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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Thank God!!!


 My TTC Testimony:

My husband and I had our first child last year April and I planned we will get pregnant for the second child round about June of this year. because i wanted family spacing of 2 years per child. Not Doh, reh. mee, faa, saww lol. Anyway in Feb this year we got pregnant unplanned but all the same we were happy to find out I was 6 weeks gone. 

We found out we were pregnant on a Thursday, by Monday i was having serious cramps with bleeding, went for scan and they confirmed i was miscarrying.

 I called my husband that day and cried my eyes out. I kept asking God why??? I just never thought I would go through miscarriage and never imagined how it felt.

Another thing I noticed is that Nigerian healthcare professionals are not sympathetic to you, because they see it everyday. I was crying and the yeye girl was busy saying "Madam abeg stop crying, is not like you are barren, just go comot the remaining tissue and try again."

I was almost mad at her but I was too broken to even spark. I just entered my car listening to Sinach's music. Anyway my husband came to he hospital to be with me and he kept telling me to stop crying that God knows best. That night I cried praying to God that for this i had lost, he will give us double (twins)! 

In March the TTC post came out and i prayed the prayers, not the catholic way oh. I just prayed using the verses, I personally don't believe in praying to Saints. So I did the prayers as the Spirit led.

I decided to let my cycle steady out, so by June we started trying again. Nothing happened in June, Nothing in July. And in August when my period came that  night I started crying, and my husband was shocked!!! He said bia only 3 months and you are crying, please stop this!!! 

I just prayed that night and told God this period is it for this year oh, I no kukuma buy tampon for September so the blood better know how it will dry up come September. Anyway September came, my period no show, I did a PT and lo and Behold my God has done it for us!!!!!! And I know we are having twins! i will come back with my testimony!!! 

Some might say haba only 3 months and I was shaking, or that I even have one child and I'm complaining. Well who are you to tell any woman ttcing that her case is small? Are you her God?? I turned 30 and I have a plan to be done with kids by 31 and rise in my career. That plan i submitted to God, and I know He has approved it! 

To every woman waiting on God for a child, do not fret! The Lord who blessed one of us with a baby, who the Dr said has no eggs will do it for you!!! His word will never return unto Him void! Amen!

Hmmm..congrats Anne.


Testimony 37- 39 by word of mouth via Phonecall.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow... The TTC testimonies are coming daily now. Thank God for his mercies,may God bless the womb of every woman TTC and grant safe delivery to every pregnant bv..

    2. Miracle Working God. Please come and perfect my own miracle. It is my turn to testify in Jesus Name. ... Amen

  2. miracle worker, unchangeable father, unquestionable Lord, you alone can do all the great testimony, i know you will still do more than 100 babies this 2016.

  3. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
    SDK ministry is moving to the permanent site.

  4. Replies
    1. @ Lucile oil or my fellow BV wat is busybody corrector's email again?

  5. Amen Hallelujah!!!
    Glory be to God for His ever flowing blessings to ttcs on this blog.

    I'm next for my miracle. God please remember Joy, Sylvia and others Amen!

    This is our year to testify. And end to barrenness in our marriage because we are fruitful vines.

  6. IAmen to your prayers. Congrats to you.

  7. Your testimony shall be permanent in Jesus name.

  8. When you shall deliver, you shall deliver like the Hebrew women. Congratulation

  9. Congratulations & amen to your prayers.God is not man that he should lie.I am not barren

  10. God please make this testimony drop on the door step sister favour and brother Obi...let them receive Doble portion of all the babies they have most in the last jesus name.amen

  11. Amen to your prayers Anne....your testimony shall be permanent in Jesus name....Amen

  12. Congrats poster! U will carry to full term

  13. Congratulations Sis. You shall carry to full term in Jesus Name.

  14. Thank God my dear, I saw in this blog that immediately you get married that is when people people will start monitoring your womb, I got married Easter this year and I wasn't really into pregnancy but the way everyone was asking about pregnancy made me conscious my MIL started telling hubby he should go for test, I saw the TTC post, had a double mind about it at first but I just started with the prayer but I wasn't really that serious with mine I just told God pls let me get pregnant so that this people will leave me alone and God did it, I did a urine test in July and it was positive, I bleed after that and the blood was pinkish, went to hospital told them everything cus I am still a JJC, they said I should go for scan, only for me to be back and I was told I had miscarried I should do a manual evacuation, everything was fast and I was so scared cus they said I could die if I didn't do it immediately, I did it and at a point I told them to stop I will go to another hospital, hmmmmm Nne I went to another hospital and lo and behold my baby was still Dia, they said it's implantation bleeding, I've been very thankful since then o cus honestly God works in mysterious ways, if they can do a prayer for pregnant women for safe delivery I will gladly do it judiciously cus see this one I was doing one day one and one day off was answered immediately, pls Stella think about it cus pregnancy is not a small stuff o

    1. Congratulations dear.
      Thank God your instinct was very alert. You see why it's always advisable to visit very good hospital albeit it's cost.

      God will see you through, ok.

  15. Who is the King of Glory! The Lord Mighty in Battle.

    Poster, your joy shall not be cut short.


  16. Im next in line for my miracle, 53rd testimony loading.

  17. Congrats, it is well with you. Your faithfulness is forevermore. Father open the heavens over me bless my womb like you bless Sarah, visit me like you visited Hannah in Jesus name Amen. Hear my cry and hearken unto my duplications.

  18. Thank you Jesus for yet another testimony. I too shall testify soonest.

  19. Poster which one is Doh Reeh Mee......abeg abeg I no wan laughoooo anyway God will see you through dearie. I tap from your testimony and I decree; I MUST TESTIFY BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  20. This brought tears to my eyes. Congratulation. Next in line

  21. Congratulations thank you Jesus

  22. Ameeeeen I thank God for u my dear, I am next to testify in Jesus name.AMEN, I tap from your twins,i too will carry my twins in Jesus name. God suprise me before my birthday, God u said anything we ask u will do,this day I ask you for this miracle twins. Please do wat only u can do for me

  23. I am next in Jesus Name

  24. Thanks be to God

    I can feel the excitement in your voice from here. Lol

  25. Thank you Jesus. Congratulations Madam. Am next in life in Jesus name. Amen

  26. wow! jehovah overdo you have done it again

    100babies testimony this time next year and more from this blog IJN!

  27. Congrats poster,I will testify here too IJMN.

  28. God that did yous will do mine. I tap into your blessing sis. As i got married easter this yr too.


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