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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Police Presents Actress Portia Yamahan's 'Skirt Of Life'.

                                             FASHION POLICE REPORT
exhibit number 1

exhibit number 2

It happens sometimes that we are so attached to clothes that make us feel relaxed that we forget to space the wearing times and these clothes become 'clothes of life'
Portia here rocking one mini denim skirt at different times without spacing.
Oh,yes this is Next movie stars Portia's 'skirt of life' album.

TAKE HOME PAY:Which Bank In Nigeria Pays More?

                                              This is a google image.

Most Nigerian banks have over time been accused of slavery and tasking their workers to the extreme and paying them peanuts for their hard work..............outside the story is different.
If you work in a bank,people look at you with the eyes of one who has it all.

Meet Actress Monalisa Chinda's Best Friend Lanre....

Monalisa and her BFF Lanre Nzeribe.

They look good together and one can see that they are in love.
Mr Lanre  Nzeribe might have directed his anger at me for the wrong reasons by sending that 'learner lawyer' to petition me for N500 million but i hold no bad feelings towards him,infact i no send but i  wish them the best as they try to make a future together.....No hit and run please!

OMG:Actress Oge Okoye Bullied Into Hypertensive State!

A recent mail was circulated by the Lovely Actress' was an oh so long a letter but I chipped this out from the email for Oge's fans and haters to see what they have turned her into..I am so shocked that she has allowed herself to become hypertensive because of mere comments from faceless people!
I am in no position to even advice her but turning the 'other cheek' is an option to the comments causing her hypertension.

Bullies please read the excerpt.

ADANDIIGBO Boycotts Govt Version Of Adaimo Festivities

Reigning Adandiigbo

The  Most Beautiful Igbo Girl -2012  The Adandiigbo , Her Royal Majesty  Ogwueleka  Adaugo Chidalu was recently  in Imo state  . It was gathered  she attended the Igbo Tribute day as organized by the Government  on Chief Debe Ojukwu’s Invitation ,but failed to Attend the ADAIMO beauty Pageant as Organised by an Imo State  Government Parastatal . 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Actress Stephanie Linus And Her Cute Dogs!


All work and no play......

Check out Stephanie playing with her two dogs.
Chei these dogs dey enjoy.

Stephanie and her colleague Tonto Dikeh are the only two Actresses who have dogs as lovely as this.

Please Support EstellaCourture's Birthday Giveback To Charity!


Estella says...
At the age of 14, my mother took me and my kid brothers to a Motherless Babies' Home [Orphanage] in Kano, to celebrate my birthday with the orphan kids. That experience totally changed my life at that young age to understand that I may have had a rich home and loving parents, but not every kid had that. I then made a vow to dedicate my life to helping the less privileged.

What's Happening In BBA House?

                            BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.....Again!

whats happening in the BBA house?
who is talking too much?
who is flirting already?
who should leave first?
which two people do you think will likely hook up as lovers in the house?

How are the two Nigerians in the house fairing so far?

Happy Birthday Wishes To BlogVisitor Somadina Obi

who turns a year older today May 30,2013.
He has been on my case for about a week begging to be featured here so people can wish him a
happy birthday.

Abeg he is a faithful visitor and comments a lot here so please help me wish him the best life has to 
offer and thank him for visiting this blog regularly.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Hobnobs With Hollywoods's Finest.


Omotola with Mary Stengel,Stephen Spielberg,Michael Djaba and Jessica Biel.

Omotola looks really good standing with these world celebrities ojare!

BTW...I want a one night stand with Steven Spielberg!....LOL

Picture credit:Sync photos.

Rita Dominic VERSUS Her Nollywood Colleagues

Nollywood sweetheart Rita Dominic has many faces.
Her instagram page has breath taking pictures of her but
that is not the point..I compared Rita's made up face with
her naked face and whilst  most women need a make over
to kill the look,Rita looks better without make up!

