Stella Dimoko Biafra Group Threatens Igbo Politicians With Death And Says Anyone Who Accepts VP Slot Would Lose His Family....


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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Biafra Group Threatens Igbo Politicians With Death And Says Anyone Who Accepts VP Slot Would Lose His Family....

Why the serious threat???

The Indigenous Biafra-Warriors Worldwide (IBWW)has warned Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirants from the South-East region against accepting the vice-presidential slot after the party’s primary election.

Some of the PDP presidential aspirants from the region include; Peter Obi, Anyim Pius Anyim, Sam Ohabunwa and Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze.

IBWW in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Lt. Jack Warrior, said the group had established that politicians from the South-East were; set to sabotage Obi, Pius Anyim and others.

He added that whoever did such would cry for betraying the South-East.
Biafra Group

The statement reads, “The Indigenous Biafra-Warriors Worldwide, independent militants in Biafra land, a military and civilian watchdog, has mounted its searchlight on PDP stakeholders in South-East and South-South. We’re in all the countries of the earth, with no hiding place for our targets.

“We have noted with most interest a perceived conspiracy against South-East presidential aspirants in PDP; especially on Mr Peter Obi whom Nigerians have seen as the most qualified aspirants that will genuinely fix Nigeria. The established politicians in the South-East are set to sabotage Mr Obi, as well as Pius Anyim and others.

“We are closely watching the body language of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu as well as Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; as they are the leading “sabo” against the South-East producing the next president of Nigeria in 2023.

“But one thing is very Sacrosanct and inevitable in 2023; which is either South-East produces the next president of Nigeria or Biafra is actualised by every means.

“2022 to 2023 will be the worst political outing of corrupt politicians from Biafra land because blood will flow. We are carefully collecting and monitoring the names of “sabo”. Those politicians who are working against Biafra restoration and now turned to work against South-East to produce a Nigerian president in 2023 should remove their hands or within one month from now, their heads will roll.

“We know many of you are working for Atiku Abubakar, Mohammed Bala, Bukola Saraki and Tambuwal in secret. It is time to repent now. We want to tell South-East PDP presidential aspirants; Mr Peter Obi, Anyim Pius Anyim, Sam Ohabunwa and Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze, that; any of you that will accept the PDP vice presidential slot, have accepted death. We will wipe you and your children out from the earth.

“There will be “Jerry Rawlings judgment” to South-East political saboteurs both the small and great, only standing and working for South-East presidential aspirants can save you. The PDP delegates at every level in the South-East should know that the 2022 PDP presidential primary is not time to make money, but time to pick the right candidate to fix Nigeria, therefore they should choose either to work with South-East presidential aspirants or we will serve their heads in a plate.

“We are aware that the major factor stopping Biafra restoration are Igbo politicians or the so-called leaders in Biafra land. We have remembered all corrupt politicians in Biafra land this time. None of you shall escape our wrath. You people are living with us and we are living with you people, we know your houses, offices and some of you that sent your children abroad to enjoy good education and good life, we will track your children and wives.''

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  1. Imagine the entire SE being ruled by ipob, you guys wont be able to live FREE again.

    1. Like dem ipob would dictate when you can shit or piss… it would be a terrible dictatorship like putin’s regime

    2. When years ago people were saying igbos will destroy and wreck themselves if allowed to rule each other under biafra, people knew what they were saying then but igbos thought it was hatred for them. How can you rule Nigeria with different tribes when you cannot agree as one to rule yourselves.

    3. Gradually I am beginning to understand why Igbos love Trump, Putin and Kyle Rittenhouse, it's because they are all the same kind of people. Only Igbos in the whole world support the invasion of Ukraine, even Russians oppose it. God forbid.

    4. 12:32 what do you mean only Igbos, how many Igbos do you knowπŸ€₯

  2. Apostle Suleiman don talk am before

    1. Exactly @ Anon. And some of them were abusing him on the post o.

  3. SMH. These people are only ruining things for themselves. Just imagine!

  4. False prophet ®24 April 2022 at 11:10

    I see them playing with these terrorists with kid gloves, they're emboldened by the hour.

  5. What????? SE is in trouble! Igbo people! Over to you! Mbok

    1. Vincent, tell them! I hope they do something to liberate themselves from IPOB

  6. “We are closely watching the body language of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu as well as Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; as they are the leading “sabo” against the South-East producing the next president of Nigeria in 2023.

    Its the leading sabo for me,

  7. Na who do Ndi igbo this thing? SMH

  8. Hmmmmm!!!
    Seriously serious


  9. Unfortunately, it has to come to a time when the people should have the power to fight for themselves against the saboteurs in their midst.

    A few person should not be allowed the power to sabotage the aspirations, peace and progress of their people.

    We need people who can make our leaders more accountable to the people they lead and not to external forces of retrogression or subjugation.

    But the methods of achieving that is what may win or lose the support of all.

  10. I saw this coming.

    Instead of them to support Peter Obi so an Igbo person emerges as a president for the first time, mbanu. the pull him down syndrome is just too much in the S.E.

    Many folks that ain't Igbos re already working with Peter Obi to actualize his dream, but his brothers in IPOB have come out to rebel against him.

    igbos if una miss this chance, e go hard before una go smell that presidential seat o cause Peter Obi na the only man wey other tribes trust, but if una give Peter Obi chance, then other Igbos fit continue to dey contest and become president, y'all need Peter Obi to break that barrier.

    1. Kindly go back and read the post again

    2. I read it before commenting the first time but omitted 'vice' from the word 'president' in my first paragraph due to a typographical error.

      What's wrong with him being a vice-president? . why re they threatening to kill if it's otherwise? must it lead to death anytime they can't ve their way?

      Him being a vice would serve as a political ladder for other igbos to become president, If he doesn't get the V.P slot now it'd be difficult for any other igbo to become president. They need to start from somewhere that's all I'm trying to say.
      All these threats to kill is arrant nonsense.

  11. As for those still supporting Ipob, can't y'all see that it has become politicised, It has become a political tool just like the ones in the North. And if you guys don't clip their wings, Boko Haram would be a child's play compared to what Ipob has in store for y'all.

  12. Masob came to the east and had people's supoort but left the their main indology and started acting like gods. It died a natural death. This too shall die a natural death. Just a lttle time

  13. The fact that such an obviously crazy and irrational group support someone like Peter Obi (while threatening the lives of other Igbo politicians) can only make other Nigerians suspect that Obi might be an IPOB sympathizer!
    Nigerians be careful you don’t elect a closet Biafran as president.

  14. All these tribal agitators that carry Nigeria politics on their heads like their lives depend on it, hope their account balance is extra large. Owo-ni-ko-ko.
    The country is not smiling ,be wise.


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