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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

''The Reason I Live''-Ochuko

I so totally identify with this song,I lost my two older siblings and sweet mother all in a space of about two years and I know what I went through.........I know.

This song was inspired by his late sisters and he's dedicating it to all those discouraged people out there who feel they don't have a reason to live in the event of losing a loved one(s).
 The song basically acknowledges trials and tribulations through life and reminds us that as humans, if not for anything, the one reason for our existence is to glorify God's name and appreciate everyday we walk this earth and also to spread the good news about God’s goodness in our lives.

This is why the song is titled it "The Reason I Live"
Produced by L37

Serial Husband Solomon AkiyesiGATE Interview

Serial Hubby Solomon Akiyesi has explained his reason for wanting to take a third wife whilst still married to two and I dont know if running two ladies down and praising one is okay?
Isnt this kiss and tell?
Nollywood matter don tire me!
How is Ezinne and Lilian supposed to feel now RUNNING THEM DOWN LIKE THIS?Isnt there a better way this man could have told his story?He said he only had traditional with Ezinne?didnt we see wedding pics in front of a church?
This Interview will defintiely raise up more dust.......I hope he will not say Lilian is faking her Pregnancy later and I am so sad he put out Ezinne as having no womb....It is wicked..why do men do these things?..Kiss and tell is wrong on an ex spouse!...My two cents!
Enjoy his interview.....Mscheeeeew!

Ekiti State Scholarship Is Available NOW.

A lot of Credible email addresses was copied in this message so I am taking the risk of putting it out.
Try it out or pass it on to someone who needs to know.

This is the email  From:
The 16 local government councils in ekiti state have contributed a sum of 69.3 million naira as counterpart funds for bursary. ekiti state scholarship is online application and is for students,undergraduate master phd postdoc. if you wish to apply for the form, kindly email

Doris Simeon And Daniel Ademinokan Are Not Divorced?

This story was lifted from another blogger who doesnt have traffic and i figured I should bring it here to help you all read it.All credit and yabbis go to Bunmi Odunowo the writer,una hear?

Make una give Doris Simeon her pikin please!..This is so wrong!

According to BUNMI ODUNOWO

The revelations cropping up about the Daniel Ademinokan/Doris Simeon/Stella Damasus’ love triangle seem to be unending.With all the accusations against Doris coming from Daniel and Stella’s loyalists about her lacklustre performance in the bedroom and all, fresh revelations have arose, stating that if Daniel marries Stella, he would be committing bigamy because Daniel and Doris are not DIVORCED yet as he has led the media to believe.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Rapper Ikechukwu See Wetin You Dey Miss...

This Is Sarah Ofili...The ex Boo of Rapper Killz.
Killz has got a Sexy six pack to Die for body and a black belt in

Appreciation For Community Trendy Setters Awards

My Dear Readers oh...hmmm after how many years them don finally nominate me for award but the category them put me eh,e tight oh...This people wan fall my hand but GOd no go gree!
Abeg make una help me do thanksgiving in advance oh....
Praiseeee Da LORD!

Is Actress Camilla Mberekpe A Witch?


Nollywood Actress Camilla Mberekpe has allegedly confessed to being a witch on Prophet TB Joshua's Tv.
Over the years if you have been watching her movies,you will agree that she plays the roles of witches and mermaid really well.

That Email Concerning Daniel And Doris

I looked in the junkmail of my PRIVATE EMAIL this morning and lo and behold there was a copy of  that supposed expose email on Doris and Daniel's Marriage!

The sender stated they did not know me but wanted to clear the air,BUT how did they get my private email except we had mailed each other on it before?

I have just concluded that the supposed JMK does not exist.!!!

I have never publicly displayed my private email address before except the one displayed on this blog, so where on earth did this nameless person get all my email addresses?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Revelation Aboout Daniel And Doris

Happy Reading

I have stood by in the last couple of days to see this drama about Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan unfold. I have read countless blogs, reviews and comments from all over the world and I have come to the conclusion that people have no clue what they are talking about.