'Queen' Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Papped On Arrival At MMA

Queen of Nollywood strutting her way to the car.

After weeks hobnobbing with international celebrities in America,Nigeria's Omotola returned to her Motherland over the weekend and...

Nigeria's Democracy:So Far So Good?

Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self determination.

As we celebrate another democracy day today May 29,2013 and looking at the definition of the word would you agree that this has been applicable in Nigeria?
Would you agree that there is reason to celebrate today?

Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities


  If you had a choice to pick controversial celebrities,who would be in your list and why?
Would you define their controversies as negative or positive?

I had to come back in here to chip in this for the reading pleasure of the person whose comment i deleted schooling me on controversies being negative and really being nasty and hateful....i ask you to define controversy for me?if you badly need to school me on doting my tees and crossing my eyes,please open a school with a valid certificate and i will enroll.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kwam1's Daughter Sekinat Anifowose Denies Engagement Rumour.


This paragon of beauty you behold is Kwam1's daughter Sekinat Anifowose and tongues wagged that she recently got engaged to a supposed Alhaji Alao Lateef but she has denied being engaged or knowing anyone with such name.
Hmmm I wonder where such rumour is growing roots from....who is trying to turn her to suya get?  *wink*

Well at least she wont be denying that shes beautiful.....abi?

Democracy Day Breakfast.....


Join in this session and be rest assured that you will not leave the venue the same(size)
food go boku yanfu yanfu!


Actress Chioma Apotha Loses Mum.

M rs Chukwuka  R.I.P

Nollywood's sweetheart Chioma Apotha is bereaved....She lost her beloved mum on wednesday May 22,2013and has been in deep shock.

Mrs Chukwuka was briefly ill but did not recover.

PHOTOSPEAK:Gangnam Your Eyes!

Please look at this Magazine Cover well...
The side with Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson does not have any problem per say,except that if she likes she can pose topless sef for all i care....nah celeb life.

Now roll your amebo eyes to the side which has Nigeria's Azeezat.

SLK'S 'Ba Mi Gbe' Dance Rehearsal Session


Her voice is like a breathe of fresh air........I totally love it!

'God Has Spoken,Do Not Go Against His Will....''---Gov Rotimi Amaechi


Blogging about politicians and their dirty laundry is not my thing but once in a while,i indulge myself because I am also a Nigerian and when things become too unbelievable to be believed,i lend my space to address what i can.

Now i am talking about Gov Rotimi Amaechi...........What kind of politics is he playing?

Zakaa And Quintessentially Lifestyle Parades The World's Top Luxury Brands.



      Like a constellation of galactic stars,coming together under one roof, Nigerians will be treated to a  scintillating blaze  of the world’s highest valued brands in an epoch making glitterati exhibition of high end luxury products, the first of its kind ever to be held in the country.  
Taking place in the Lagos Room, Transcorp Hilton Abuja, the exhibition will take place for two days spanning May 29th till May 30th 2013. The first day ultra exclusive extravaganza will feature a V.I.P cocktail at the Lagos Room of the Transcorp Hilton. The event has an A-list of Nigeria’s Crème De La Crème scheduled for attendance and the red carpet kicks off at precisely, while the exhibition proper will take place on May 30th 2013 from 2pm till with the peak of the evening at when the cocktail party begins once again.

Monday, May 27, 2013

BBA Season 8:The Drama Is About To Begin!

Ada beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah will be holed up for 91days in the BBA season 8 house,and will be using all the cunny cunny sense they have acquired as true Nigerians to try and win the prize money

Actress Uche Ogbodo's Trapped Boobs Papped!

Actress Uche Ogbodo was  papped on the red carpet at the premiere of turning point.
These boobs need to be set free.YES OR NO?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

CEO Dancers Through To The Semis On Britians's Got Talent!

Nigerian dance group The CEO Dancers on Britain's Got Talent are through to the semi-finals (live show) today.
You can see them on the video below from 2.15mins.

