Stella Dimoko Lady Fakes Daughter's Kidnap And Demands N2 million Ransom


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Friday, July 24, 2020

Lady Fakes Daughter's Kidnap And Demands N2 million Ransom

Katsina A housewife, Fatima Bishir 22, is now in the Police net for faking the Kidnap of her five-year-old daughter in Katsina. SP Gambo Isah, the katsina Police command spokesman (PPRO) disclosed this on Thursday while parading the suspect before newsmen in katsina.

He said the suspect also faked the Kidnap of her daughter to implicate the woman her husband is planning to remarry. According to him, on 5/07/2020 at 0800 hours, the suspect falsely reported at Mashi Police Division that her little daughter was missing and strongly suspected the ex-wife of her husband.

He added that the suspect further lied that, the said ex-wife once threatened her that she will revenge the death of her daughter who died under her custody. “She mischievously then planted the clothes of her alleged missing daughter in the house of the ex-wife where the police recovered a red pant and canvas shoe belonging to the missing child to implicate her”.

 After thorough investigation, the police PPRO said the suspect confessed to being the originator of a text message sent to her husband, Bishir Isyaku. The suspect in a text message threatened the father of the kidnapped girl to either pay the sum of two million naira or risk his daughter being killed by the kidnappers. Similarly, the suspect also confessed to have sent another threat text messages to the elder brother of the said Aisha, one Sani Musa, 28, and her ex-husband one Auwalu Halilu alias Al-Jazira aged 40 both of the same address implicating them to be among the kidnappers of her daughter.

He revealed that, during further investigations, the suspect confessed to have taken her daughter away from Mashi LGA in katsina state to hid her at Kano state through the aid of her housemaid to perfect the fake kidnap plot. Gambo added that, however, luck ran against the suspect when she took the said kidnapped baby girl in the company of her housemaid to Dutsi LGA of Katsina state where she was arrested by the police trying to abandon the child at the house of the mother of the ex-wife with an attempt to implicating her. The PPRO said that the police are currently investigating the matter with the aim of finding the truth before taking her court.

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  1. What she did is sooo wrong. Her own child, simply because she didn't want her hubby to take another wife.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm
    Somehow,I pity the woman.
    If you know what frustration can make people do ehn.
    I won't judge her Sha. Now she has lost on all fronts

  3. Replies
    1. I'd you don't have anything meaningful to say just move to the next post and stop spewing gibberish
      Which one is evil and greedy mother??? Huh???
      Wait! Make e happen to you then you go know say she no wicked
      Sisi judgina

    2. Anon, did you read up there where they said the other womans child died under this womans care. She is a veeerrrryyyy wicked human being. May God punish her well.

      The "husband" was about to remarry the other lady. Sebi they are muslim why react like this?

  4. I fear who no fear women. Imagine all she put her child through out of jealousy

  5. Eayaaa, I pity her shaa but she went about it in a very wrong way . Frustration shaa , Kai

  6. This is what a vain man brings upon his own head by bringing two concubines under his roof and calling them "wives"
    Marriage is honorable -one man one lady as wife and nothing more.
    Bringing two women in, in the name of marriage is just World war two.
    They live in bunkers for the rest of their miserable lives.

    1. Marriage is honorable -one man one lady as wife and nothing more. Can u shut ur fucking mouth. MuMu open ur bible and point out a verse.

  7. Classical example of what happens when you allow the hate in your heart to consume you..
    Now, she has lost both her husband& the kid..
    That child might be a baby but she will never forgive her when she comes of age..
    I don't really understand the uprising revolution among our Northern women when their husband's wants to marry additional wives..
    For Pete's sake, Islam permits him to & you are a Muslim...
    Chizzy j

  8. I wonder how many people are in jail for a crime that they have no idea about..
    It is a cold world oh, always wear your sweater & glasses..
    Chizzy j

  9. Why do I find this funny?

    Anyways, she could have succeeded in getting the money from her hubby.

  10. You know your religion allows your husband multiple wives, so you must be aware that at some point he will take other wives why act a fool when it happened ? Enjoy your new status.

  11. 22 years? Nawa o, she got married as a child herself.

  12. The husband wants to remarry his ex-wife ND that's why she is so angry. Her child died while under the watch of the Ex-wife the husband wants to re- marry and she probably blames the woman for that,hence the set-up. Poor she didn't get and now she may go to jail for her crime.even the marriage swf will be over and the ex-wife successfully re-married.

  13. This woman just used her hand to spoil things for her self I swear.


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