I LIVED WITH DANIEL AND DORIS FOR ABOUT 4 YEARS SO I CAN TELL YOU FACTS! Not hear say or assumptions. I will even mention names that can be verified.

Stella Damasus/Daniel Ademinokan Are Not Married.


Since this Story of Daniel and Stella broke loose;I have been quiet because when one person does a breaking news,another one does the confirmation or denial follow up.

Will Kossy Onwuzo Make A Good Model?

Onwuzo Kossy is a 21yr old Nigerian Student of Mass Communication of Houdegbe North American University and his dream is to be a model and a TV presenter.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Actress Doris Simeon Invokes The Fifth Amendment...

                              When the going was good...

Beautiful Actress Doris Simeon is currently the centre of attention as her Ex hubby Daniel Ademinokan has supposedly Married another controversial Actress Stella Damasus.

BMary's Collection Launched.

Wow I cant believe This!

Please Pray For Baby Okiki

This Beautiful child was born with only half skull  but God has sent help !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Who Let The Other 'Woman'In?

 This topic is not in Reference to anyone/situation in Particular.It is just a Random post whilst I cook up some Stories.

Nigerians BIG BROTHER GEJ Is Watching You!

EXCLUSIVE:Jonathan awards $40million contract to Israeli company to monitor computer.Internet communication by Nigerians.


Toyin Alakiu Finds Love Again!

20yrs of Holy Matrimony crashed by the roving hands of Desperate Women!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is This Crooner Djinee's Girlfriend?

ShegeJagwa.....See hips!
Nigerian crooner osayamwen Nosa Donald A.k.a Djinee must know that Hips dont lie


This Video has over 500,000 views in 3 days and is trending at the moment..
Well I found it really Funny and thought to share.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Check out Chika Ike's N5M Gorimapa!


Awwwww Chika  indian hair sellers will miss you for a bit!

Actress Omotola's TIME Interview On Youtube.

Omotola's interview is at 0.40, at the TIME 100 Gala which took place last night.
I cant see this dress from behind but it looks on point from the front.her hair looks good...she looks good!

End of discussion!

You are entitled to your opinion.

Actress Omotola Arrives New York For TIME 100 Gala...

Omotola At The MM Airport.

 'Queen' Omotola as she departed Nigeria for New York .....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BASKETMOUTH Flaunts Family,Fortune And Fame.

The story of comedy in Nigeria can never be complete without a chapter deservedly devoted to Basketmouth. Christened Bright Okpocha at birth by his parents, the Isiukwuato, Abia State born entertainment practitioner who is in his 30’s towers above many in his sector.

One of the leading lights of comedy, the enormously blessed rib cracker flaunted his lovely family, good fortune and ever-rising fame in this unputdownable interview with YES International! Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, AZUH ARINZE. Other pertinent issues were also dissected by him.....

Wow,I love This Interview!
Basketmouth' responses are #epic.

Ex Beauty Queen Omotu Bissong.

She was crowned beauty queen in 2003 but today,she still looks like a queen!

Girl Raped And Buried ALive!


I only watched a bit of this,I am shocked and I cannot bring myself to watch through...maybe after a cup of coffee.

I am just curious though...How did this people know where to dig for the body?The culprits probably confessed?
The long arm of the law better dish out to them the exact portion they deserve!

This is so sad sad sad!

Chika Ike And That N5Million Haircut

Its not as if beautiful Actress Chika Ike has ever told a lie and was busted so why is she displaying her pay cheque all over the Internet to prove shes not lying??

Actress Oge Okoye cut her hair and told us a figure,No one believed her and that story passed.

Actress Mercy Johnson did same and the figure was rumoured to be between N5-10Million,People disbelieved but she ignored and its history.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ayo Adesanya's Ex Responds To Pic.

