Stella Dimoko Former Gov Attah Advocates For Parliamentary System Of Govt For Nigeria..


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Monday, December 07, 2020

Former Gov Attah Advocates For Parliamentary System Of Govt For Nigeria..

Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Attah has advocated a return to the Parliamentary system of government in Nigeria.
He said the presidential system currently practised in the country has failed, as it does not allow the people at the community level feel the impact of government at the centre.

Attah who stated this at the weekend in Uyo during a virtual Public Policy Dialogue, powered by Ricchezza Initiative for Social Empowerment, said the parliamentary system would enable communities directly select and elect people to represent them.

He regretted that the cost of an election in the presidential system has made it difficult for political office holders to do much for the people as they would first satisfy the biddings of their sponsors adding that they assume the votes of the people were not necessary to get them into office.

The former governor also called for a new constitution noting that the parliamentary system would give room for true federalism, where the federating units can take full control of their resources and develop local authorities including security.

He said, “The parliamentary system made it possible for those representing the community to be elected by the community, not the party, not the law court. The people would know who they want. You cannot rig the conscience of the people.

“The cost of the election today is tremendously expensive, making it difficult for public office holders to do what the communities want. They do what the sponsors want. To campaign across the country in the case of presidential elections or for those contesting as governors, you need a lot of money. So the moment you are sworn into office, you focus on your sponsors”.

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A parliamentary or cabinet system of government is a system where the head of state is different from the head of government. In this system of government, the head of state who exercises only ceremonial functions may be a monarch, or a president, who is the figure head, symbol of the state and the father or mother of the Nation.

What do you think?I think this might work for Nigeria.


  1. Our politicians will not agree to this cos it will not allow them better avenue to steal

  2. But I think he is right. Buhari is only ceremonial as it is.

  3. If i am not mistaken, Pastor Adeboye sugggested this too, he said we should combine both US and UK style of government and try that for a change too.

  4. The presidential system of government gives too much powers to one individual and it is not good for a country like Nigeria due to obvious reasons. One individual with so much power can easily pilot the country towards his own personal interests and the entire country would also bear the brunt of his inadequacies.

    In the heat of the financial crisis in the country, switching to the Parliamentary system of governance may be cost effective because the legislatives would also double as the executives. This may also help in curbing curroption because the power to elect and select would be vested on the people and the legislatives and not an individual or a cabal... Not forgetting the fact that with the parliamentary system of governance, government policies would be formulated and executed with ease due to simplified bureaucracy

  5. For me ehn enough of copying US and UK style of government..We are always ceremonial in what we do and we need to be deep thinkers..We need to look deep into our own environment and coin out what works best for us..All I want is a people government, government of the people, by the people and for the people..This is our Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X style is not working..Let us find a system of government that will be equity, justice and fairness...Honestly this democracy is not working for us...


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