Stella Dimoko TESTIMONY 111, 112 And 113 FROM TTC POST


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Thursday, November 17, 2016


God....the unchanging changer,the promise keeper is about to pick 
your call.....dial in....BLESS GOD!

TTC 111
I've been a blog visitor for over four years. When the TTc post was put up ,I keyed into it for my brother and his wife. I told God I wanted my brother and his wife to be part of the people who would get the hundred babies before December.
By the time the post had reached ninety six , I felt discouraged ,but didn't dwell much on it, I just kept believing that God makes all things beautiful in his time , He would do it, when he would do it.
Then this month, my sister in law called, and said to my mum " mummy, I have a Christmas gift for u" and my mum was
Like "gift? For me? Oh my God,are u pregnant? and my sis in law said ,"yes!. My mum screamed!
It's my mum's first grandchild , so she's super excited.
Then I remembered the prayer I made silently on this blog, I didn't even make any vow to God, all I said was , God I'm keying into this post for my bro and his wife.
Maybe its all the prayers my bro and his wife have been making with tears to God ,maybe it's the prayers of my mum, maybe it's the one I said on this blog, who knows which one God heard? Or maybe he heard and answered them all? Lol, I'm just here to testify! God answers prayers!
I pray for every couple waiting on the Lord, God will hear and answer your prayers from heaven,and give you reasons to smile like he did my family.(Amen). This is one hell of a Christmas gift!
I cover my testimony with the blood of Jesus and Holyghost fire.
Stella DARLING(side eyes), idi ope mi re ooo.



TTC 112

Am still in awe of God...

Who am i that you are mindful of me? That you hear me, when I call.
Is it true that you are thinking of me, how you love me, It's amazing....
I cant comprehend or fanthom this love....

I just started trusting and believing God few months ago...Whether one month' wait or 3yrs wait, 7years wait, we all know its not easy especially when you see your period every month...its so disheartening and disappointing.

When i saw my period for 3months consecutively even after tracking my ovulation with all the App I downloaded on my phone, nothing happened. I even got the ovulation kit to track down LH Surge, for where...

I just told myself I have to be part of the prayers on this blog, i downloaded the prayers and like some one that recently shared her testimony said; she used the prayers during the period she was ovulating, , I Did the same thing and even fasted for 3days waking up between 1am and 4am to pray daily throughout the 3 days

The last day of the fast i embarked upon was a friday, and we had Festival of Life in London...i told my hubby we have to go and we took communion together before we left for the programme when we got there Pastor Adeboye told us to write down 20things we wanted God to do for us, that was the 1st prayer point i wrote down and my self and hubby prayed a prayer of agreement, holding each other's hand.

The week before my period was meant to come, I dreamt twice that I was pregnant but for some reasons, I had doubts as I didn't feel any signs whatsoever but the Holy Spirit kept telling me not to go by signs or feelings but on the Word.

To cut the story short, my period was meant to come on Tuesday the 8th, Though i had the faith that God has done it but we all know how unbelief can sometimes play on ones mind...i even took sanitary pads to work expecting this period

I started seeing cervical mucous and I felt that was strange but I wasn't still convinced it was pregnancy as I didn't have sore breasts, frequent urination, the signs of early pregnancy

I was too scared to take the pregnancy test despite the fact that I had the kit at home.

When I woke up Monday around 1am, I just summoned up the courage to do the test and my thoughts were' what's the worst that will happen, it's either I see a Not pregnant or a pregnant on the kit window. I did the test and the first few minutes before the results showed up, my heart was just palpitating...

When I saw the result...Pregnant 3weeks + , I was so dumbfounded, that I just went downstairs to the living room rolling on the floor for God and shedding tears of joy...God is Faithful.

For anyone trusting and believing( as i really dont like to use the word TTC) is a faithful God. PLEASE hold on to your testimony, dont give up, keep thanking him for the conception and fertilisation and it will surely come to pass.

God is faithful to His Word! He will always do as He has promised in our lives. He never fails His children. Though it may seem like it’s getting worse and it may feel impossible, keep your eyes on Him with expectation. He is the giver of life and never fails. Whether He does it naturally or via medical intervention, He is the one that does the miracle, and He will do yours as well.

I am still gobsmacked, i cant believe i am actually sharing this testimony.

Hes indeed the way maker, miracle worker, the light on the darkness, that is who he is.



TTC 113

Hi Stella
Good day.

I am here to share my TTC Chronicles.
The Lord is marvelous and holy is his name.
Stella, hubby and I planned to wait for a while before we try for a baby.

Not long after the wedding i could not wait any longer and told him lets try for one, he agreed, but i was not getting pregnant, i became so afraid that something was wrong with me and then i remembered the 21 Days prayer, i was still lazy about it and did not say the prayers but kept TTC , month after month no show.

