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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Wordless Post...


  1. Yet they will come out and say Nigeria is not a zoo...What do you call this?? Bitter, sad truth

  2. is it not your fellow Yoruba people that voted for that government? Talk to your people to use their brain come 2023, but as usual, they won't listen.

    1. Even if you are this stupid and useless you mustn't show all these on a public forum, just a piece of advise but as usual you wont listen.

  3. This is a simple matter now. The thugs are party members and only threaten the people and opposition party. Sowore on the other hand is a threat to the order of things the way the various parties in power want it.

    So, happily, they protect themselves but don't give two pins about protecting you. The thugs after all are just doing their job!

    See another reason why the poeple need to be wise?!

  4. Can you imagine, the Govt has started crying wolf how they are losing money in open defecation. When we are losing our hard earned money through bank charges here and there. No business and employers are not paying staff salaries. Please, I want to ask' Is the Govt trying to sell Nigeria or cause more hardship'. No good road. Go to Mile 2 - Coconut Tin Can road, it is not motor-able. What is going in this country.

  5. Nah so,the 7up be say,if Thug fall he no go look back (nothing to loose) nah daily feeding money dem dey find.
    If Sowore fall he go look back,check wetin make am fall (he get too much to protect) Sowore dey work for posterity.

  6. Sad sad sad. Why aren't these thugs ever brought to book?
    Why don't they ever dance to the tune of their music ?

  7. Oh on the day last day, i will carry Nigerian flag, i cant go to hell twice


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