Stella Dimoko Actress Empress Njamah Sends Video Memo To Trolls


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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Actress Empress Njamah Sends Video Memo To Trolls

She says the hating online is too much and some people who cannot take it can become depressed and suicidal.......She is speaking on behalf of others because she can take it.................

Nice one CEO HOE

According to the video she posted....

"Hi guys hello beautiful people Good morning, how was your night? Hope you did something this morning that made that heart of yours pop
Okay a quick one like my brother John Njamah would always say 'a quick one'

Social media, guys I've been wanting to talk about this for a while now probably skipped my mind due to one or two things..

Social media is very important, I believe that if someone follows somebody, it's for a reason or purpose, it's either you admire the person or you love the person's work or inspirational talk or something that's why we follow people
I don't know why people will come on Instagram, then come on one's page and throw tantrums and hurtful comments, annoying comments, you don't understand what you are doing, a lot of people are going through a lot we don't know what they are going through but they're going through a lot.

A lot of people can't come on social media, read hurtful comments and they are fine , there are people who are not as strong as some people
They come on the page, it is only nice and normal for you for you to come on one's page and be nice
I don't know if those people they are humans or spirits or demons in human form I don't know

And I wonder sometimes when I read comments, I'm like is this person a human being? sincerely

Please I'm talking out of experience, a neighbor of mine is not as strong as some people, she's always depressed when she reads things like that.
Guys save someone's life okay? that's why you see some people say Dem wan die Dem wan commit suicide and you go dey ask why? These are some of the things that just want to make them commit suicide and then die...

A nice comment will go a long way, guys take it easy. come on we are humans.
Just that godly part of you come on one's page and just say 'hello Empress how was your day, how you doing?, I love you' it will go a long way
Okay don't use empress use someone else's but guys this is serious, some people can't take it, they go through alot .
Me I Sabi take am , if you write as long as I know that I'll shaf it this side, shaf it that side
But guys please I hope this message would go people to whom it is due

Okay guys I love you, let me go back to my workout, have a beautiful day
Happy stay home
Thank you guys I read your comments and suggestions on what to do and am doing some of them
I love you..."


  1. Maybe na the 10 dogs she posted and saw yeye comments.

    We have yeye trolls but me i dont care about useless trolls.

    Pick the ones that gives you good comments and throw bad ones into latrine.o

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. She needs a good eye cream

  4. SM or not , some people are naturally sadist who don’t want to see certain people exist , talk less of doing well. We have them all over d SM. Some of them will troll u with fake IDs, come back with their real IDs asking for assistance. Ds is why I can never give out a dime to anybody on SM, never.

  5. She used to be dark before now she's light skinned.. Typical Nigerian woman, always changing their skin colour

    1. Her skin

      Her money

      The typical NigeriaN women comment solely your business

    2. 16:43... Kisses to you.
      Some people are unbelievable!
      Is it your skin???

  6. Cyber bullying is common on SM. May be cos you dont see them or know them so they post abusive words and post knowing that they cant be held physically for their comment.

  7. Some people take pride in saying/typing hurtful things.She is right,we need to do better.Hope everyone is safe and well.

  8. Jesus died for us raised the dead still some people are not happy with him how much more common empress haman?if you post your picture will you expect 1million of followers to comment good about your picture?so you want once you post your picture?or people should start to comment about how your better than mother Theresa?

  9. I dont know what satisfaction comes with trolling,
    I personally don't have any social media account aside SDK , I don't like wahala , there are lots of fragile people out there.
    But I also believe that if you must be on social media prepare your mind for anything, have a tough skin too many vile people out there.

    1. Neither do I o choco.
      But trust when I do start I wouldn’t care. These people should know not everyone will like them. Not everyone will like you. It’s a rule of nature.

    2. You're right anon,
      Not everyone would like you, very true !!!

  10. Stella which one is "CEO HOE", abi am i reading meaning to what's not

  11. That's for people that allow words get to them, if you can't take it, it's better you leave SM cos SM trolls will always be there.

  12. Lol just learn to ignore them

  13. Empress is bleaching ooo! See dark side patches! Hmmmm

  14. As a public figure, you can't escape trolls no matter how perfect you are. So making a video won't solve it cos trolls are everywhere and some people pour their frustration at every given opportunity. You signed for this celeb life so enjoy Darling.

  15. Without facial painting, some of these ladies look unrecognizable.

  16. Trolls will always be on social media just as we have good and bad.
    How are your dogs, pls let's see a picture of them all cos I love dogs

  17. My sister, Dem plenty for social media donot let anyone's comments get to you. Just live your life and do you only.


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