I told my hubby about the TTC prayers and he agreed to join me say the prayers, i did that alongside the Novena prayer to St.Rita, my dear BVs i confirmed i was pregnant at the end of the month, i tell you the lord answers prayers.

I spray baby dust to everyone TTC(also remember to visit your doctor and pray,pray,pray) and all of us that are pregnant,we will carry our babies to full term in Jesus name. Amen.



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  1. Thank you JESUS
    YOU are the doer of this miracles

    1. Jeez!! 3 testimonies at once!!! God you are too much. I have to celebrate this o

      *pops shekpe and lights high quality weed*


    2. God, You're ever so faithful. Please, pray for me folks that I conceive before the year runs out. Sometimes I'm downcast and some people mock me indirectly.

    3. Anon,let them continue to mock you while Almighty God will shock you with a miracle that will mock them

    4. Awesome God. Congratulations to you all. May God see you through.

    5. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but if you weren't trying for over a year to concieve then you had no fertility issues. Someone technically ttc is one who has been trying so hard for more than a year to conceive not someone who got married and got pregnant on the 3rd or 4th month of marriage... Trust me , u had it easy! There are people out there, 5,10 years nothing! Those are the real people who should be sharing their success stories with us

    6. @Anon 22:19 thank you. In as much as we cannot belittle anyone's experience, I agree with you. A woman who has tried for more than a year is the one said to have fertility issues and TTC. Congrats posters

  2. Hmmm. So 113 women carry belle dey read this blog. Chai belle belle everywhere you look. Good is good

  3. congrats to you all,am happy for you all...may God perfect what he has started in your lives amen!

  4. congrats to you all,am happy for you all...may God perfect what he has started in your lives amen!

  5. Congratulations to u all, God will see you people through in Jesus name. Faithful are you Lord. Father make this month my own month, visit me like you visited Sarah and Hannah in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Wonder working God! Congratulations to you guys.

  7. A big congratulations to you ladies
    God is a miracle worker.
    The Able God.
    The lily of the valley.
    The mountain melter.🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  8. Thank you Lord. I count myself among the testifiers. The year is not over yet Lord.

  9. God is indeed a miracle worker. I key into their testimony. I receive my miracles. My testimony will come in this year in Jesus name

  10. 5032725574973891 mtn 200 pls signify if you loaded so they won't say fierce sent used card o.

  11. Our God is a promise keeper and a way maker. Congratulations to you all....

  12. Father I worship You. Thank you for these testimonies. Mine is sharply loading come next month by His special grace amen

  13. Ehhhe Jehovah by Eze, the king of kings and the lord of lord, Nna otito di di GI ohhhhh, I praised your name lord, woooo am so happy with this testimonies CONGRATULATIONS to you alllll

  14. Congratulations,may God perfect all that concerns the pregnancies.please the first BV who shared her testimony should let the blog know when she delivers oh!lets celebrate as a family what we is.
    Let your will be done in my womb

  15. wow chukwu dalu,ome nma

  16. Congrats to you all,Thank God for all your testimonies, you all will carry your pregnancy to full term in Jesus name. Amen. Lord I thank you cos I am next, and will share my own testimony by your Grace,Amen

  17. God is great.

    Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.....

  18. congrats to poster's and may GOD keep our babies to full term. I decree that there shall be no lost of any baby among us AMEN.

  19. This God is too good. He steps in when least expect and change everything. Thank you Jesus, only you could have done this. Thank you JESUS

  20. I am a friend of God, he calls me friend!
    I must testify!

  21. Hallelujah! God bless all the testifiers in the house. Default smile my love, u and I are the next to testify. God certainly hears our prayers and he'll give us our testimony in no time. Love!

  22. My testimony is here IJMN! Stella,i'm sending in my testimony soon.

  23. Thank you Jesus for all the great testimonies, I know we all shall testify.

  24. Grateful heart

  25. May God perfect all that he started! You guys will carry to term

  26. I key into this testimonies in Jesus name Amen. I'm next in line...

  27. Congrats ladies, God is great

  28. God be praised, Congrats to all the families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Congrats to all the testifiers. You shall all deliver safely in Jesus name. Amen.

    @No.112...just thank God for yours and don't compare your experience with those who have waited years. Waiting 2yrs, 3yrs, 5yrs, 7yrs... is no joke. It is very very hard and one is said to be infertile and barren in such cases. That was not your experience. A few months and many years are not the same. God will sha settle all of us

  30. Am hapi 4 u all,I shall send in my own testimony b4 d year runs out in jesus name


  32. Congrats to all the testifiers. I am next in line in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  33. Aunty Stella God has answered my call! God is using you in this blog! My testimony is coming!


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