Stella Dimoko Nigerian Government Lists Achievements Since Border Was Closed...


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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Nigerian Government Lists Achievements Since Border Was Closed...

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has listed the achievements gained so far from the closure of Nigerian borders to neighbouring countries.

The Minister of Information, Cuture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, listed the gains when he addressed the press in Abuja on Monday.

He described the decision to shut the borders as undoubtedly one of the boldest decisions ever taken by any
administration in Nigeria.

He maintained that the decision was embarked upon on as part of measures to secure Nigeria’s land and maritime borders.

The minister added, “Many have called it border closure, but it is not. Recall, gentlemen, that the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) and Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), in collaboration with the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) as well as the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and other security and intelligence agencies, commenced a joint border security exercise, code-named ‘EXERCISE SWIFT RESPONSE’, in 4 geopolitical zones of the country,
namely; South-South, South West, North Central and North West on the
20th August 2019.

“The exercise is being coordinated by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) and is aimed at better securing
our borders in order to strengthen our economy and address other trans-border security concerns.

“Over time, Nigeria has been confronted with numerous trans-border economic and security challenges. These challenges range from banditry, kidnapping, smuggling, illegal migration and proliferation of light weapons, among others. Meanwhile, the preference for foreign goods, especially food items like rice, has continuously impoverished our farmers and adversely affected domestic government policies
supporting the agricultural sector to enhance food security.

“It is, however, disturbing that some neighbouring countries circumvent the
ECOWAS protocol on transit. For clarity, the ECOWAS protocol on transit demands that when a transit container berths at a seaport, the receiving country is mandated to escort same without tampering with the seal to
the border of the destination country.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that our neighbours do not comply with this protocol. Rather, they break the seals of containers at their ports and trans-load goods destined for Nigeria.

“The effect of the border drill has been phenomenal and positive. I will list some of them are:

“Today, Nigeria is closer to attaining self sufficiency in rice production than at any time in the country’s history, thanks to the border drill that has drastically reduced rice smuggling into the country and catalyzed rice production by our farmers across the country. We recently visited some of Nigeria’s 34 integrated rice mills as well as rice clusters in Kano. The rice mills are either operating at full capacity or have doubled their production. Before the drill, there were 12.2 million rice farmers in Nigeria, but now six million people, mostly youths, are venturing into rice production.

“Before the drill, farmers were cultivating rice twice a year, now that has increased to three times a year, and some rice farmers are now venturing beyond rice cultivation to milling, packaging and marketing.

“Overall, the integrated mills currently produce 150,000 bags of rice daily and about 35 million bags per annum

“The border drill has curbed the smuggling of rice and other prohibited items into the country, led to significant seizures with estimated monetary value of over 3,500,000 billion Naira, reduced
local fuel consumption by 30% and reduced the importation of arms,
munitions and drugs.

“Because of the drill, terrorists and other criminals are finding it hard to procure arms and ammunition while criminal elements no longer make their way into the country through the land borders.

“This has resulted in reduced cases of insecurity, whether it’s kidnapping,
banditry, armed robbery or other violent crimes.

“Smuggling of petroleum products out of Nigeria has been drastically curtailed and has led to a 30% reduction in domestic fuel consumption.

“Before the drill, the Nigeria Customs Service was recording about N4.5 billion daily. Since the drill started, the figure has increased to between N5 billion and N8 billion daily.

“There has been a drastic reduction in illegal migration.

“The exercise has provided a unique platform for the various participating agencies to operate jointly, thereby strengthening inter-agency collaboration and reducing animosity. It is also necessary to place on record that this is the first exercise in recent times, that military, paramilitary as well as intelligence and security agencies have come together to conduct such an exercise which is akin to a National Security exercise.”
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  1. Hmmm... let's see. I am not aware of any point in time government has ever been able to give an accurate estimation of how many liters of fuel consumed daily in Nigeria. So how are they confident there is a 30% reduction in consumption?
    He said there were 12.2 million rice farmers with an additional 6 million more farmers added. Haba! Oga Lai! This lie get as e be. You mean 10% of the Nigerian population are rice farmers? Even India with it's 1,3 billion people don't have that many number of farmers.
    And if these so called gains are real, why is the dollar still exchanging for what it is? Why are fuel subsidy claims still at the levels they are? Nothing adds up!