Congratulations Gurls!

Billionaire Ayiri Emami Gives Crooner Durella Car Gift.

Hip hop singer Durella famously known as King of Zanga has just received a car gift from Benevolent Billionaire Ayiri Emami.
Durella took delivery of the black Prado 'jeep' on Friday may 24.2013 and he was spotted cruising town same day with the ride and car registration number 'Zanga'.

The ride is brand new and is customized especially for Durella.

NEW LOOK:Actress Stephanie Linus And Beau Idahosa...

Check out Actress Stephanie Linus' new look...
Figure Eight never looked so good.
Everything looks in place..and she is just glowing!
Love her or hate her,you cant change her good looks!..LOL

OAP Katherine Obiang In Star Studded Movie


                                                                    See fine pikin!

Katherine Obiang was formerly known as Katherine Edoho,married to 'who wants to be a millionaire'anchor Frank Edoho but since their divorce pulled through,the beautiful mother of three has
droped the edoho name and meandered into Nollywood with her maiden name 'Katherine Obiang'.

Katherine whos voice can be used as a substitute for viagra is an online personality with ...(wetin be the name of this radio station again sef?)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Actress Dakore Akande Back To Making Movies!


                           She granted an exclusive interview and there she informs her fans and foes that shes back to making movies...........yipeee!

Dakore has one of the best-down-to-earth accent in have just got to love her when she speaks....shes as original in pronouncing words as her colleague Bimbo Akintola.

This is why she took a 5year break from making movies

''It just happened that way, I didn’t plan it. Life just sometimes takes over. Up until that time, I was all about my career but then I met someone who I fell in love with and that changed my whole life.

 I had to give more time to my relationship to make sure I nurtured it away from the public eye as much as I could. I took an inadvertent break to focus on my relationship. Being a career woman is great and I was lucky to have some success at it. But at the end of the day, family and having a stable, happy home is more important to me and I knew that something would have to give. At that time, it was my career that had to give.''.

..........Una help me see as this pikin smart?ans some people will abandon family because they think being a celebrity is more important..una see as this pikin get sense?
See as husband fine!....God bless and keep your union in Jesus mighty name!

To her come back,she says

''I have a few projects that I’m discussing with people right now. But I think what is important is just to let people know that I’m back and I’m working. Hopefully ‘Journey To Self’ would open more opportunities. I also shot a movie recently in Cameroon where I play an inadvertently diabolical doctor. I’m looking to come out more and get back to what I do. I must say I’ve missed it, I really have and it’s good to be back''

Dakore we missed you too...welcome back ojare..Cant wait to watch your new movies,not all these nonsense rubbish when full market now...Mscheew!

And yes she did it...she cut off her locks and she looks soooo beautiful and fresh,her face is practically breathing sef!


OMG.....Mr Nigeria Universe 2013 Contestants!

Delta this blokos or photoshop?

The contestants will be present in Lagos on Tuesday 28th May 2013 for the camp – where they will be groomed for the D-Day.

The first assignment for the contestants was to create a signature look. A look that describes their totality in just a single picture and i think they.......*coughing coughing coughing*

Pics From TINSEL 1000th Episode Celebration.

Nigeria is blessed with such beauties!
Check out all the lovely people from the event.

Actress Chacha Eke Set To Wed Austin May 30th/June 1st


Austin Faani and Chacha Eke respectfully invite you to share in their traditional marriage on May 30,2013 by
12noon at Professor John Eke's compound,Abarigwe,Umuoguduoshia,Ohaukwu LGA in Ebonyi state.

The white wedding will hold on Saturday June 1,2013 at Orchid hotels ,DBS,road,GRA Asaba by 12pm

Colors of the day:Purple and Pink.

Congratulations to them as they decide to take this bold step into Matrimony.