Omogoriola Hassan is Actress Ayo Adesanya's Ex hubby and he was recently at ENCOMIUM BLACK AND WHITE Ball and he was busted in the pic here

Red Carpet Look?

Pretty Actresses Uche Ogbodo and Uchenna Nnanna.

This is how they Appeared on AMAA 2013 Redcarpet.

Need I say more`?Epic OOPS #AMAA

Click to see more pics.

Comedian Klint Da Drunk Is 'Drunk'

This is Comedian Klint Da drunk and from this picture,it is so obvious he is drunk with love for wife Lilien.

Check out the closed eyes...
The protruding Angelina Jolie look alike lips.
The sweat....

Presidents Obama And 'Goodluck'

Terrorism is slowly swallowing the world ...

Boston was bombed and there were many casualties,Obama came out immediately and stepped his feet down and we all saw what happened right?

Boko Haram is turning Nigeria into a graveyard and My darling Goodluck Jonathan says we have to live with it.

AMAA's Pregnant Foreign Guest Slapped at Port Harcourt Airport.

Africa's Most Prestigous Awards AMMA held last weekend and it was a parade of Celebrities from all over the world.

The much publicized award show ended well.....well almost until the drama that unfolded at the aiport  when one female airport security service officer slapped a foreign guest who looked about five months .pregnant

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Advice Needed ASAP

A Reader of this Blog sent in the following writeup and wants advice on it......*sad face*
I checked out the person who mailed me in facebook and decided to edit out the name part to protect her.Thank you as you advice her.

''Stella please help me make this a topic so your readers could help me out.
my boyfriend has a very watery sperm ,thou we have gone to see a doctor and he was given drugs to take.
 this happened in december last year.his sperm is still watery and we are looking at getting married.we had sex last month

Free Advert.....Share Your Flight Experience.

Launching just recently, FlightExperience aims to crowd source airline experiences, flight experiences, and whatever you might have witnessed on your recent flights within or outside Nigeria.

Does Size Really Matter?

Okay we are doing Reality here.
If the topic disgusts you,please scroll to another www or waka pass.

So you are a guy and your babe has p***y the size of the whole of ajegunle put together. That doesn't mean she's been around the world n ayayaaaa........might be nature,might be your handiwork sef.

You love her but you have never discussed this with her,instead all your friends know shes too wide!
That's not fair guys!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nigerians Thrill On Britain's Got Talent Show.



Today is week 2 of Britains got talent audition show and three naija female dancers called
CEO DANCERS mounted the stage and throw the audience apart with kurukere and Oliver twist song
Simon cowell was shaking his head and had no choice than to say yes and they went through.
CEO dancers are an awesome trio.
Ya all need to check them out............see body movement!
feels proud being a naija huh?

Eva N Charly----Hot Or Not?

Rapper Eva Alordiah is my Isoko sister and over time i have been following news about her.

She has done well for herself abeg.

She is rumoured to be dating Charlyboys son and people are giving their relationship a thumbs down..babes can sabi jealous!

OMG This Snake Is Beautiful!

I hate snakes with a passion but I have been staring at this one nonstop.

You like?

Stereotypes---Just For Laughs

A Reader of this blog sent this in and wants to see what you all think about what he has put together for your viewing pleasure.
Please leave your nice/nasty comments...All follow for advice.

PS....Sorry the video didnt show the first time for some of una, una amebo too much

Other hilarious skits

Friday, April 19, 2013

Indian Hair Advert And Co....

See me see wahala!

The Anonymous poster posting indian hair advert/bbpin and phone number all over my posts,I use God name beg you to stop.I have been deleting them but its begining to to be a little too much.
You no wan pay for advert but you wan sell?

You no hear say indian hair pursue person for dream?

Actress Funke Adeshiyan Romances Big Spender Sati Rahmon.

