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Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday In House News

 Hailings oh...

Happy Friday!!


BV WEB don tattoo my name for em hand but i no go give am anything eeeeh....hahahhahahahahaahha
Thanks a lot for this bitch, I feel honored kinda.

Please note that ''What else bitch' is an old ID, I don't remember his new ID...LOL



Stella let me gist you what happened in my neighborhood.

So this my neighbor is based outside the country but his family is here, they moved into this area recently.

Right from when they moved in, the wife always complained she doesn’t like our area, she wants to move to somewhere more cozy. Actually my area is very cool o, but she just does not like the place.

The husband travelled back after the lockdown and did not come home for Christmas. Early this year, the wife moved out with her kids without the husband’s permission.

The husband came back after someone called him and told him what the wife has done.

The tatafos in my area said it’s because she made so much money this Christmas in her Online makeup business , she decided to call the husband’s bluff and move out with her kids.

Her husband has insisted on retaining their former house, I wonder who will live there when he goes back to the country he is based. A very big house for that matter.

She even changed the children to a much more expensive school than the one they used to attend in-fact she is living la vida loca right now...marriages these days na waaaaa ooo

Na wah oh.




Let me start by telling you about my street, it's a very private street, mostly occupied by landlords, few tenants, 98% of houses around here are fenced with gate, so most of us has our shops outside our gates, while some others have lockup shops built in their building, okay we move....

There's this woman who is well known to be fetish, very young woman ooo, she can put something in her mouth, approach you and the next minute you are at your bank withdrawing every dime you own to give her, and yes she is a landlady.

 she is linked to every gossip, crime in this neighborhood including that lady that duped me and some other people, the fear of confessing that madam was involved made her almost take her life and until now she can't still explain how it all happened.

This woman will be going from shop to shop checking to see if anyone is selling the same thing she's selling (provisions, drinks and water), and once she catch you selling the same thing, she will warn you to stop or "that she will take her market back", and if you stubbornly refuse to stop, in less than one month, the person shop go close, capital will disappear and strange flies go come de pursue you for shop..

So recently, there's this young lady, she should be in her 30's, she started selling almost everything she's selling, but on wholesales, but when she found out that sales is very slow in my street, she decided to go into retailing, as usual, Mama came and warned her to close the shop or she will take her market back, after the threat, knowing who she is, the lady contacted her Mom, her mother called my street Mama, who should be like 40 or 43 even though she looks 80 because of the mess bleaching cream made on her skin, she called her and told her that the battle line has been drawn...

 November last year, she disappeared from the street, her daughter claimed she traveled home to rest small, whereas Mama dey hospital.

 She was there till December 30th, she came back and resorted to home massage, they had to open up that from her back down to her toes are dead, Ijaw people started massaging her, now she can stand and has been learning to walk again, but the problem now is that the Ijaw woman say she no de do again, because Mama keeps dying and waking up, the woman said that the charms in her body is too much and it has been tough treating her, that the person that has vowed to kill her and eat her flesh has been coming after her for treating her, she said she's looking for her money to balance her back because she no wan do again... 

Me I want to run because this street is way too small for the kind of things that is happening inside, the other day one person drank Dettol yet she no die, for this street, them de gift people stroke like birthday present.... 

I don tire, walaii, two days ago, Mama died and woke twice in one day, like who does that??? Wooo me I have tire ooo

This kind of street na wah



That night, i was in bed relaxing when I heard a knock on the door. I answered "yes, who is it?"

If my memory serves me right, I think it was around some minutes past 8pm and I was alone at home.

I got up, before I could get to the door, I heard a bang, booooom!!! The door opened. Immediately, a touch light flashed on my face. "Who goes that man?" One of them echoed. On their hands were axe and a gun. They were four in numbers. Two came in and the other two were outside as a cover for the ones inside.

Shivering, I didn't know when I greeted them "Good Evening Sir."

The one who seems to be the commander gave me a hot slap saying I should identify myself. The more they used the cult slangs, I pretended I didn't understand what they were saying and was responding in my dialect just to make them believe I don't belong to the system. The one with the axe said, "This one na 48 oooh"(a slang describing one who's not a system man)

They asked after the guy whose house I am staying. I told them I haven't seen him for some days. I was given two bullets to drop for him as a message they were here. They left but before they do, one of them turned back and said to me, "You fit no dey lucky next time. No die for another man wahala."

