you go hear weeen soon.....

Let me go and look for water to drink....

Na me Amebo 


  1. Stella no be only men be hegoats women too follow be shegoat. Women and men are equally guilty of carrying more than their capacity in relationship(married or not).

  2. thank you oh, i pray men will respect marriag. If those ladies set it will for them to look is because they have intention of looking, if you press ignore and walk away she will be ashame of herself and adjust.

  3. I dont understand this writeup. Please writer try and add some English. Or you forget warri slangs some people are village women like me.

  4. You be real amebo. It is very common with men especially when they are in the car, their eyes will be wandering to and fro.

    1. "Staring while steering" is the cause of a lot of accidents on major roads.. like 70percent sef, then highness, brake failure, still a learner and awon Iya agba share the remaining 30 percent, research made and concluded by "A Friend".
      Please, ladies stop MURDERING us biko. As far back in 1937, you people caused accident in Toronto, Canada just by 2 ladies wearing shorts in public for the first time. You can imagine the magnitude of accidents being caused now with the team "free the nipples" and "show your camel toe" everywhere. I know you people lov attention but can't you go about it in a positive way.. Ejo edakun, you don't have to KILL us forrit.
      God bless you as you limit your "Show of Grace" to a more acceptable and less 'killing' environment.


  5. So when a partner cheat in a relationship/marriage relationship, its whose fault? the partner that cheater? the spouse of the one who cheated? the babe/guy who made themselves available as a tool to be used for cheating? Who is to be blamed for cheating? Why do people cheat? because of sex? or because of what? i remember asking close friends that are guys this question " is the female vagina same with every woman?" If its same, then why cheat? what's different, if its not same? because the thing tire person self. Cheating i believe is like 80 percent why marriages fold up, i might be wrong but i feel cheating is one of the major reasons behind marriages that packed up.

    1. The same vagina ooo....but some ladies are just good in bed than the others.

      Some will just give you missionary and will be lazy to turn around while some will give you acrobatic, doggy,cowgirl, reverse cowgirl,horse girl,standing doggy,reverse missionary plus 69 sef.

    2. 14:14 so at the end of the day it all boils down to lust. It's all about pleasing the flesh and it's deathly desires. Forget the preacher forget other sins that exists. Do you know adulterer know that if you die untop of that lifestyle no going back. No chance for repentance.

    3. simple codes for the parties; the cheater, the cheated and the cheatee/cheator

    4. Nah. If you had said, cheating is the reason why 80 percent of husband lives there wives I would have accepted. 80 percent of women actually leave cos the man became broke or they meet someone richer. Forget all those "He cheated on me" excuses.. most women don't care so long as he provides and there's a lot of cash flow. In the scale of preference.. attention and money comes before sex for women.. but it's different for men.


    5. And please don't get us started about virgina being the same and ish.. I don't want to go into stories "someone I know" told me. But according to him, sex are SO boring with some girls. Especially all those "off the lights please, I won't take off my top, I can't do this and that, I won't allow you do this" type of ladies.

      But what do I know sef.. I'm just a virgin novice.


  6. I understand every girl on this blog love credit alert most in this life.
    That was what Stella's statistics found.
    Where are the alerts coming from? From men of course; whether single, married or hooked.
    The girls will unhook him, split him from his wife, gum themselves to him.
    Most girls you see with dual sim or carrying two mobile phones, one is used for snap and send
    That means, open legs snap their vj and send it to a target. If the target responds, criminal buisiness
    starts. That phone has password, finger print and voice control all in one. Nigerian girls are too

  7. Men are naturally cheats, it'll take the grace of God and himself to stay faithful to his spouse. My colleagues and I were just talking about this and the rate at which the married men sleep with girls in lower positions is heartbreaking, even the ones that will come asking for loan...

    I had goosebumps when I was told all you need to sleep with these ladies is to offer to get them food and they are down with you. These same men will still gist about these girls and laugh over it when they are together, I pretend not to understand most times.

    As for those ladies, I won't judge or blame them cos i do not know where it pinches them the most, the worst is when they pass you shaking their ass and carrying their nose up.

    Wife's should just empower themselves financially, save like your lives depends on it. To my future husband, you cheat I leave with my kids, the way I'll do it you wont know, by the time you find out I'll be far gone. So help me God. E mi o ra aye oshi!!

    1. Madam,while talking about men and their Polygamous nature, can you also tell us why women practice hypergamy?
      Your own is OK but ours is an issue. Live and let's live abeg


  8. Abeg who Tontolet wan snatch e husband? after all na she talk say witches dey press her neck.

  9. Is Tonto Dikeh the hanty on this table? Cos just last week, she say dem press her neck for dream.

  10. Na wa ooo, make God help us sha


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