Pretty Big breasted(Infact its eye popping)Yoruba Actress Funke is in a relationship with Rahmon Salawe and if things go well,they will soon sign the dotted lines. Their relationship has been on for about a year and going on strong without distractions.
*rollong eyes*
Rahmon popularly known as Sati Rahmon used to be married to a Jamaican named Monica But both are rumoured to have happily parted ways.

The Show Goes On For Wande Coal.

Wande is currently on European Tour and his name is on hot hot hot in Europe.

Wande Despite setbacks from Nigerian Copyright Commission as a result of the ban on his Go Low video, has continued to enjoy airplay and multiple listens both locally and internationally. Other recent singles such as Sexcellency, The Kick and My Way have already captured the imagination of the listening public. The hard working songster also featured on two tracks on the D’Prince’s Frenzy album, also released under Mavin Records.

Wande Coal’s sophomore album is set to be released on June 6th 2013 under the Mavin Records label. The as-yet-untitled project has been under the direct supervision of the Mavin head honcho, Don Jazzy.

The new album, which comes five long years after the record-breaking ‘Mushin to Mohits,’ also features a special collaboration with a mystery international act whose identity will remain under wraps for now.

*Na copy and paste from the Press Release wey them send*

Nengi Warikoko Replies Rumour Mongers.

Enquirer website carried the breaking news that Nengi Warikoko is Actress Genevieves Daughter and they even renamed her 'Chimebuka'.

The BB circulation says that Genevieves long lost daughter had been revealed.

Well I did copy and paste(so to say)and asked if the person in the picture was indeed Genevieve's child,knowing this rumour was coming in a second time and we all know the adage of 'no smoke without fire'

Nengi nicely contacted me and debuked being Genevieves child...This is the second time she will be  put on the hotseat as being the famous actress' daughter.

Nengi must have read the comments here on the other story cos she sent more pictures and said there was no iota of resemblance between her and the actress.

This is what she said

Dear Stella,

Children Having Sex?

Someone inboxed me a picture of four children having hardcore sex....doggy style.

I dont know if i am allowed to put the picture up but I am still in shock and I am angry at whoever took this picture.
I have been trying to tell myself the picture is photoshop but i cannot convince myself hard enough.

I have looked at my beautiful kids and i imagined someone lining them up to have sex in their young age...God forbid!

My weekend is totally messed up.I pray for whoever made that picture to find God,before the Devil finds him.

PS---I cannot update as regularly as I want to cos i have real life  to take care of and my kids are a handful..abeg make una no vexs.

Meet The Queen Of Nollywood!

Thats her....


YES...that's her.

Omotola is like a train that cannot be stopped...and she is in her own lane!

Despite the many haters and controversies which trail her,she is the only African Actress with the Largest amount of followers on the social network....YES!

Nollywood Star Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has been named as an Icon on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list for 2013. Popularly referred to as Time 100, the list is divided into various sections – Titans, Pioneers, Leaders, Icons and Artists.

One thing caught my Eyes though.The Actress was elevated from being a Diva to The Queen of Nollywood.


Congratulations oh Queen Omosexy!

Beware Of Employment Scam!

Yesterday Thursday 18,2013 at No 15 Adekunbi crescent,off toyin st,ikeja Angry job seekers invited the Police into the Scenario that unfolded before them.
A supposed employment firm that collects money from job applicants bit of more than they could chew as theri victims cried wolf to the police.
The firm collects money from unknowing victims in other to help them secure jobs in banks,oil companies and other multi national firm...The higher your expectation,the higher you pay.
Some Realised it was a scam and called in the Police who  whisked away the brains behind the money milking technique from unemployed people.
This is so terrible,why dupe unemployed people to become rich?
Pictures were taken by one of my Employed friend who was driving by oh.




Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is This Beautiful Teenager Genevieve Nnaji's Daughter?

According to National Enquirer Magazine on its blog ,these pics are authentically those of Alist Actress Genevieve Nnaji' Teenage Daughter who lives in America with her Father.

