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Friday, December 25, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner - The Perfect Christmas Gift...

 The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster of events that left us grappling with fear and uncertainty on how tomorrow would turn out and wondering whether we'll scale through.

Making it this far reminds me to have a changed mindset on what the perfect Christmas present is. 

As much as it is okay to rock new clothes and shoes, wear the latest jewelry and enjoy the best of foods, it'll be best to make it more memorable by reaching out to others in need.

I had a pressing need, and considering how every Kobo would go a long way, I was pleasantly surprised when someone credited my account.

I was giddy with excitement and couldn't wait to tick it off my to-do list . While going to the mall, something whispered within that I should also give the way I was given, no matter how small. I immediately remembered a neighbour who just had her baby and I was yet to get anything for her child.
I included her baby's items in my shopping list and the look of surprise and gratitude from her was the perfect Christmas present to me.

Some of us wait endlessly to receive that Christmas miracle that will keep us 'oohing and awwing' but know that God can use you to create miracles for others and bring them joy.

I got my perfect Christmas gift by giving a gift to someone else......


  1. Nice read, nice action.
    I often read and hear of such expression from people like;
    she is doing well for herself
    I gifted myself
    she gifted herself
    self first
    love yourself etc. etc.
    Please do not get me wrong. I am not condemning anyone who such is her mantra. But know that loving your neighbor as yourself entails doing those things that bring you joy to your neighbor, same way that you desire others to do them to you.
    This is my lesson here and I am happy for it. Thanks Mrs. Dee

    1. Very nice read Mrs Dee. That is what I tried to do this Christmas. No matter how little.

  2. Thanks for reaching out. I gifted the little i have to two kids and the smiles on their faces was my own Christmas gift

  3. I don't have anything to gift not even to my kids..Am not happy about that but thankful to God for life and has a way of interfering with ones mood..God help me not to have a fall out with husby..Its well with my soul that's the song that I sing when my mood wants to switch

  4. You did good. You so
    right on giving to others. This Christmas, I did not think of what to get, but what to give. It may be small, but I reached out to a few people. Yesterday, I got a gift and I was not even expecting.

  5. I don’t ve a job. I sent the small money I had to my parents, someone who looks up to me, sent a wine to someone and my bro. I was really happy the way my dad kept praying for me. It’s almost like my best xmas ever even though I couldn’t do other things. Knowing I put a smile on people’s face this period was everything for me!

  6. I received mine this morning after a long search and wait. It beats all presents I got so far including those from my parents.

    With what DH lost this year and all the tension for the holidays, I'm beyond shocked at what woke me up.
    Exotic package, where he hid it all this while is what I'm yet to know.

    I go do am " strong something".

    Got drained trying to make sure everyone in need got what what. At least let's go home first.

    1. Well done to you and your lovely family. You deserve the gift jare. Kudos to your husband.


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