Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 7 Reunion - Drama Unfolds Between EX Love Interests Deji And Chichi


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Thursday, June 22, 2023

BBNaija Season 7 Reunion - Drama Unfolds Between EX Love Interests Deji And Chichi

The Reunion drama is begining to trickle in....LOL
If it is staged or not, I dont know!

Big brother naija star Chichi, has narrated how “fake” housemate and her love interest in the Level Up House, Deji manipulated her into thinking she was mentally ill.

Speaking during the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Reunion Day 3 aired on Wednesday, Chichi said Deji would intentionally provoke her and when she started raging, he would tell her she was overreacting and needed to see a therapist.

She recalled how Deji once recorded her while she was complaining bitterly about his unruly behaviour towards her.

The reality star said Deji puts up a good character whenever they are outside but behaves irrationally when they are alone in the room.

Chichi said at a point she succumbed to Deji’s manipulations as she started thinking she could be suffering from a mental illness making her overreact.

She said, “At a point, he [Deji] would tell me, you need a psychologist. At a point, I started buying the idea; I think I have a [mental] problem because of the way I was being treated.
“I was manipulated to think I have a problem. He would do something bad to me outside and when we come in and I’m telling him, Deji, I feel like you are treating me like this. Deji would tell me I’m overthinking it. You would need a therapist.

“Ebuka, I bought that idea. I started feeling I needed a therapist because I was feeling like I was overreacting. My pain was, when we had issues in SA, none of the housemates came to me to ask me, except Amaka. She did not even ask me. She just said, ‘Hope you’re okay? Don’t worry, you will be fine.’ And I said, thank you so much for coming.
“Every housemate went to him [Deji]. Nobody came to me and say, ‘Chichi, are you okay?'”

Chichi said Deji was still sneaking to her hotel room “every night like a male prostitute” after the reality show.
She said he would fold her clothes and clean for her just to pass the nights at her place.

The host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked Deji who joined via Skype if he was in Chichi’s hotel room every night as she claimed.

Deji responded: “Ebuka, let me tell you something, I wasn’t in her hotel room every night. But this was the situation, I got to know you inside the House, I knew your story. We came out of the House, we all saw what happened on the stage; this girl literally had nobody there with her on stage.

“It was a different situation for everyone of us. Do you expect her to come out of the House and I shouldn’t be there for her emotionally and all of that sh*t? Ask her why I was there in her hotel room in the first place. I just feel like it’s a situation where you are trying to twist the situation. You came out of the House, you knew you needed me, I was there for you at every moment you wanted me around. I’m not going to be saying I did this for you, I did that for you or all of that sh*t. That’s not my vibe.”

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  1. Chichi needs to understand that this guy isn’t into her,he uses her to quench steam…this babe should be wiser

  2. I’m glad she got herself together. Some girls will die there

  3. It was messy.
    Them go dey alright.

  4. Deji to Chichi: This platform is a poverty alleviation scheme for you and you depend on it

    Chichi: Atleast I’m not having s£x with different old women to sustain my lifestyle

    God abegi oh πŸ˜‚

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 this one enter!!!

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. Omo, Chichi you mouth is bad asf. What?! 🀣


  5. I was so angry with Deji last night eh.. my hate for chichi when they where in the house ended last night. May God always come through for her

    1. Me too…I just suddenly liked her

    2. Exactly. That boy Deji is a manipulator, he kept leading her on. I'm glad she got the memo and is finally over him.

    3. Deji is not into Chichi simple.

  6. I met them quarelling half way. It was quite messy

  7. I know some ladies here will still insult Chichi, she wasn't on my favourite list but I added her last night.
    Deji manipulated this babe abeg, na love she love person she no kill anybody, though Chichi get her own for body .when you fall inlove sometimes you don't see the red light, the exact thing that happened to Chichi, and she was too protective of Deji to see that he doesn't have feelings for her.
    When telling people different things and telling her not to mind all that happened inside, but hiding to naπŸ™„k her.
    She is human abeg, .

  8. I'm waiting for Push up to finish this deji boy for me. He is so lucky he's not based in Nigeria, what happened to Thin Tall Tony would have happened to him useless gaslighter. BBN is a poverty alleviation program yet you came for it. You are even a Gigolo, tueh. Thank God chichi finally saw the real you

  9. D greatest mistake Chichi made was telling it all. Did they hold a gun to her head to do that? There are some personal confidentiality u keep to yourself, rather than turning yourself to entertainment material.Of what importance was that expose’ to d viewers, who would turn back & mock her with all sorts. Up until BBN7, right from Double Wahala , all d housemates that told their truth are still being trolled by same viewers who are out to be entertained & they won’t spare her. At least make Liquor Rose & Emma names rest for their mouth. She should have kept mute, carried her cross & leave viewers to be guessing . Multichoice likes ds type on engagement & doesn’t care if ur name gets rubbished in d long run. Not a smart move at all.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion. Not everyone thinks like you. I like that she stood up for herself against that narcissistic goat.


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