Stella Dimoko TESTIMONY 97,98 And 99 FROM TTC POST


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Thursday, October 27, 2016



TTC 97
Hi Stella, I want to thank God for Blessing me through this blog. He
sure does work in mysterious ways. I intended sharing my testimony
when I am 14 weeks gone but I just had to do this before the
testimonies clock 100 cos I know we are expecting more
testimonies(Yes,our God will do it).

    I got married in August last year and conceived immediately but it
was just from one sickness to the other, from chest pain to shortage
of blood, a drop in blood pressure and even pains and discomfort in my
stomach. I lost the pregnancy at  9 weeks. I and DH were in different
states due to the nature of my job then. I joined him in May this year
and wanted to conceive  sharp sharp cos I got married at 30. 

I tracked my ovulation and all but for where? My period kept coming, leaving me heart broken.I  saw d TTC post earlier and read the testimonies but
was too lazy to fast but after my period for July showed up, I became
very angry. I copied out d Bible passages and then I and DH prayed
along(fasted for just a day but prayed using the passages for some
days). I am glad to announce to you Stella nwanyioma and my fellow BVs
that my period for the month of July is the last for the year as the
Lord has suspended it till 9months. I am 13 weeks gone
and it has been without stress. Praise God!
    To all expectant mothers, we shall carry to full term and birth
our bundles of joy without complications, to all TTC, keep dialling
cos God will pick up your call pretty soon and to my sisters believing
God for life partners, the Lord will bless you soon and you will not
have any difficulty conceiving IJN, Amen.
God bless you Mrs Korkus.


TTC 98

Hi Stella,

Top of the day to you and BVNs.

My God is awesome and wonderful in ALL HIS Ways!
Glory be to the most high God.

I participated in the TTC post for March, 2016, on behalf of my sister. On the first day, I asked her to join me even if only till noon, as she was very ill at that time (monthly wahala) and barely able to walk uprightly. I told God after the 3 days fasting and prayer, that this is the last time she will experience this until after 9 months.

God in His infinite mercy answered our prayers and before the end of that month, she was confirmed PREGNANT. This is after 3 years of marriage.

God confirmed his word in Habakkuk 2: 2-3.
Praise the Lord Almighty.

I believe that God will come through for those still believing Him for their testimonies, because He is God and will never fail. 100 is just a number and our God is not limited by numbers, time or space.

All Glory be to His Mighty Name.


TTC 99
Dear Stella
I am back with my testimony o, been reading your blog since 2012 in my uni days, I comment occasionally after having my first child in 2014, the lady that was nacking during labour,LRD and DH was asking what if the baby had caught his penis, I felt I should chill for a year before trying again then came march this year  I took in but lost the pregnancy at about nine weeks, went for scan and was told no heartbeat and that instead of growing the baby was shrinking, that was how I went to flush, Stella I only wish that pain for the enemy and wicked ones o.

We started trying again in June, was surfing thru your blog when I saw ttc, all I did was read and not bother about the prayers, in the first week of this month I opened the prayers and screen munched and decided that after my period for the month I will commence on the prayers, na so I wait for period no show checked the period app on my fone only to find out am four days late .

Na so i run go buy pt strip do urine test it's was positive, I repeated it the next morning it still came out positive, in August I visited the blessed sacrament and prayed out the nine days novena prayers after which sometime last month I work up one morning with a heavy heart  na so I naked myself for room with bible and started prayers o, I just told God if I have another God beside you, never answer me but if na only you I know I need answers and he heard me, am so happy and excited just when I made up my mind to pray hard, My father in heaven answered, the way maker miracle worker promise keeper, I just want to bless his name o, it's no lie when you are expecting, only for period to show e dey pepper body no be lie, another wonderful thing is am almost seven weeks gone no blood no spot, most of the previous pregnancies Na so so blood till miscarriage even while I was pregnant with my son no be small bleeding I was given injection for six weeks before it stopped that was when the baby begin to gain weight in the womb, I am happy o, no more nacking o hubby Don run because of previous experience but we go continue after danger zone can't wait o, hubby keeps calling to hear if I go complain of anything I just told him to be calm, oluwa is involved 100%.