    1. Don't mind them, I don't even understand what they take Us for. Shioor.

    2. Is it up to a year the border was closed. Lols lai

  2. I can read the 'advantages' from the perspective of the Government. I will like to also read the impact of this policy on the average Nigerian. Please I don't want to hear that it's for a while unless the whole of Nigeria shares in the suffering. I have never witnessed a more dismal Christmas in Nigeria. So much hunger. These policies are not well thought out especially with regards to impoverishing the poor. What I would like to understand is why Nigerians should route their goods through neighbouring countries? The charges at our ports need to be same as our neighbors. But no, we can't think of it that way. It's all about revenue and more revenue. Taxing the already overtaxed poor. Any policy that kills rather than revives is not a good one.

  3. Replies
    1. You are right dear. Same with sagem phone in year 2000 and Econet and co, but look at where we are now. I refuse to be myopic in politics. This is not an organisation with 50staff but a nation with 200 million people, amidst enemies, frenemies, satanic agents, rats, liars, criminals with dead conscience. Take a glimpse at your family and see how you can bring them to like your ideology and work together before condemning any government. My 2 cents

  4. With this border closure, how are we sure we will get Ajase Agbalumo next year?

    1. Me , I don take Ajase Agbalumo already o.

    2. Nwanu Udala is sweeter than Ajase Agbalumo.

  5. This is a very good one. I supported the border closure and I'll keep supporting it.

    Those that has been complaining about the Nigerian rice, are still eating rice and nobody have died because of not eating rice.

    People were only seeing the smaller picture just because of "rice", they didn't bother to see the larger picture and the effects of the border closure both on Nigerians and their bordering countries.

    I read lots of articles from Bloomberg about this border closure and laughed at all the other countries leaders begging Nigeria to open her border for them.

    Keep the border closed until they follow the ECOWAS rules.

    1. Mrs. A you are right. I was against it initially until I was the reduction on the incessant fulani killings and I'm happy my friends who are in yo mechanized farming told me when they came by my office in Abuja that it's been a Bumper harvest for them this season and these are wealthy men.. I was so happy for them

  6. If Customs makes this much per dayg. why do we still go borrowing. Besides rice bmd petroleum product not the only thing that crosses that border. What ahout our Ok kids clothes, shoes n bags. if we shld start impopting directly, they'll make dem too euwbnsive tru tax n over import duties.

  7. Why close the border? Just make sure our Port charges are far cheaper than all other ECOWAS countries and watch us make millions. Allow contrabands in but hike their charges and ensure an enabling environment for local goods. Let people have choices, pkease. You close border, ban stuffs while even the tissue in your homes, numerous mistresses and acquaintances are foreign products. Who is fooling who?

    1. I was telling someone that Buhari would wear his agbada made from imported materials on his imported designer shoes to fly in his imported government aircraft with imported fuel to receive foreign medical treatment then tell a poor man not to buy rice that swells well and so can feed his family cheaper because patriotism... How is this fair or sensible?

      In economies that work, you'll find foods and goods from all over the place and the choice is left to the consumer. There are 200 million Nigerians who are producing goods or offering services- imagine of the world shut its doors to us- no emigration, no trade, no employment- will we survive? Trump tried it with China despite the fact that he had a point and China wasn't playing by the rules, American farmers were hit hard and he had to make adjustments. Rather than ban goods like this, make your ports the one every ship wants to berth on. It's not about making sure a Northerner is always the customs boss but about delivery of quality services to customers and clients. Increase tarrifs so locally made goods can compete and improve on power supply so production is not expensive in Nigeria. Don't punish the poor to spite the rich who don't care about them. In many parts of Nigeria, petrol and rice have become luxury goods and smugglers have become compulsory suppliers. This is why the exchange rate and stock market don't reflect the acclaimed audio gains.

  8. I am concerned about people that their goods are stucked at the boarder,some vehicles are rusting,which way Nigeria? People 'ld have been notified prior to boarder closure.

  9. I am concerned about people that their goods are stucked at the border,some vehicles are rusting,which way Nigeria? People 'ld have been notified prior to border closure.

  10. Let the lies continue. This has been the worst year financially for me due to govt policies that affected my small. All the same I give thanks to God. A living dog is better than a dead lion.


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