Stella Dimoko Pastor Adeboye Reveals What God Told Him About Coronavirus


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Friday, December 10, 2021

Pastor Adeboye Reveals What God Told Him About Coronavirus



  1. What has "God told you" about the Widows and orphans in your churches,
    who do not have a meal to eat in weeks.
    Those of them who has no jobs and cannot even send their kids to the school your church runs?
    Have you "cried to the Lord about them?"
    Why not Please tell us what the Lord told you about those ones.
    Every January ending, you open your hands and collect their whole salaries/earnings of your poor members; both husbands and wives and
    you call it "first fruits?"😮😮😮
    And they cannot even pay rents or buy food, what has God told you about those ones?

    1. There will always be men and women like you as spoken by the scriptures . Revilers working for Satan always against Gods kingdom. Hypocritical kickers of men and women of God. There always will be your kind!!!

    2. So long as he's not collecting them at gun point, what's ur stress?

    3. So long as a thief is not stealing from you it's ok baa?. Anon 12.35

    4. @Anonymous 12:32 and 12:35
      Why not address issues instead of cursing. False doctrine is false doctrine irrespective of whoever teaches them.
      In fact, God promised to fight for the widows and extols us to speak out for those that cannot speak for themselves;
      Proverbs 31:8Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
      for the rights of all who are destitute.
      9Speak up and judge fairly;
      defend the rights of the poor and needy.

      If everyone keeps quiet, I will obey my God and speak out. Why the interest in covid, isn't it
      to entice people to come to church after what lockdown did to them?
      Can any of you send your kids to the schools the church run? When the orthodox missionaries brought
      schools and churches, weren't they free to all people?

    5. Hi dear, It may please you to know that the MMM and MBA ponzi men did not collect their monies at gunpoint, so does it make them right?
      Why is the law after them? Please lets keep sentiments apart and talk Scriptures. Greed is idolatry Ephesians 5:4-5

    6. 12:56 & 13:26, I will say it again THE MAN IS NOT COLLECTING PPL'S MONEY AT GUNPOINT.

      Ppl, who put money in Church do that in the belief that they are giving to God; and God who sees the heart will reward them accordingly. Whatever the Pastor decides to do with the money is btw him and God. Let God be the judge. After all when ur favourite YEYEBRITIES are on the spot, most of u here jump on the 'don't judge' bandwagon. They can do no wrong in ur eyes and bla bla. So why judge the Pastor now?

      Nobody is forced to give money in Church; that is the 'gunpoint' I have referred to, in case u're not getting it. Those doing giving money do so willingly and in full knowledge of the issues u complain about. They are adults and not children. U don't need to speak for them. If they have issues with what's up, they can take their money elsewhere. It's not ur stress.

    7. @14:02
      TO SELL THEIR KIDS etc. etc.

      You ended up quoting not even a single Scripture to support your claims. Please read your Bible and find Scriptures, not sentiments.
      If you've been reading my comments on this blog, you will understand that I do not have any "celebrities" (the ones you called that
      "" ) that I support. Only Jesus is my celebrity, Savior and more. He is the only person I celebrate.
      Those that give to MMM and co also did not give at "gunpoint."
      In fact, I read and saw pictures on this blog where MMM facilitators were making presentations in a Redeemed church; this is wrong. Sexual immorality
      and greed are idolatry. I will always talk about the Scriptures. I also do not have a "pastor" I subscribe to. I can speak the Truth without favor.
      idolatry; Ephesians 5:4-5, Col. 3:5

    8. Madam goan open church and run it the way the you deem fit. Be the change you want to see

    9. Covid deaths in the USA alone is almost a million. Worldwide, it is 5.29 million (google), so isn't Redeemed church worldwide?

    10. Lmao ano. 15:18 the thing shock me oo. Hahahaha. Anon 14:02 is just describing 419 in broad daylight. If a pastor gives wrong teaching to get money, isnt that 419???

