Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 5 Housemates Dorathy And Nengi Settle Their Differences..


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Thursday, September 24, 2020

BBNaija Season 5 Housemates Dorathy And Nengi Settle Their Differences..

BBNaija season 5 housemates Dorathy and Nengi are back to being friends!!!!

BBNaija housemate Nengi on Wednesday night during a conversation with housemate Dorathy asked her why she stopped being her friend and Dorathy gave her reasons why she distanced herself

Dorathy, explained that she did not like Nengi’s game and felt she was seeking attention from all male housemates.

She, however, apologised to Nengi for judging her wrongly from afar without having a conversation with her.

Dorathy added that she also did not want to be seen as the one obstructing the relationship between Ozo and Nengi.

She said: “I distanced myself from you because I didn’t like your game.
I read the situation wrongly and felt you were playing a game of trying to get attention and have all the male housemates.
There was also a miscommunication too. I hated how I was being referred to as the one causing problems between you and Ozo.

“ I like to run away from anything that would kill my vibes and make me look like a jealous person.
It was hard being on Ozo’s side and not painting you as a bad person.
I apologise for judging you wrongly, let’s be friends henceforth.”

Nengi, responding, nodded her head in agreement, saying she never had a beef with Dorathy.
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  1. Hahahahhahaha SDK and my fellow beeeveeesss SM is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Vee pant is not complete 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oga Neo need explanation why madam Vee pant is missing, meanwhile in Nengi’s voice “Ozo does everything for me but will never wash my clothes” that’s my boy 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂 if not internet would’ve given him another name.

    This life ehhhh just be yourself in a relationship is just marriage e no get manual book

  2. Both ladies weren’t sincere in their discussion. Nengi lying that she didn’t know dora was close to ozo and also saying she and ozo didn’t have any conversation until the 4th week that everything that happened were the housemates imagination. We saw you nengi practically pushing ozo to go for you and stressing prince on whom he likes . You also said if you wanted someone you would go for him without caring who he is with so why denying yesterday that you didn’t know they were close and if you did you wouldn’t have gone for ozo. You came with many game plans and keep changing every week. Making you robotic. You are a top babe but you messed up your game by not being real. Too stiff and camera conscious. All your games centered around flirting with men didn’t want to associate with the ladies till now that you had no choice.
    As for dora you weren’t sincere as to why you disliked nengi at the beginning, it was because she went for the guys you liked. First ozo and later prince. You called her all sort of names cos she was playing her game like you don’t have your own game. Both of you are too camera conscious, you are not free and can’t say what is on your mind for fear of public perception.
    Vee May be too rude and blunt but she’s living her reality and the realest amongst the ladies in the house.

    1. kimon baby 😘😘😘16:42 you is da bomb.

    2. Anno 16*42
      God bless you chaiiiiii take a some wine 🥂🥂🥂 isn’t the same Nengi that I watch telling Ozo after that their wager game that she gave Ozo sign for the ans that Biggie had to punish her, after the game, she and Ozo and one other housemates were discussing, she told Ozo that I know you are close to Dorathy.

      She wanted Ozo by all means
      Then same Dorathy that was lying down with Ka3na and Lucy and called Nengi a bitch.

      Two of them knew each other, that should keep kweyet” lol

      Meanwhile today is Thursday I am yet to vote for either of them, MyDStv 2,500 Votes plus online still pending, lol because me I will not use my shi shi to vote anybody since the person I am rooting for is no more there

    3. Lily abeg vote Dorathy na. I kneel down dey beg you.

    4. Very well said. I was just watching both of them last night lying through their teeth. But it's good sha that they've made up.

  3. I don't know who these ladies are but my word! Those eyelashes are like ostrich feathers.

  4. Lol. Good thing they've 'made up' but everyone came in with their own strategy to win the ultimate prize. It's not any body's place to judge or dislike how anyone's strategy plays out.

    1. My thoughts before but then I realized that another person's strategy could be to call out someone else's strategy. All is fair for 85M. Remember when Lucy called out Nengi's strategy and afterwards a shocked Nengi had to restrategize and started talking to the ladies she was ignoring. That scene alone increased Lucy's popularity.

  5. Anything i see Nengi,video of Ozo wriggling around her like a house fly pops up but tbh Dorathy was not wrong of her assumption towards Nengi. I noticed Dora is quick to throw insults and i dislike that character.#Ozo'sFan but the guy though....smh

  6. Women and bickering
    So when will they settle their multiplications?

  7. We can all see through their games. None of them were sincere in that convo period. I can remember when Nengi was pushing Ozo away to go to his girlfriend that she does not want any trouble either first week or second week. Nengi was actively searching for the identity of the billioaire son, that was what spoilt her game cause it made her look like she is hoarding all the guys. By the time she fou nd out it was kid she threw herself at him even with Erica on ground. She suddenly chanhed and started liking Ozo when Kidd said he is not attracted to her. Babygirl did not want to loose both ways. I bet if Kidd wanted her, that her narative of having a guy outside would have changed too.

    1. @ 17:23 always have at the back of your mind that 'assumption are not fact' which billionaire son???? as if kidd have the millions to throw on women .

    2. See eh! 600 yrs of enjoyment for you. Her information wasn't complete so she spent time trying to figure where to pitch her tenth. Then she had gone round prince and ozo but kid was already hooked on Erica. Her card knocked there. Made a u-turn to Ozo and got served. No matter how you pretend, we saw through her- FAKE!

    3. Come off dis billionaire son thing. Kidd sef dey hustle...i hate it when ppl make it out to seem bcos some1 is perceived rich dey are a god and every woman is after dem.
      I will pick Ozo over Kidd anytime anyday. He comes from a stable family with values where both parents are professionals and doing well. I will take dat over Terry Waya lifestyle.

  8. My Nengi baby... please vote Nengi, she's well behaved and a Queen.


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