I couldn't sleep that night. In the morning my phone rang. The guy whose house I am staying was the one on the phone. He had gotten information of what happened and had called to know if I am okay. I delivered the message to him and told him I will be leaving that morning. He told me not to panic, that things will be sorted out once he's back. I didn't know he's a cultist until that night. What if those guys had pull the trigger on me? At such time, anyone in that room is a suspect and could have been killed.

I refused to be tricked with a sensitive matter as such by staying behind. I took my bath, picked up my bags and few items. Before noon I was in my uncle's house. I narrated all that had happened to him. I was received and shown a room in his flat to stay with his children. I stayed there for a year before finally getting a better accommodation.

All I can say now is that, God has always been there for me. He saved me all the time I could have been harmed.

*WOOOOOOOOOOOOW, thank God for your life Teejay.



  1. The alert yaff enter my akant oooo
    Winner of the RHI challenge
    Thanks Stella
    Very much appreciate this♥️

    1. Ohhh!!!!!!
      Am I the first to comment today?
      Good things are happening oooo不不不不

    2. Congratulations to you
      God bless you Stella

    3. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix26 February 2021 at 14:21

      Congratulations dearie

    4. 不不不不. Congrats on being the first to comment, and the winner of RHI challenge

    5. Congrats, enjoy your money. God bless SDK

    6. Congratulations dear.

      Pretty Patience

    7. That's double congrats

      First to comment no easy

      Good afternoon blog Fam
      Stella babe

      The heat is 休休休

    8. Thanks everyone,
      Ire nor a karri gbogbo waa ooo荊荊(good things will spread to every one of us all)

  2. Big thank you Stella and Blog PA for the free Data. I so much appreciate. I would have posted this but was off all these while

    1. Teejay, nice read!

      Four in *number*

    2. Teejay, thank God for your life. If they had shot you that day nobody will no what happen, abeg God provide big yansh and breast babe for teejay make e rest. You like them big na abi?

  3. Dear Single to married couples,

    Hear this and implement it. Being committed to one person is a beautiful thing, don't let damaged people lie to you, those who had bad experience in relationship to pollute you. Your relationship can work better if you keep doing the right things, it is when you start listening to those toxic people you will start having issues in your relationship. There is nothing beautiful, better, amazing than having a best friend and a lover in one person. Be with that special someone and grow together, it is not easy but it worth it. Just know the right person and be committed.... Anonymous

  4. Thank God for your life Teejay. God really saved you.

    Belated birthday wishes to MomB and Jubilee, may the rest of the year favour you immeasurably. ♥️弘

  5. Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren't your problem. You stay kind, committed to love, and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say. Don't you dare doubt your worth, or truth. Just keep on shining._RealTalkKim

  6. . WEB you ain't getting nada from SDK, you hear? You're even lucky she appreciated you,if not, you for dey hospital because of depression from the too much bashing. Lemme go and do my own, i'd tat, "my bambinos" and send it across.

    1. No be biro e take write am?

    2. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix26 February 2021 at 15:26

      不不不不不不 Jechix you try haa I don suffer

    3. He used marker to write it
      I think bv Phoenix too was using that name.

  7. Teejay thank God for your life back then in school.
    I really enjoy reading all the neighborhood gist.
    The height people go to make other humans worthless.

  8. I just put yyam on fire for pounded yam to be downloaded with ofe nsala.
    Praise God It Is Friday. Una happy weekend

    1. Someone close to me bought this soup with a wrap of foo-foo #600 today.

      First time for me to see the so much talked about Nsala soup.

  9. Teejay, thank God for your life

    1. Some one should pls help me ooo
      How can I block a site on opera mini?

  10. Good afternoon beautiful people.
    wow, @Teejay, thank God for your life, those guys can be heartless at times.
    For the gists, na real waaaah!
    You all have a wonderful weekend ahead .

  11. Good afternoon everyone
    I beg I have one question for men.
    How do u guys like it wet or dry? Cos I just got married and husband its complaining that I'm always too wet, I come decide to dry it wella before the koko he will complain I'm too dry.
    I don ask him what he wants,and he said not wet not dry.
    I don tire jade.may Una help a sis biko

    1. Your husband is turning you like moin moin because you sef don't know what you want. Don't you know you also have needs that need to be met? I wish you well.

  12. Its IHN again,
    bv that tattooed stella, your own good oo, stella didn't give you anything nor drove you to depression, wahala no go finish between celebs and their fans over tattoo drawing.
    Bv's story on street jazz wahala, na wa oo, this country, the old mama don see person wey do juju pass am. Doing offline biz isn't easy at all, God will see us through.
    E hugs everyone ♥️

  13. Hiyaaaaa. BV, who send you ooo.不不不. Gist 1, that woman is soooo wrong for moving out without informing her hubby. Gist 2, Area Mama saw power that was stronger than hers. Thank God for your life Teejay. Signout meme is. Stay safe guys. We go jam again.

