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Monday, August 08, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Twin Wives Palava


Kpoi! Kpoi! Una SDK yard Pipu dem dem!

Stellamagarita! How markeit?! I salute o!


Two women tear trouser inside market, begin fight world war 4!

Wetin hapun? Inside rain! No shame! Nothing!

The two women marry identical twin brothers!

Those ones wey be say na only their Mama fit differentiate!

Even their papa go just shout 'who dey dia, which one you be?! Bring me water! Kiikiikii...

The kain twins wey fit switch class and teacher nor go know! The ones way to collect meat twice, you sef go dey wonder if old age don hold you for eye!

Na so them twin brothers marry two women wey nor too like themselves. I hear say, them dey even do competition as per which wife fine pass or get packaging pass!

Why una come bring una matter come market?

I come hear say their Mother in law, wan do birthday.

Na so the first twin wife don go pick sample for market. The second twin wife come go the same vendor, and pay down to buy all the sample say make she nor sell anything for anybody until after the party!

The first twin wife come find out, she report give her husband, that one and the twin brother nor gree follow themselves fight on top woman matter!

The souvenirs wey the second wife wan share, the first Twin wife too go block the place!

I ask if they don born pikin? They say the two born twins one boy and one girl!

Na so I begin laugh throway leg! So everything wey dey happen for their family Na same same!

Una wey be wife, wey see money to throw lavish party, inside this economy. Still dey waste resources to pepper una sef! Onto wetin Na?

Na im person gist me say the Mother in law na Magaret Thatcher, serious perfectionist wey sabi compare the wives with themselves!

Plus she dey use dem gather information about themselves and the two wives nor even know! They say wan be her favourite, by force by fire!

So na the Mother in law carry them put for psychological rat-race amongst themselves!

Say she dey remind them say her sons deserve nothing but the best plus say na pity she use accept them as daughters! Since na inside Buckingham she born her sons!

So na competition be every day of their lives o! I say shey na blessing we go call this kain life abi na problem?!


  1. Wahala, how long will they keep impressing their mother in Law?

    1. Very stupid women. Like how the sons ignored the women and refused to fight themselves.

    2. Capital problem o不不不

  2. Wahala 不不不the two of them need to receive sense

  3. Are they not wise enough to have known they are being used?.. smh

  4. This one na wahala o

  5. This kain mother-in-law sef her own too much. Make two of them just borrow brain treat the MIL f***k up. The MIL don forget say she go die someday

  6. the two wives are jobless, instead of them to work a as a team they are busy fighting. Their mother in law is not doing we at all, why will she allow her daughter in law fight for no reason.

  7. Na them get time na? Someone like me no send anybody

  8. Divide and rule mother's or father's

    Are plain evil

  9. Dem chop beleful that's why dem see strength to fight

  10. They really have time o....

  11. They don't know what to do with their lives abi

  12. Hahaha wahala dey oo. Make Dem continue till dem tire. I like as the husband's no gree put mouth for their matter.


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