CONGRATULATIONS TO you Ladies,May you carry your babies to full term!!!


Testimony 37- 39 by word of mouth via Phonecall.


  1. Waoooooo we're almost there, thank you Lord for the success so far

    *Larry was here*

    1. Miracle worker!

      I am just a proud daughter of God!

      He just never fails...

    2. Wow. Thank you Jesus. Who'll be the 100th? God please remember my aunties, amen

    3. I am the 100th

  2. Replies
    1. Am nxt in line for a Miracle..Financial Breakthru, Blessed hubby n Fruitful Twins Boy n Girl..He wd suprise me soon..Am expectant

  3. The 100 person to testify will birth twins... Take this to the bank

    1. I'm the one and I've sent my story to Stella but I'm giving birth to quadruplets by God's grace.

  4. Poster 3,blood no go dey again.
    I'm happy for three of you.
    It's almost hundred. How faithful God is.

  5. God Almighty bless my womb, Make me a fruitful vine

    My husband deserves all the joy children bring in a home, his faith in you alone make me cry he so thrust in you, Bless my womb and let him people around the world get prove he serves a living God. Amen

    1. Highest height change ur confession. Start calling fort your children by their names. Call them fort in faith. Start buying baby things decorate your nursery and start rejoicing. Move your faith. For none shall be barren in the land. God bless as you as u work in faith cos u are already a mother of children.

  6. Congrats all,but my testimony is so sure

  7. Praise our God in heaven!
    More testimonies coming

  8. Glory be to God

  9. I dance and jubilate in awe o your awesomeness Mighty God!!

    Oka omee!!

    On behalf of these 99 women I glorify your righteous name.

    We requested for 100 babies before December 2016 and here we are at October with almost a prayer answered!

    Who is he that speaks when the lord ha not spoken!! Nobody Baba!!

    Even in this month we believe we will get more testifiers in Jesus Christ mighty name!!

    The windows of heaven is open beautiful women of BVs !
    The lord , out to bless us with Jara: He is JΓ©hovah Overdoo, raise your hands an tap into this heavenly flood of blessing..

    It will end in praise..

    Congratulations ladies . Almighty will see you through this beautiful journey.

    I have softcopy of Supernatural Child birth an am willing to share with any interested..

    1. Pinky,pls I need d soft copy of supernatural book.Tnx & God bless you.

    2. Add 550 to my id and send me a mail.

    3. Pinky berry pls share with me. Thanks.

  10. Awesome God we serve, congrats women. God please change my status to expectant mum by this time next Month in Jesus name - Amen.

  11. Miracle worker is His name.
    Congrats ladies..

  12. Wow! I have a feeling i will testify before the year endsπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜•πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† congrats posters. God is too much

    #I am a fruitful vine, I am a joyful mother of covenant kids

    1. I say a big amen,may all your prayers be answered.
      By the way I'm still ruminating about the business idea you gave me
      Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

  13. our God is a good God yes his.father thank you so much,am next ijn.congrats ladies

  14. Our God is awesome. Congratulations sisters. Father hear my cry and hearken unto my supplications, visit me this month and do that with seems impossible with men with men in Jesus name amen. I m next in line for the miracle of the fruit of the womb. Thank you Jesus

  15. Congrats testimony is on the way,the rest of us shall testify cause 100 is just a number before the God i serve

  16. Congrats Posters.
    May you both have a stress free journey.

  17. Poster 99, I had d same experience. At 10 weeks Mo heartbeat, it was as if my world was crumbling. And then more pain wen I was injected so it would be flushed,hmmmmm!! The pain was truly out if this world. God the did it for u, and remembered me will also do it for me and others. In jesus name Amen. I shall have an early Christmas n birthday present dear lord.