Checkout Lily,the SUPPOSED  apple of Ms Nnaji's eye's.

 If she is Gennys Girl,I hope Genevieve has a Mother-Child Relationship with this beautiful teenager.

In case you think this isnt Genevieve's daughter,please send me her pictures.Thank you


Pics lifted from my friends blog,please if you lift this pic,give the credit to National Enquirer Magazine  CLICKThe mag broke these pics.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OMG---Is This Portia Yamahan?

She was caught by her Neighbours blackberry Cam as she posed to admire her new Car.

.Dunno if the car is New or Tokunbo because the pics do not show ebough details but that is Next Movie Star Winner(2006) Portia Yamahan A:k-a Posh:

Errrm Yes IT IS Portia...........Triple her size.

I guess her new Movie roles will have to change to that of  'iya apati'.

Is that a Mohawk on her head?lol



This is the Portia we all know.


Rachel Edjeren Explains The Indian Hair Dream.

A while back,Rachel fixed Indian hair,went to sleep and the hair chased her in that dream.the report online went viral and a lot of critics attacked her dream but the TV presenter wants to clear the air so she sent me this before posting on her blog.
Read with an objective mind please.


''When I decided to change my hair-do, I did not anticipate the drama that would unfold from just fixing human hair.
My Indian hair story found wings and soared on the Social Networks  like a Wild wind. It also created debates on radio stations and got to a point where I was invited for appearances on Television programmes but i turned these down because I wasn't ready to talk about it.
Now I am ready out of shock and ready to address the issues raised
I raised some kind of awareness,I created some form of controversy,critics attacked me saying i already had a biased opinion that resulted in my experience.
Please hear me out...Again.

First I'll like to highlight that if you know me personally and my ministry, you would know that I fear nothing spiritually since I gave my life to Christ in 2004.
I am a firm believer that you have control over your circumstances and what affects your life and that explains why I chose to wear that hair notwithstanding what I know about sacrificed human hair.
I FEAR NOTHING EXCEPT GOD... and so to connote that I had that dream based on fear is absolutely out of context.
 Also to imply that it was due to the knowledge I had previously from the documentary I saw has no basis at all because that had been 2 years ago and i did not even have the experience at heart. To conclude that it was due to any knowledge/experience/fears I had previously on the hair is not doing justice to the experience and story because believe me, I had no reservations whatsoever on that hair. My belief was that as soon as it touched my head, all negativity was totally nullified.
Why did the dream occur and why was the story so popular? Simply because no evil came to me even though I was chased, it ended in victory. That being said, THE DREAM WAS JUST AN EYE OPENER. For whom? To whom it may concern!
God told me, He had a purpose for it. I don't confute God, I only try my best to carry out his will.

As to why I'm speaking up now, God is not an author of confusion so I will not produce a story that will create unrest and confusion, my message from God brings peace
In conclusion,the intention was not to attack Indians - whom I love and admire very much - I did not intentionally set out to call out the dealers of human hair or ladies who buy and wear these human hair; In fact when you buy it and pay for it... you have authority over it...
When you buy hair, make sure it is medically sound. Also pray on it and sanctify it before use like you do all your other possessions especially because you will carry it with you day and night like your skin.
However, my advice is that you do not patronize the hair sacrificed to the gods. That's my opinion. .
In the heat of what happened to me, I said I won't wear human hair again but my dears, in life, tomorrow always turns a new page. I may or may not wear human hair. I may wake up tomorrow and decide to. It's all a matter of choice..
. I may also decide to shave my hair, that doesn't change who I AM...




Rachel Edjeren

Memo To Visitors Of This Blog.

Hello ya 'all

First of all I must say a big thank you to all the visitors to this blog,both in anonymous mode and with 'real names'. Una doh!

I only just started approving comments on this blog since this year and I am amazed at the comment flow but please from now on,I will not be approving comments cussing out other bloggers here.
If you have a problem with them take it to their blogs please. The comments on this  POST just makes me think someone is up to something,whoever it is,i hope you got your G-spot.

