Stella Dimoko Nigerians Sue Speaker HOR Gbajabiamila And Reps Over Plan To Spend N5bn On Cars


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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Nigerians Sue Speaker HOR Gbajabiamila And Reps Over Plan To Spend N5bn On Cars

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) and 192 concerned Nigerians have filed a lawsuit asking the Federal High Court in Abuja to restrain Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives and all members from spending N5billion to buy 400 exotic cars for principal officers and members.

SERAP is also seeking a court order to and stop the National Assembly Service Commission from releasing any public funds to the House of Representatives to buy 400 Toyota Camry 2020 model cars estimated to cost $35,130 per car.

In the suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/205/2020, SERAP and the concerned Nigerians argue that: “It is illegal and unconstitutional for members of the House of Representatives to choose to buy expensive and exotic cars while encouraging Nigerians to tighten their belts and to patronize Nigerian brands. It is also illegal for members to reject cheaper and equally reliable options.

“If the members of House of Representatives take their duties to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us seriously, including their duties to judiciously spend public funds, they would not have voted to spend over $35,000 per car, especially given the current economic and financial realities of Nigeria.

“There is chronic poverty in Nigeria and many state governments are unable to pay salaries of workers and pensions. Unless the reliefs sought are granted, the House of Representatives will spend over N5 billion of public funds to buy the exotic cars at the expense of many Nigerians living in poverty and misery.”

The plaintiffs are asking the court to determine “Whether the proposed plan and resolution by the House of Representatives to buy 400 exotic cars for principal officers and members amounting to over Five Billion Naira in total, is not in breach of Section 57[4] of the Public Procurement Act 2007, the oath of office, and Paragraph 1 of Code of Conduct for Public Officers [Fifth Schedule Part 1] of the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 [as amended].”

The suit, filed on behalf of SERAP and the concerned Nigerians by their lawyers Kolawole Oluwadare and Opeyemi Owolabi, read in part: “Members of the House of Representatives are either unaware of the constitutional and statutory provisions on their fiduciary duties and judicious use of public funds or deliberately glossing over these provisions.”

They said it was public knowledge that members of the House of Representatives receive huge sums of money as monthly allowances and severance pay on conclusion of their respective terms at the National Assembly.



  1. Outward display of witchcraft by these bunch of thieves. Imagine rejecting made in Nigeria vehicles. God will surely judge you guys.

    1. What a shit hole country. An average Nigerian Bsc graduate earn 30 to 50k. We have bad leaders. U all can curse dem here but when election come up. Most of u will get ur brains fucked up with the little bribe they will give to u. U will forget the poverty! The trekking and all suffering.

      We need to stop this criminals. We all seem to be sinking in this deep shit hole call NIGERIA.

  2. Which Nigerians?

    Abeg na dem dem,why complain? Are they trying to CHANGE THE CHANGE, hian.

  3. This is the real change you voted for....

  4. Let's stop these bad people call leaders, circulating them over and over. Are we not tired of suffering? Jezz. After graduating with 2.1 in the university, I earn less Dan 60k. Spend all on transportation. I read in school like never before. I thought good grades would epp. But no way.

    Yes I know u all will say learn trade. Go into business. Wat stupid business is selling in this messed up economy?? Every street have tailors! Make up artist! Hair dressers.
    To take up loan is hard. This country is fu*cked.

    1. Going anon on this

      I am a federal government worker, processed a loan that was meant to be processed with just 2k with 30k since last two years, 30k gone, loan not coming forth, this country na scam

    2. Me that graduated with 2'1 also from Uniben.If you see the way I was studying then in school,you will think is my last.My dear what i passed through the university to achieve this,,,,infact let me stop here before i begin cry o.But now I earn less than 40k. It is well I know.

  5. Maybe the cars with take them to Heaven. You may never know.

  6. Cars that are already on ground

  7. From here it can only get better...
    Am glad Nigerians are wisen up..

  8. I fully support SERAP. Make that 193 Nigerians

  9. They earn good pay , why can't they buy cars for themselves. So an ancestor of the house of rep in the person of Gbajabianila keeps getting new official cars every four years since 1999!. The 5billion can help deliver so many people out of hospitals and roads. They keep telling us to use made in Nigeria goods yet they buy foreign products. May God judge all these insensitive NASS members raping Nigeria left, right and centre.

  10. Those criminals in the House of Assembly and Senate don't care about us. Is it Gbaja that claims to represent Surulere but lives in Ikoyi that will have firsthand info about the suffering, challenge and poverty faced by people in his constituency? God's wrath will visit all of them milking Nigeria dry


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