Stella Dimoko Love Is War Movie Review + All You Need To Know


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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Love Is War Movie Review + All You Need To Know

Love is War is stellar! 

I give it a 10/10. What more does anyone have to say to prove that this is so far the best Nollywood movie in the cinema right now? I write this review still in my clothes, I am just back from the cinema. The best way to preserve that experience is to write about it as e dey hot.

Love is War Synopsis

A woman is chosen to become Governor of Osun State but her real state of origin stands to be the first hindrance. Amidst several concerns, her loving husband turns out to be running for the same political post. A marriage that is full of love and beauty quickly turns sour as the two dip their legs into the dirty game of politics.


The casting of Love is War was very realistic, they did a very good job at portraying their characters in such a mind-blowing manner

Omoni Oboli is a very good actress. What?! She brought her A-game and gave so much life to Mrs. Philips. Mofe Damijo was as smooth as he always is. His energy matched with hers in that movie and together they created a balance that was very fun to watch.

Oh my, there were some very steamy scenes in this movie. Gosh! I say it spiced up the whole show and created a very realistic view of the kind of relationship this couple had.

Toke Makinwa!

Who would have thought? It was not long ago I read someone mention that she should be in a movie. When I saw the movie cast, it was like something I had been waiting for all of a sudden. She was very good at her TV host character.

Every single person who was on screen was perfect. It was natural and very believable. This is one movie that made me sit up with pride. As I watched Nigerian actors perform, I was full of excitement. 

Love is War Nollywood Movie Cast

Omoni Oboli
Richard Mofe Damijo
Jide Kosoko
Shaffy Bello
Bimbo Manuel
Toke Makinwa
Akin Lewis
Femi Branch
Yomi Blaq

You can’t say many things about a movie’s costume until you see what was done on someone nobody should be paying attention to. There was a scene with a gathering of teachers and when I saw the costume, I knew right there and then, the costume director knows exactly what they are doing.

I was particularly drawn towards Omoni Oboli’s outfits. Coupled with the fact that they were very complimentary to her role in Love is War is the fact that the styles should be compiled into a fashion lookbook. Maybe if I was more present, I would have thrown away cinema decency and taken pictures of her outfits.

Can we also take a moment to honour her natural hair? The styling of Omoni Obolis natural hair in Love is War was brilliant and befitting. It is not enough to have lush natural hair, it is important to know what to do with it too.


Right on time, perfect for every mood. They chose the perfect songs, themes, and tracks. I must say that the sound effects and music in Love is War played a very key role in enhancing the already sweet movie. 


This is one element of Love is War that would be unforgivable to omit. The dialogues were interesting and appropriate at every level. There was nothing forced or boring or slow. The language was so rich in this movie that you would stop to check if you are still on Nollywood. 

In Conclusion

Directed by Omoni Oboli and produced by Inkblot, Love is War is your next movie. You are going to enjoy spending ticket money on this movie. This Nollywood production goes to prove that we can enjoy the utmost best of Nollywood talents, ignite creativity and tell stories that are captivating to just about anyone!

Review By Esher Adeniyi


  1. All the names up there are seasoned actors who are VERY good at interpreting roles. One of the best and old hands. When I saw Bimbo, thought it was the Akintola (love her)
    Kudos Omoni, Soar like the Eagle!!

  2. Mu nwa kwulu ya!1 October 2019 at 12:44

    Hi Omoni

    I hope you read this

    Watched the movie yesterday @ the Ikeja mall

    The original idea of a politically inclined movie with a woman in the lead role was fantastic

    The acting was original

    The cameras and accompanying music were fabulous

    but towards the middle i honestly got bored and slept off

    The twist at the end. ..the attempt on Dr. Philips life..his unexpected reaction and your steely resolve to forge on irrespective of family ties was a 1st.

    Nigerian women are always portrayed as weak in the face of adversity in most scripts.

    Your fluctuation from being the bitch to the dotting wife in a split second was classic!

    The movie made me wish there could be a real Dr.Philips in real life...Nigerian men over to you!

    Una try weeeelll well

    I no be professional critic but I'd give you an 85% on this

    And aunty Shaffy was gooood.

    Her body language and batting of her eyelids were everything

    This was not the regular Nollywood was very up beat.

    Your cameras and camera angles na dieeee!

    More wins!

  3. Hope it is not all hype like other Omoni movies?

  4. Congratulations to Omoni she has always produced great movies and she is a great actress too.

  5. I am now looking forward to watching this movie.
    Great review 😍


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