I take all positive and negative criticism in good faith and hey its okay to cuss me out if it helps,I will not be a warehouse for cussing out other bloggers. As a very busy print journalist I still believe in the old saying that 'dogs don't eat dogs'.

As for the comparism to other beautiful blogs,oh I know my blog has an ugly template and I have seen all the cuss out concerning that and I am working on it una hear?
I choose my own battles both private and job wise,so please do not help me start a war here with your comments concerning another blogger,if they choose to put me out,I am okay with it,it does just change the size of my paent.
If you have adverts,feel free to contact me and we will work at it and see how we can get it up,even for free.

I do my job on print with passion and as a blogger I also appreciate all your contributions.
Let it be straight to the point,let it cuss me out if need be but please no more warehouse comments concerning other bloggers.

 The sky is big enough for everyone and one mans success must not be a threat to anyone who has a dream that he doesn't let die. .
Like my boss would say "smile,its a beautiful world".

No matter how bad anyone thinks I am,I can still be used as a bad example!

Thank you all.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sarah Ofili And Asake Oge At Studio 29

Epitome of Beauty Sarah Ofili was spotted recently at the opening of studio29 to show Ceo Asake
Oge some support

Chei See the different shades of beauty.

Pic Of Solomon AkiyesiGATE and 1st Wife Ezinne.

I am only an observer to this unbelieveable drama,I didn't help the main character involved do all his scheming,so those coming here to cuss me out for bringing evidence,Biko hapum aka!

The story is according to #CampEzinne is that ''Solomon began dating Lilian when he was still married to Ezinne and despite all the warnings from Ezinne,Lilian refused to leave Solomon alone so Ezinne left him alone and Solomon took a walk and moved out but was in contact with Ezinne and had been begging her up until last month to let them begin afresh''.

According to #CampEzinne,Ezinne broke down on the day Solomon was marrying Lilian and it didnt occur to her to walk in and 'scatter' the venue of the wedding,her friends suggested it to her but she didn't want to...She wanted to sue but family prevailed on the could she sue her first love?''

Ezinne and Solomon are still Married but do not live in the same house.
They had Traditional and Church wedding Ceremonies on April 20,2003 and the reception was at LA kings stadium road  in Portharcourt..

Members of #CampEzinne who were at her Wedding and were with her when Solomon was marrying Lilian insist that Lilian is the Real husband snatcher and got paid back in her own coin,They insist that the law of Retributive Justice prevailed.A.k.a If you do me,person go do you back.

As you read this and see the evidence for yourself,please Single ladies be careful and watch out for the signs of a serial husband.

Solomon didn't divorce Ezinne.........wrong move.

Solomon was still married to Lilian and supposedly said he was travelling to a movie location but went to Lagos to get married for the third time......wrong move.

Did Uloma know Solomon was married to Lilian?What woman would know the man she was marrying was legally married to someone else and still drag him to Church?I honestly don't think she knew,if she then why did she do it?why?

Okay,I wanted to prove that as at the time Solomon Married Lilian and Almost Married Uloma,He was still legally married to Ezinne...In legal terms doesn't that make his wedding to Lilian non existent by reason of not getting a divorce from Ezinne first?

I am not a lawyer and I do not have the answers.I am not friends to any of these ladies and I am not taking sides,just asking questions like all you Anonymous'.

See Proof that Solomon Akiyesi Married and is still Married to Ezinne Akiyesi.
I pray God intervenes and heals Solomon of whatever he is going through that is making him do this....Amen.





For better for worse....

Solomon feeding Ezinne.

Awww....Sealed with a kiss!

Traditional Wedding On April 18,2003

Monday, April 15, 2013

Uloma Lands Solomon AkiyesiGATE Hot Slaps!

The drama sems to be endless!