EFCC Petition Against Daniel Ademinokan By Toju Omagbemi

Mr Toju Omagbemi called me on Thursday may 23,2013 and he was very upset about what he had to say.
he wondered why the media was showing off Daniel as a big boy..he said ''you people should stop promoting bawo,bawo does not have any money,he is a fraudster and his lifestyle is not how you people are projecting it,he is a fraudster and I am sure he is living off Stella who is so desperate to get a husband''

Actress Monalisa Chinda Papped At Turning Point Movie Premiere

Beautiful Actress Monalisa Chinda was papped as she arrived the venue of Turning
points movie premiere at the silver bird galleria recently.
The 'stainless' complexioned actress was all smiles as she was papped.
She arrived the venue with........

How Old Is Beautiful Mbgn 2012 Isabella Ayuk?

When the rumour broke out mid 2012 that the beautiful current Mbgn Isabella Ayuk was rejected to represent Nigeria by the Miss world officials after a tip off that she was older than has been officially declared,the organisers of the Mbgn pageant rose in defence of the leggy beauty and announced that their beautiful queen Isabella would not attend the Miss World pageant for 'personal reasons'.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gov Rotimi Amaechi's Chairman NGF Re-election Speech


Rotimi Amaechi the current Rivers State governor and the current chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum has been re-elected Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) by state Governors at a meeting which held this evening inside the Rivers State Governors Lodge in Abuja.Nigeria.

This is the text of his re-election speech as sent in by........*wink*

List Of Nigerians In Top Jobs In Ireland.


 Nigerians in Ireland actually have day time jobs and one of them who reads StellaDimokoKorkus' blog took it upon hereself/himself to compile this list after someone's comment suggested they were all on welfare in Ireland
This is the post which necessitated this post.....Read the comments HERE

Girlfriend Delivers Babyboy For Popular Music Promoter/Anchor

  Everyone is born with a conscience and even though sometimes we cannot help doing skeleton-in-the-cupboard things,it is very important to let our conscience play its role in every circumstance.

I am not about to judge anyone with this post but hey if one is married why sleep with someone else without using protection?.for crying out loud condom is cheap!

Catching Sex On Tape....Why?


I took out the last post of Nigerian/American crooner Smullion being given a blow job because in as much as this is a 100% gossip forum;I do not want to use my platform to promote porn sex,albeit that I find it stupid that a man will film himself whilst making love to someone who isnt even his wife and then let the info loose....somehow

Actors Nadia And Jim Stop 'Skittling And Spacing' Us.


Awwww Nadia and Jim are BFF's..........*rolling eyes*

So what has Jim done with his wife to be Ketura?
And where is Nadia's high profile boyfriend?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Special Adviser Dr Reuben Abati Loses Mum


                                       Reuben Abati loses mum

WOW:Actress Rita Dominic And Crooner Praiz

It can only be fashion goddess Rita Dominc...

Crooner ELDEE Debunks Rumour In Video Skit

This has got to be the most beautifully invented interview i have ever seen.
Kudos to whoever thought this up.
I really like....

What do you think?

Miss Nigeria Ireland 2012 Resigns Amid Controversy.

No concrete reason was given by the beauty queen for resigning her post .she rather said her reign had come to an end and she wanted to move on,however the organisers of the Miss Nigeria In Ireland peageant issued a press release saying that Patricia had violated her terms of condition by dying her hair blonde,taking part in a movie without their consent,posing in skimpy clothes and posting the pictures on facebook,hiring a manager without their consent.................The list of violations goes on and on..

Checkout Big Spender MC Oluomo Spraying Cash.

                                                 MC Oluomo spraying his dear friend,

The lady he is spraying is Kudi Yesufu......His special friend.
Mc was invited to Kudi's brother's wedding and he showed his true color
of being a big spender as he sprayed and sprayed until she was almost covered in the Naira/dollar rain....

Mc is good looking sha and his well toned body I like!......  *drooling*

Engaged To Be Married But Confused.....HELP!

I've been a reader for 2years now!

 I need your help now!!