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Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Dont stop dialling oh..God is still picking calls..Dont be dismayed or confused!

Hello house.

My name is tee. I got married early this year. Since then I have been trying to conceive. I have heard a lot of theories from different doctors because I am on the big side.

The feeling of seeing my period every month was saddening (ladies who are ttc) can attest to that. I always weep all day.

I read the ttc prayer on the blog once and always say i am next IJN. I spoke to my womb,my boobs and my back that they shall carry,feed and back my children.

After almost 50 negative home pregnancy test and 4 consecutive negative pregnancy blood test, God gave me a positive 2day.

Praiseeeeeeeeee the Lord!

Be strong in faith!



Testimony one

Testimony two

Testimony three

Testimony Four

Testimony five

Testimony Six

Testimony Seven

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Testimony Thirty One

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Testimony 37- 39 by word of mouth via Phonecall.

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Testimony 74 and 75

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Testimony 78 79 and 80

Testimony 81 and 82

Testimony 83 and 84

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TESTIMONY 87, 88 And 89

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TESTIMONY 97,98 And 99


Testimony 101

Testimony 102


Anonymous said...

I know God has settled my case and given me a testimony too in Jesus name amen


Thank you Lord for your faithfulness

*Larry was here*

BIPOLAR ME said...

Thank you Jesus.

My aunt's preterm baby keeps going strong and bigger everyday. The devil cannot win this one. Thank you all for your prayers...

crystal said...

I just remembered some of the songs we danced to during antenatal. At the appointed time, you all will carry your babies and come back with testimonies.

Ebony Ama said...

I am next in line.

stunning slim shady said...



Blessing said...

Congrats dear.

Emilia Peter said...

Cngrats dear, God my testimony is sure.

Nneyo said...

Father turn my mess to a message and blot out my transgressions.

Stella maris Baby said...

God never fails..

bukola fagbemiro said...

Praise the Lord....... May all our testimonies be permanent in Jesus Name.. Amen

yoshbaby said...

I key to dis ijn

Sonia Spence said...

Thanks be to God. Congrats madam.

I key into this for my baby sis. She will surely testify in Jesus name Amen.

Mao Akuh said...

From the first person that sent her testimony March this year to this, you shall all deliver safely...Amen.

Plenty babies this November o.

Default Smile said...

I am happy and I have joy in my stomach. God will show himself in my case. I love you Lord.

#I am a fruitful vine

Anonymous said...

Thank God. I felt so sad this morning. My period was 4 days late and I was jubilating that Oluwa has picked my calls. Only for it to come out this morning. Am so sad. God please remember me again.

IJAY said...

Congratulations dearie,that is how our heavenly father will do it for others too.

PinKy berRy said...


Congratulations darling..

Gold patrol said...

Hallelujah!!!!! The Lord always answers the prayers of his people. And when the time is right you shall give birth like a Hebrew Lady. Amen. I also key into this blessing by the power of the Holy ghost! Amen!

Page said...

Congratulations tee. Thank you father for yet another testimony. Jesus do that wihich sees impossible in the sight of Dr in my life this special month of November you are the God of again and again. I receive grace to conceive this month in Jesus most precious name amen.

Ajah Nneka Vincent said...

Congrats dear

olami4eva said...

God of miracles make my 11th hour miracle manifest

Am next to testify

Nneoma26 said...

Master of the universe plz remember me

Mrs I said...

Awesome God!Am next to testify in Jesus name amen.

Nikita said...

I am next In Jesus name. Amen!

Nikita said...

It is well with you in Jesus name

ifeoma onovo said...

God I thank you for this amazing testimony, and I also thank you because I am next to testify in Jesus name. Amen

Sharon Aminu said...

I am next ijn

Anonymous said...

Praise God.pls expectant mothers,google foods that causes early miscarriage,it may be of help,zobo may cause early miscarriage...

ukwu dimond said...

103 already, thank you Jesus cos mine is next.

tiwa said...

Thank you Lord. Congratulations dear.
Am next in line in Jesus name amen

Dami said...

Congrats Tee . GOD is great. ...

shola akorede said...

Miracle working God. Ese baba. Testimony loading.

Mrs anonymous said...

Congratulations,may all pregnant BVs deliver safely in Jesus name amen.
Let your will be done in my womb oh lord

I am royalty said...

Praise God! I am next in line my case cannot be different. My twin son's loading this very month coz I am a fruitfulness vine in Jesus name, Amen!

Anonymous said...

There is non holy as the Lord. There is non beside him. Neither is there any one as my God. There is non holy as the Lord. I am next in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

I am next in Jesus name

Anonymous said...

I am next in Jesus name

Anonymous said...

Hi I am 3 months gone already after trying for 3years after my 1st baby. Sure there are others like me that 103 is very conservative God is awesome

Okechi said...

Congrats. I am next in line. Bless me too Lord that I may testify in Jesus name, Amen.

Favour said...

Congrats sis. I too shall testify. Amen

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus... You re really doing wonders in the life of your people and we appreciate You..

HAPPY said...


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