Stella Dimoko Musician Davido Announces Recognition As ‘Outstanding Georgia Citizen’ By The State Of Georgia.


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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Musician Davido Announces Recognition As ‘Outstanding Georgia Citizen’ By The State Of Georgia.

Davido announced that he attended the US stater of Georgia general Assembly meeting with the Georgia house of Reps and Georgia Senate where he was recognised as an Outstanding Georgia citizen....

Congratulations to him but what does one need to do to be recognised like this in the US? Did he do anything special or is this just a recognition given to celebrities from time to time? I am asking cos the News is only viral in the Nigerian space....


  1. Maybe pays his taxes and do somethings for his coummity. Make i ask my sis she dey stay der.

  2. Good one, though the same state honoured MC Oluomo and his son a few years ago.

    Atlanta, GA is the Lagos of the US. And once you can legitimately "support" here and there and a member of the house is able to pitch your case......

  3. To answer your question, nothing but be close to at least a compromised politician. Especially Georgia where Nigerians in Atlanta and its exburbs have corrupted some politicians in the state. MC took a picture with the governor of Georgia. The cups of compromised politicians will fill up and they will be exposed.

    I actually like him and he did not need this. It cheapened him. Like those buying N150000 PHDs as if you can buy PhD😂 in universities in Benin republic and Nigeria. It’s like when they say a day is “XYZ day” or they “gave the key of a city to someone”. It’s all pay for play by compromised politicians. It’s no news here at all because it’s a “Nothing-burger”.

    He did not even need this at all. I will say though that he now has intensely good PR in the US since that his wife and most of his children are here, was on Jimmy Fallon and has done so many interviews. It looks like he now lives here and visits Nigeria so he may have a plan in either countries.


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