    1. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix26 February 2021 at 14:52

      Love send me oh. Make Stella find me something 不不不

    2. Ewoooo. Na you?不不不不 I no no oooo. Oya clean am sharp sharp.

    3. Marriage is complicated. The husband doesnt stay with them most of the time, yet he wants to dictate where they'll live?. Shes the onemajorly raising the kids yet shes not allowed to send them to a good school. Hmmmm. #anotherangle

    4. Exactly my thoughts. He's been selfish on this one.
      It's not like there's no resources for a better environment yet he's insisting on subjecting her to such living conditions.
      Some men can be annoying.

  14. TGIF baby... I've been so horny lately but not in da mood for any relationship drama, so I'll just keep my kpekus and allow it to be gathering

  15. Good afternoon my yard people

  16. Teejay, thank God for you oh. Neighborhood gist 2, what a story! Inside life.喫仁

  17. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix26 February 2021 at 14:23

    Teejay thank God for your life oh. In school then we had a lot of mistaken identity killings.

    Damn! Na who get that low budget tat for up there Lolzz Stella you are so funny

  18. See gist wey make sense abeg,wahala be like church project,e no dey ever finish.

    Thank God for your life teejay.

    Hello bvrians

  19. Ihn don land like landrover ��

    Oga teejay thank God u weren't hurt o,cultists are heartless.

    Neighborhood story1 that woman never ready to marry, she's feeling"woke" e go clear for her eyes one day.The 2nd story na wa,using jazz as assurance.

    Bvs I dey hail o.
    It can only get better, e go surely be ✌️.

  20. The second woman’s husband is unreasonable.

    How can you live in a completely different country but expect your wife to live in an she doesn’t like, even though she’s the one that lives and spends more time there? It’s not fair naa.

    Even if he’s the one bringing the money, it’s still not fair.

    How would he feel if she insisted on him livi in a particular area in the country he lives. I bet he won’t tolerate that.

  21. Bv 'what else bitch' is it not Phoenix End sars. SDK wire her some milli.

    1. #EndSWAT #Endpolicebrutality Phoenix26 February 2021 at 14:51

      Hey Divinely lower your voice

    2. Choi!!! Please its this true ooooo

      Oturugbeke!!! To think I love Phoenix oooo

    3. I said it up there that Phoenix was using the name too

  22. Good afternoon o. We finally got a truck o, we are in the new apartment. Work plenty. Make I rest small before I continue

  23. TeeJay not everyone were lucky as you. I lost a coursemate like this even though the guy was a Jew. Thank God for you. After all this school wahala, real life will start with 70% not having a job. It is well

    1. Teejay where is that your friend now? The cultist guy whose apartment you lived in

  24. Hmmmn,... Today IHN na bomb.. God continue to save us. Thanks Stella for the sign out meme

  25. Neighbourhood mama jam who pass her. Na where your own stop, another person own take start. Thank God for your life teejay, that's how people lose their lives over mistaken identity problem.

  26. Yes o, I will rather tatoo SDK name on my body than any other celebrity.

    Power don pass power for that landlady gist

  27. What else bitch is Phoenix aka Nonye. I can remember vividly when she changed her I'd,Phoenix abi I lie?

  28. Hello good people of this beautiful blog
    The bv that tatooed SDK u did well jor,if we no hype our own na wetin we gain but WEB us bv Phoenix na,SDK if u forget we ur bvs no go forget even if Phoenix dey up there dey pretend as if she isn't the one,calling it a low budget kinikon.we bvs sharp like that .
    Teejay thank God u came out in one piece.

  29. Neighborhood story 2; A case of ima nka, ima nkozo?

  30. Teejay your story just brought tears to my eyes, same thing happened to my younger brother at uniport, 8yrs ago, you are so lucky they left you unharmed, my brother was shoot right there, even when he was begging them that he is not the one they are looking for.
    Just so sad

    1. Sorry about your brother
      This is why we should always warn our children not to stay til dark in someone else's house let alone sleep there. Mind the kind of company you keep.

    2. I just got so emotional now reading this. I am so sorry I brought back old memory to you that made you cried. May his soul continue to rest in God's bosom.

  31. Sign out meme is for me, Stella gracias


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