Solomon has been going from pillar to post trying to appease all the women in his life......Talk of an unrepentant Cassanova eeeh!

I just Confirmed that loverboy has been making endless phone calls to his legally married first wife Ezinne Akiyesi and urging her not to release their marriage details or pictures to me.

Yesterday Sunday April 14,2013 A day after his botched third Marriage,Solomon went to Visit Uloma in Ikeja where she is cooling off from prying eyes and 'questionaire' friends and he got more than he bargained for.

Angry Uloma watched as Solomon paid her a visit and began to plead for forgiveness and a second chance....She sat and watched the man she had been dishing out money to in love.....She watched and lost her cool and people in the house watched as Uloma repeatedly landed hot,teeth displacing slaps on Solomons face.

Solomon was rescued by concerned in house observers and asked to leave.he left with smoke oozing out of his entire face due to the hot slaps.

It is confirmed that Ulomas Family members have spoken to Ezinne and confirmed she is the orignal wife number one.


ECOBANK In Trouble.


The management of Jibril Aku-led Eco Bank is presently running from pillar to post from an impending trouble over an unprofessional conducts, fraud and financial malpractice on an account belonging to one of the institutions` biggest customers, Francis Ogaree who`s one of the senior managers with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) of NNPC Towers, Abuja.

Aside suing the bank for a N100m damages, Francis Ogaree has vowed to make sure Eco bank loses its banking licence as a result of what he termed as unprofessional, unethical and sharp banking practices by falsifying his account statements thereby ridiculing his person before credit bureau and other financial institutions.
According to the statement of claims made available to National Enquirer by Ogaree`s counsel, Dr. Yemi Oke of MJS Partners suing the bank for a N100m and directing the apex bank, the central bank of Nigeria to revoke Eco bank`s licence, Eco bank was said to have been in the habit of illegally deducting monies from Ogaree`s domiciliary account without his consent.
We gathered reliably that, Ogaree who operates three different domiciliary accounts with details as follow: 0012510100651801 (now 0012047436) and 0015010100651801 (0012068781) and one other at the bank`s headquarters on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos was stunned when sometimes in 2007/2008 he experienced unauthorized deductions in his account and informed the bank`s management which put up a lackadaisical attitude until he threatened a law suit before it was reversed .
And as if that was not enough, the bank has since continued and repeatedly making illegal deductions by cloning a separate credit card (ATM) attached to  his domiciliary account simply because he (Ogaree) is a very busy executive who have no time to cross-check details of his spending until the recent one which was the last straw that broke the camel`s back.   
Bubble burst when Ogaree who`s involved in a business transaction with a mega company required the approval of Credit Bureaus to clear him of any indebtedness with any company in Nigeria, a process which necessitates his banker`s clearance via the issuance of a Letter of Non-Indebtedness, and to his chagrin, his hope to get the said letter from Eco Bank was dashed as his Banker turned him down through an email from its representatives: Akaegbu Victoria ( copying another Eco Bank top Staff, Alarapon Fadake ( on March 1st, 2012 at 2.49pm stating that he is seriously indebted to the bank and cannot be issued with the letter.
Though very mad at this, the top NNPC staff, Ogaree had behaved wisely and responsibly by calling the attention of the affected branches to investigate, reconcile and rectify his account, all we learnt were to no avail as the bank`s management forwarded and widely circulated the falsified account statements and purported indebtedness to the Credit Bureaus and other financial institutions thereby portraying Ogaree a debtor, reckless and irresponsible human being who`s incapable of managing a business and paying his debts whereas after thorough checking, it was discovered that, Eco Bank had actually had outstanding payments in respect of a MasterCard account, the opening of which was neither authorized nor consented to by Ogaree.
We shall bring more from the legal tussle with suit No.: FHC/L/CS/410/2012 as events unfold. In our facts finding mission, National Enquirer got in touch with the head, corporate communications of EcoBank, Austin Osokpor but efforts were abortive as at the time of going to press.