Stella Dimoko EFCC Not Yet Involved In Instagram Celebrity Hushpuppi’s Arrest


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Saturday, June 13, 2020

EFCC Not Yet Involved In Instagram Celebrity Hushpuppi’s Arrest

EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu, has reacted to the arrest of popular Nigerian socialite , Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi.

In an interview with TVC on Friday, Magu said the commission is yet to be involved in the case.

He said, “We are yet to be involved in the case of Hushpuppi, but if they happen to give us this thing (details) we would assist.”

This came shortly before the Commissioner of Police (CP) INTERPOL, Garba Umar, confirmed his arrest in Dubai and planned extradition to Nigeria.

*If they extradite him to Nigeria,the case would be DOA


  1. Hmmm,they want there own national cake from Hush

    1. This case no be Efcc case. Make Magu go sitdan.

  2. Please they shouldn't get involved.

  3. Assist kor. Una go collect una own, sey am free. How far with Monpha?

  4. Interpol abeg hold him o, EFCC's hands are more slippery than butter. Let it be like "aspire to require your admire of rewire". He stole USA money and that of other countries so take him to such places and try him. If you allow efcc to make a Mompha of this boy, an entire generation of lost youth would be lost.

    You can return him to Nigeria as a retired convict just like Sati Ramoni (Omo Salawe) who now wants to be a lawmaker in Lagos.

  5. They will soon be involved cos this is the kind of thing they want to be associated with.

  6. Nigeria police force, are worst than devil

  7. Don't mind them, we can't be decieve by this statement.

  8. Extradition to Nigeria ko, hand over to EFCC nee? Does this Magu really know what Hushpuppi did in Dubai that he is talking of his extradition? Someone that defrauded the American Senator of the government's money for ventilators and the like - the crooke and his cronies registered a hoax coy and money was wired to him/them yet he/they didn't even deliver fake or incomplete ventilators, greed made him think he could "die" the whole money and get away with it, may be because the senator was also greedy, seeking for a kick back from the bogus contract.

    I'm yet to hear his Arabian partners-in-crime that were arrested, unless he never registered this coy at all, meaning the senator, because he wanted a cut from the bogus supply from fraudulent Hushpuppi, could not do his due diligence of investigating the coy he's buying ventilators from.

    No one runs a coy in any of the UAEs without a local having a large percentage of the biz. So Hushpuppi could ONLY own a coy in Dubai without any Arab involved, simply because there's REALLY no coy - just HOAX. That's how things are when you swallow and swallow much with reckless abandon, then you're choked. He will NEVER be extradited to Nigeria, trust me.

  9. Nothing you said made sense. Just rumours. There are levels to this shit. He is not a local 419 to do procurement of ventilators. What a joke. Lol


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