    11. Why are you guys on Anonymous mode? Talk your truth with your full chest.

    12. So, Amarachi, you did not realise some people actually do not have or want to have ids? Not everyone is a coward to hide under anon.

    13. 14:24, I don't have to quote Scripture to make a point. The activities of the ppl u listed there are expressly outlawed. The MMM operator eventually makes away with ppl's money;the prostitute peddles illicit sex;and the drug dealer,illicit drugs; among other examples.That is the big difference btw them and the Pastor whose 'crime' according to u ,is providing expensive education; or perhaps a lavish lifestyle. Should he provide jankara schools so that everybody can attend and graduate half baked? I wonder if u've really stepped foot in any of the Churches u condemn, 'cos if u have, u wouldn't be asking questions about their charitable activities.

    14. @21:53
      Well if you do not have to quote Scriptures to make a point, then I understand where your problems come from. You probably do not read the Bible to know that first fruits (Exodus 23:16) isn't everything one earns but best portions of it and it is not mandatory.
      Do you know that most of your GOs and "pastors" above 60 probably attended those early missionary schools free of charge; are they "half baked?"
      False doctrine is not a crime, it is a sin. Read the book of Jude or Philemon, they both have just a chapter each.

    15. 12:15, is it that u just want to argue for argument sake or what? Who even mentioned first fruits here? The things u are saying are sounding so disjointed. Is it only by quoting Scripture that ppl come to understanding? Is it everybody that can understand Scriptural quotes? Will they not be explained/expounded for greater comprehension, where necessary? Scriptural quoting is basically for reference sake and to ensure that we do not distort the word of God. It does not mean that ppl cannot caution, advice or admonish one another again if they are not quoting Scripture. U are coming across here as some of the Pharisees who lay emphasis on the letter of the law (technicalities) as opposed to it's spirit and intendment. The issue is to ENSURE THAT THE WILL OF GOD IS UNDERSTOOD AND DONE.

      Concerning the matter of schools, the GO's and co u talk about schooled in an era when education was not even popular. How many ppl were going to school then? The missionaries had to entice ppl to school back in the day. It's a different ball game today. If u fail to acknowledge that, u are living in denial.

      Last of all, I maintain that u probably haven't stepped foot in any of the Churches u condemn otherwise u wdn't be questioning their efforts on charity.

  2. True Sir,If God says it's not your time,nothing can kill you,after all,some people caught this Corona and survived.

  3. Amen,Corona virus is not for us.

  4. Simple.
    I don't believe I will die before my time.
    Neither will any member of my family.
    It is well.

  5. Nipa, ifé Olúgbàlá ki o si nkán

  6. Lies again. All I know is that covid 2020 exposed lying Nigeria pastors period. Believe these men at your peril!!!!! That’s how they exploited my mommy and deceived her. In her dying days, they fled.

    1. The other one that said false things about 5G, I sure hes using it now. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa

  7. I don't know why people just like to talk without thinking. @12:09 how do you know that He doesn't talk about the widows and orphans? That you don't ear doesn't mean it is so. During the lock down, I don't know how much but I know RCCG helped a lot of people with food items and the likes. There are orphanages in the redemption camp and a whole lot of support systems put in place to help people. But because it's not displayed on social media, you think it's non existent.
    It is only things that seem controversial that makes it to the news especially when it has to do with the church.
    Again, some of these things are contextual in the sense that he was preaching and he happened to digress into the issue of Corona virus. Trust naysayers to remove the first part and the end part so they can have food to eat.

    Be calming down abeg. If e too much for you, you sef start your own church and run am as you like.

    I shaa hope my shalaye will be posted.

    1. Are you minding ANG? Let her continue her judging spree.

  8. Is the 4000 in Nigeria? More than 1 million people have died from coronavirus. Where can one find the entire speech to get answers, mbok?

  9. Thank you Daddy Freeze


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