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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Amebo Column - Woman Power....

Hmmm....I keep hearing some elders say, the two kinds of power a woman has over any man is the power of gbenshing and the power of food.

Truly, sooo many men who have missed their way and ended up in the arms of another woman were either captured with one or both of these womanly powers.

Now, some would argue saying why is one woman different from another? Afterall every woman has access to these elements.

The honest truth is this, it is very possible for a man to be lured with these elements 'naturally' without any jazz attached!

Infact, some men deliberately stray in search of what they can't have at home!

Some women are horrible cooks who believe they are chefs andTheir children will only know the difference when they start making their own money and can afford to compare meals.

In the bedroom aspect, some men have gone extra miles to bring in relatives or domestic help to have their women relieved. This is in a bid to avoid stories in the night.

Men will always be men and They know what they want o! Infact, if you have ever had to nurture a male and a female infant, you would notice some 'strong' traits in the male!

A male infant can stick to the same breast 'every blessed day' so long as he is getting satisfaction from it.

In some cases when the nursing mother tries to interchange, he might not accept immediately and if not pressured, he would naturally motion towards that very first one on his own.

This is very similar to 'some' men. They will patch and put up with the flaws UNTIL they feel pressured to try something else outside the home.

Some men already dread their wives conceiving because they doubt her managerial abilities within the home. ...Yes I said it!

Some men just tell themselves off when they try to fix things with a stubborn woman (what's the point when she won't listen!)

These 'elements' can lure a man away but can not keep him without additional help.

These 'additional spiritual help' is sort from all manner of places ranging from jungles to oceans to the hottest parts of hades...

In conclusion, if your man is still within the phase without additional 'help', he may still find his way back home to you... but when his ship has set sail with 'help', Tor...It takes only the spiritual to deal with the spiritual.

Those of you who 'yinmu' when sensitive issues like these are discussed, we shall keep you in our prayers so you do not have first hand experiences like some people (me inclusive) have had.

In the meantime, Make una learn from other people's life and sharpen your knowledge. Ignorance is not an excuse for exemption.... May God protect our homes!.

Na me 
Amebo and i will not drink water or mind my business!


  1. Please this is 2019. Do better with these write ups. Not every conversation around women’s lives should centre around men. Or how women are terrible bosses meanwhile men are sexually harassing underaged students and raping babies.

    Also if food and sex caused any real influence men would not be cheating and many more women would be in positions of power. Women have “influence” because of sex and food yet Nigeria is the 9th most dangerous place in the world to be a woman. SA women that are hotter than Kim Kardashian and are generally bread winners are continuously in danger. All these mental tricks don’t mean any rubbish in the real world ie outside the kitchen and bedroom. Because we don’t see men dieting, writing articles and doing kegels to keep any woman


      I LOVE YOU


      Amebo id like to guess you are over 40 years old!

      Didn't you get the memo hun?

      The ship has sailed!!!!

      No one cares! Can we write about mentally challenging stuff biko..EVERY TIME HOW TO PLEASE A MAN HOW TO KEEP A MAN

    2. If this is 2019 nkor, are things not worse than how they use to be in the past.. 21st century generation take pride in being stupid thinking they are wise. 21st century dressing, 21st century marriage, 21st century relationship , 21st century attitude, everything rubbish.
      For your information, the institution of marriage is the most important and longest institution in one lifetime, or better put, the relationship between a man and woman cos some of us dont believe in marriage. I think it should even be studied as a course in schools.
      Sex is an integral part of life and as a "21st century girl" like you, you should know better than to be playing down its importance. 21st century hypocrite.
      Like "Someone I Know" will say, "Bottom power has been the strongest form of power since the days of old. It's why I see feminist as knuckle heads.. if only they know the amount of power women possess, but no! It's like all those sugar daddies and yahoo boys have used their senses for ritual."
      I really want to stop replying anonymous but you guys are making this very hard for me. Please, stop going anonymous when you want to show you stupidity. Own up your shii.

      Anyway, bottom power and food is a sure way to a man's heard.. if you like be shouting wives not cook there, na you sabi.. that's why all those akwa ibom and calabar chic be winning but una go think say na 'konomi'.. first you enjoy some afang then you eat some 'afang' lol..

      Anyway PEACE OF MIND remains the most important.


