Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Worked for a woman who was extremely mean and heartless. She was only going to give us four days before school resumed.
    That fateful day, I came by 8:55 am instead of 8:30am for summer coaching because classes would resume by 9:00am.
    She penalized us by sending a memo that defaulters would come to school for the remaining days of the week.
    I sent WhatsApp messages begging and explaining that I needed to see the doctor cos I wasn't quite healthy then but she refused. I took the bull by the horns and made up my mind not to come because summer coaching had already ended and coming to school to do nothing was the height of it.
    When she saw I didn't 'obey' she sent me a message not to bother returning.
    I cried and decided to move on, I told myself I would never beg her. The very next day, a colleague who was recently employed during summer lesson sent me an address to submit my CV. After the test and micro teaching, I was hired on the spot with almost double the previous pay. The same colleague also paid her back in her own coin by handing in his resignation letter after collecting his salary.
    God came through for me. So many people in her school also left cos they got far better offers.
    God's great 👍.

  2. Submitting a document without approval(signature) from a difficult boss. It was risky doing that, cos without the signature all my effort and finance in vain and I didn't want to miss the opportunity either. I prayed and had faith, miraculous my request was granted and signature approved. It can only be God.

  3. Relocated 7 different times within a short time. The most stressful years of my life. Faith in God was the only thing I had left.

    In all, God knows best!

    Words on Marble.

    1. Same. relocated 5times in 5 years due to work.

  4. Going to attend university without admission,I prayed was directed to go to a certain department,I went started attending lectures and doing term papers,I was very active to a point I was a lead character in a theatre art production,which was one of the borrowed courses we were mandated to do that year,my name came out finally 5 days to first semester exams,did course registration and got my registration number a day to exams,passed all the courses in that department,wrote jamb a second time,got the course I always wanted switched to another faculty entirely with a new registration number,got the scholarships I had always dreamed of,finished my dream course with flying colours,had the job I always saw myself in the dream doing despite the stiff competition,I never applied for the job,but it came when it came,I often pinch myself to see if am still dreaming.

    1. It is indeed great faith and believing in God and yourself.
      I thank God on your behalf

    2. Going to school even while I was pregnant out of wedlock in my late teen, I had no penny to my name, hard to work to school because my parents were angry with me and decided to punish me for my sins which was understandable.

      But instead God came through for me because of my faith, he showed me mercy and send help my way. On one faithful night I closed from the Polytechnic at 9pm and had to work back about 100km home and I was 8month gone already.

      I was so tired and couldn't do it anymore, I seat on the work way by the road side not too far from my school and cried that " Lord, I am tired and can't do this anymore, if you don't get a means for me to go home; I will sleep here" and after my prayer I heard someone call my name and when I looked up it was my course mate in computer school I attended after secondary school.

      He was passing and saw me, so he stop and took me home and from that day God provided transport for me home by using My course mates till I was through with that year in school and gave birth.

      I had faith that I could pull through and believe God and he saw me through.

      Never give up on you self and your dreams, believe God and he will guide you through.

  5. Copycat , that was indeed faith and God's grace at work in your life. Glory be to his name

  6. Going back to school as an adult. Didn’t have a penny to my name, but with scholarships and awards made it through.

  7. In my final year I'm the Uni, I worked as an INEC staff in one of the LGA's in Kano. I don't understand Hausa nor can I speak the language but I took the risk despite the scary stories I was told.

    I had to cos I needed the money to sort out my project without disturbing my sweet Mama. It was a scary and sweet experience.

  8. When My baby geh Marked her 3rd birthday. Then Marriage and everything have pafuka🙄No money No nothing even to eat then was difficult. A Prophet friend of Mine visited us one day like dat and after praying with us told me that someone will gift her a birthday cake as a blessing from God .
    Exactly on her but, a friend on the street came very early in the morning to gift her this huge birthday cake. I was dumbfounded. No any sign from her of doing this . she only calls baby geh her "Princess"

  9. Living in mowe and taking up a job in surulere area, to always resume by 8am. Was always leaving home say 5:30. While trekking to the bus-stop, I won't even see the faces of the people moving around me. Daily crossing the heavy express at that time without any form of accident was by God's special grace. I went through all that for one year.

  10. i am currently taking a leap of faith, my husband and i have fixed a date but his family has manipluated him into changing the date. i am still sticking to our earlier agreed date and planning towards it because i trust God to come through

  11. Had a tear in my anus (anal fissure )it lasted for THREE WHOLE MONTHS wept every single day for those three months cos of the excruciating pains the doctor told me the only solution is surgery,was booked for it.went home and told my mum i was booked for surgery and she boldly said that surgery would never hold,just a week prior to the day of the surgery i had healed enough for it to be cancelled by the doctor


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