  18. Thank you faithful father. Congrats to you all, your testimony shall be permanent in Jesus name.

  19. Amen IJN.I pray for bv default smile and every other women TTC,you shall all be a partaker of this blessings before d 100th one IJN

  20. Amen IJN.I pray for bv default smile and every other women TTC,you shall all be a partaker of this blessings before d 100th one IJN

  21. My Testimony is next my Christmas gift loading am going to rock my twins

  22. God has given me victory, I will lift him higher messaiah I will lift him higher. Thank u promise keeper

  23. Praise eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thy lord, alleluya, Jehova by eze, daddy e do too much, Nna na ra ekene , na r otito. Congratulations

  24. Chai..thank God for all TTC women and also those who are waiting for their own turn, hold firm to God cos he will open your wombs..IJN..Amen.....missylynn

  25. wow we are almost there.God make me the 100th in jesus name.Congrats ya'all u shall carry to term in jesus name.amen

  26. Congratulations to all the testifiers from no. 1 to no. 99 and many more to come.

    Dear Almighty God, I am thanking you in advance for your promise concerning fruitfulness. You blessed me in Genesis 1 : 28, and said I will be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. To have dominion over the fishes in the water and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that creepth upon the earth. I thank you dear Almighty God, the King of Glory, the Mighty man in battle for fulfilling your promise in my life. I over by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony. I am fruitful, I am blessed, I will replenish the earth and subdue it according to your word in Jesus Name. Amen!

    Dear Stella, please take note I am among the 100 favoured by the Lord God Almighty. Expect my testimony soonest in Jesus Name. Amen!

    Praise the Lord!

  27. Way maker
    promise keeper
    Light in the darkness
    My God that is Who You are

    I am next in line....

  28. Glory honour power majesty be into Christ the Lord. Yesso. God is not bound by 100. 100 is just a number. We shall all testify before the end of 2016 in the name of Jesus. Congrats to the bvs.

  29. Congratulations posters...I key into these testimonies and declare I'm next in Jesus name amen

  30. God can never fail, He is too faithful to fail, we will all carry our babies to full term in Jesus name Amen.

  31. Lord we can only bless your name for all these wonderful testimonies. Yahweh,mine testimony is loading, & remember that the menstruation I saw this October is the last I will see for 2016, until 9 months in Jesus name.Amen

  32. Thank you Lord, yes our God is not limited to numbers.

  33. Thank God!!!!! No worries all of you will testify, God has done it!

  34. This God is sweet o. He will do it for those ttc...Amen

    THis our Painter of the SKy 3-much abeg.

  35. Thank you miracle worker!

  36. Jehovah overdo.

  37. Wow, awesomely awesome God!, giver of all, the ocean divider, the God that answereth by fire, ugwu ana ari ana atu egwu, dike n'agha, ogidigidi, the Iam that Iam, the rose of Sharon, the mighty man in battle, eze ana akpo ugboro ofu oza ugboro iri, Onye nwem ekele m gi, chim ka chi, Odighi onye dika gi, ebube dike ka ibu, CHAI, Chukwu oma daalu. I'm so happy for what you have done in the lives of theses our TTC sisters and for the ones you are yet to do because the bible said you will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we have asked for.

    I also use this medium to thank You for you will also bless we the single ones with our divine , Chronicle free darling husbands(DH) and wives. I thank you ahead for you will do it, you're too faithful to fail, I have no doubt about that. Thank you so much lord and as many as will join their faith with mine in saying amen, the lord will meet us all at the point of our needs in Jesus name Amen. Na from testimonies like these that one taps their own testimony and I have just tapped mine. Stella I will surely give you my own testimony of marital breakthrough before the end of this year in Jesus name.

  38. YOU do mighty things, you do glorious things,you are a faithful God, awesome is ur name,Awesome awesome. God the giver of children give me my own in Jesus name.AMEN. Congrats ladies u will carry ur babies in 9months time. Mrs OAO

  39. Congratulations to the postersender. My testimony is here IJMN.

  40. Glorious God, I don't know how you will do it, surely you will make a way

  41. Way maker,
    Light in the darkness
    Pls pick up my calls
    Thank you Jesus for all this testimonies, take all the glory Lord
    Ladies you shall carry your babies to full term in Jesus name amen
    Am next in line I claim it in Jesus name. Amen

  42. Congrats ladies. GOD is great. So great . Thank you God , thank u jesus.

  43. Congrats. I know my God, He is not limited to any number. All I know is come next year by His grace , I will birth my twin boys Amen.


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