    3. I beg to disagree a bit. It is not true that ‘No one cares’. Some people care.
      If one has decided to get married and bear children within the African setting, these are real issues to be dealt with.
      I was particularly impressed when she said something about ‘managerial abilities’. This is very key, and doesn’t solely revolve round keeping men.
      One can be a high-flyer at work as a single person, but when you get married, being the best at your work and your home becomes very challenging. The same diligence used in ensuring you excel at work and get those promotions and salary raises is the same diligence needed to keep the home-front (I.e wrt all duties expected from you). But a lot of people miss that, and they fall below expectations either at work or at home.
      In sum, we as women need to sharpen our managerial abilities, and fulfill our duties all round. This is not just wrt keeping a man,this is part of working on a marriage.
      Stella, maybe it will help if men write columns that speak to men as well, so it will stop looking like we women are always on the spot.

    4. Loud it so those at the back can hear you!!! Enough with the how to keep a man. The only mam that can be kept is one that wants to be kept.

    5. Mystic women are ALWAYS on the spot!

      Dante your view....."Please, stop going anonymous when you want to show you stupidity. Own up your shii".

      If airing my opinion makes me stupid its disconcerting that someone as smart as you are would reply STUPID..what does that make you?

      Get busy and stay away from STUPID! OWN YOUR OWN SHII

    6. Afi " I really want to stop replying anonymous but you guys are making this very hard for me" you really must think the world about yourself dude!

    7. Infact all of you are making sense!

  2. Its only d fear of God that will stop a man from straying, forget food n other room activities, you can be a perfect wife in all ramifications and oga will go to an imperfect woman...just to have a taste of what she feels like.

    1. Thank You for this piece well written's here we see chronicles of dutiful wives in the kitchen, managerial skills is A1, Bedmatics skills is A1 still yet baba emeka will cheat (sorry i used baba emeka as an example just incase your name is emeka, don't come and rant under my comment, i can't fight) ... Only a man who knows God, Fears God, well raised, have disciplined mentors he looks up to, will still appreciate his wife in the good, bad or ugly after I DO.

  3. Na here I dey today,bottom power talk-ANG must show with her holy bell

  4. Truthfully, some men, even with all that....being the best cook and having a banging body still look out.
    It shouldn’t always be about bedroom and stomach activities, these men want to know what you are bringing to the table. They appreciate women who have great ambitions, intellectual goals,and more.

    1. Exactly. I cook the best meals, I fuck crazy well and suck dick like its going out of fashion. Yet my husband beat the shit out of me severally. I had to leave his crazy ass. These things don't work. A bad man is a bad man. Bad attitude. Stop stressing women. Men should be taught how to treat their wives right.

  5. #manlikemike.

    Nigerian women stop carrying men matter on your head oo how many articles do you see online on "how to keep your woman" "how to stop your woman from getting extra help" and all that jazz?

    I'm bored now.

  6. Sexiest Mother Of This Blog8 October 2019 at 14:25

    I came here to read comments.

    Queen and Boss how u dey?

    Long time.

    Stella weldoneoo...

  7. I was actually turning my nose "yinmuing" till I got to the second to the last paragraph. I burst into laughter and said Amen to the prayers.

  8. Amen to your prayer, Amebo.

  9. Enough of all these rubbish!! A man who wants to cheat will cheat if you like be like fine like mamiwater. But I always say, be the woman nobody wants to lose. Up your game in a way that if he cheats on you a d you decide to walk na em go lose. Be sexy, smart, hardworking, etc etc for yourself first ,man na addition. Please let's stop to dey carry man for head. It's getting irritating! I want to reading articles like 'how to keep a woman'

    1. This!

      Up your game in a way that if he cheats on you a d you decide to walk na em go lose. Be sexy, smart, hardworking, etc etc for yourself first ,man na addition. Please let's stop to dey carry man for head. It's getting irritating


  10. I've never read an article on How to keep a woman. Or How to please a woman.
    This is 2019.
    Enough with this nauseating drivel.

  11. How about teaching men on how to keep a woman .

  12. If you like,die because of a man.Cook your life away and hang leg on burglary proof,giving him all the styles in the world.A dog will still cheat.There is absolutely no formula for keeping a man.What is most paramount is having a God fearing man who genuinely loves you,and will work with you with sincerity as you both manage each other’s weaknesses and celebrate each other’s numerous strengths too.

    I am so glad that women have significantly evolved over the years to appreciate and acknowledge their self worth ,with a view to balance things ,act right and make things work in all spheres of life,without compromising their self worth.

    Focus less on all these perpetual men keeping lectures Abeg.All parties in a marriage have important roles to play and it is the two people that must strive to make the marriage work ,not just the woman.Is the woman not a human being with feelings,emotions and all too?


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