Stella Dimoko Actress Susan Peters Says The Social Media Is Dangerous For A Celeb's Mental Health..


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Saturday, February 06, 2021

Actress Susan Peters Says The Social Media Is Dangerous For A Celeb's Mental Health..

Veteran Nollywood actress Susan Peters in this Interview explains how the social media affects a celebrity's mental health.......

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said, “I don’t think social media followership should be a yardstick for determining a popular person. Many celebrities were already popular before Instagram came into existence. In some instances, there are people with so many followers but very few likes. Our profession is about make-believe. Not everyone lives the kind of lifestyle they portray on social media. But then, we are in the social media era where people believe they need to post things online to amass a large followership.

“Social media is already dangerous to our mental health. Celebrities only post the good stuff about themselves. My advice to people is for them not to follow all they see on Instagram. Celebrities can be positive influencers and fans can choose someone who does good deeds, to motivate and inspire them. Anyone can be a role model. Whether the person is big or small, it does not matter, as long as one impacts lives positively.”

Reacting to the claim that she reportedly said women should be allowed to marry two husbands, the actress said she was misquoted. She added, “I never said that women should be allowed to marry two husbands. 

I only saw a quote which I reposted on my Instagram page. I then asked a question, ‘What if we were allowed to do that?’ I later saw various posts which claimed I said women should be allowed (to marry two husbands). I wonder why people always misquote or misunderstand my points.”

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  1. Beautiful Susan..pls bvs what's this thing dey rub on their checks that glitters,is it foundation or concealer.abeg make una tell me cos I'm a village girl that wants to slay.And how do they rub it. thanks

    1. It is called BRONZER. It is use to highlight the face.

      Make she go siddon biko. All of una dey same watsapp group. Na people wey no see cars and house post dey shout🤣🤣😭

    2. Good afternoon Anon,it's called bronzer....

    3. Watch You Tube makeup videos to learn about makeup application. I think Naomi Campbell has a short and simple video of her five minutes makeup routine on her channel.

  2. How do ladies in this our tropical hot weather cope with one bucket of paint caked on your faces??

    1. Mumu no be everybody dey jump molue or danfo bus like you....Its from Ac to Ac...Read again

    2. I don't do it. I hate the physical feel of makeup on my face when I am in the tropics. It feels so sticky and icky. Only at nights do I wear makeup and very sheer and light makeup, because sometimes the nights are hot too.

      Keep in mind that some people have skin issues and makeup allows them to have some self confidence as they go about in the world.

    3. Like you really had to call her mumu,what for? Some of you are so silly!

  3. So many questions I have about this lady and I need answers,

    1. What happened to her oyibo husband that she posted on Instagram?

    2. Has she adopted a second child because the baby she post his picture now is different from the first baby(judenna)

    3. What to her and E Anunobi’s friendship? She was so supportive of E when she lost her only child.

    If you can’t answer, waka pass.

  4. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix6 February 2021 at 13:36

    Susan Peter i love her acting especially around year 2005..i agree social media can be so draining so if you cant bear the heat, just leave the kitchen


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